Prepositions after "mingle"

mingle with, in, into, alongside or amidst?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 82% of cases mingle with is used
    My maid have been mingling with other maids.
    Cries of terror mingled with the sound of firing.
    All the musicians are mingling with the punters.
    Newest Meetup Groups Come join us at Alley NYC and mingle with idea people and developers.
    We had nothing better to do so we would just come and mingle with the people that are here.
    Let everything cook away and warm up gently so the flavors have time to mingle with the wine.
    The actors, when not required, stood around at the edges of the stage drinking beer and mingling with the audience.
    I mingled with the crowds, hoping to take photographs, but was not very popular with either the villagers or the refugees.
    In the historic centre, I mingled with the tourists and then kept walking till I reached the old fortification of the city.

    In 10% of cases mingle in is used
    Appetizers were passed as guests mingled in an open field on the farm.
    News and commentary are mingled in an uninterrupted stream of political campaigning.
    A couple of days later I was at the Puffin Party, mingling in a world I thought I'd never catch even a glimpse of.
    Men and women do not usually mingle in Afghanistan unless they are related, and parties involving both genders are rare and kept secret.

    In 2% of cases mingle into is used
    But after 24 hours like the locals, you may not even be aware of the sound as it mingles into the background.

    In 1% of cases mingle alongside is used
    In Bujumbura's Asian quarter, those of Omani origin mingle alongside those with ancestors from Yemen or Pakistan.

    In 1% of cases mingle amidst is used
    mingling amidst the gay dresses of the better orders, hardy farmers made their way to the public granaries.

    In 1% of cases mingle around is used
    I descended the escalator to see about 100 people dressed in business attire mingling around the coffee.

    In 1% of cases mingle for is used
    Western and eastern european cultures is a no brainer, truth is they have been mingling for centuries.

    In 1% of cases mingle to is used
    Maria Maguire then completed the formalities and the group mingled to a delicious array of treats and drinks in the context of the wonderful view to the Harbour from the MLC centre.

    In 1% of cases mingle within is used
    This comes from being a stranger, outsider, the other person, an alien; who are often voiceless people that mingle within a population.

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