Prepositions after "mindful"

mindful of, about, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 93% of cases mindful of is used

Be mindful of the Living Force.

Be mindful of keeping your vision.

Be mindful of the company you keep.

MEDIA: Like any public figures, bin Laden and his advisers were mindful of the media.

However, be mindful of the 1,000 noc quota as well as the overall annual cap (20,000).


He flexed his hands, mindful of the dust caked into the lines of his palms and packed down beneath his fingernails.

It's often mentioned when heat or humidex warnings are issued, but be mindful of the young, elderly and the infirm.

The author teaches us to be mindful of the people in our life, of the food we eat and of the environment around us.

Mindful of history and star power, tourism officials are banking on the movie attracting visitors for years to come.

In 2% of cases mindful about is used

Be mindful about your skill level.

Just be mindful about what you say.

Be mindful about what you are doing.

I've always been mindful about the fact that all children develop at different rates.

Therefore I would also endorse being mindful about how you express and experience it.

Being mindful about situations will eventually help you to feel more socially at ease.

I read in other interviews he is diligently aware he must be mindful about diet, exercise, and avoiding extremes.

In the event you personal stocks and shares, be mindful about looking to predict what the industry is going to do.

I've heard from some people who felt sick after riding it a few times (some just once ), so be mindful about this.

But how about we all try to slow down that part of the day? Teaching our kids to be mindful about the way they eat.

In 2% of cases mindful in is used

I will be mindful in my prayer.

I will be mindful in all my work.

Be mindful in your actions and speech.

You must be very mindful in not leaking out all details to all viewers of your profile.

The present generation has an obligation to be mindful in its use of natural resources.

Be mindful in the event you travel or maybe a single thing pots anyone to become alert.

Don't forget to take a moment to appreciate what you have done each day, being mindful in your painting and sketching.

We'll continue to check back on this story's comments throughout the day and will certainly be more mindful in the future.

That being said, I am also mindful in taking care of my overall well-being and strategic in deciding how to manage my time.

I was hardly a rampant consumer -- I composted, I recycled, I was mindful in my actions -- but I wasn't as happy as I am now.

In 1% of cases mindful with is used

And we're quite mindful with our usage.

Be generous but also mindful with the expenses.

We need to be mindful with some comments though.

Be mindful with Haloti Ngata Jersey exposure to the sun in case you have arthritis.

These women have to be very mindful with their shirts, tops and other bit of upper clothing.

We have to be mindful with other countries going down the same line -- for instance, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya.

People are much more mindful with regards to spending money on luxuries like handbags as well as other fashion accessories.

To make this technique turn into a lucrative business, you will need to be mindful with your review and target your product.

To make this technique turn into a worthwhile business, you will need to be mindful with your review and target your product or service.

On attaining Arahantship, one will become always mindful without any heedlessness, so no unsatisfactory phenomenon can deceive him or her.

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