Prepositions after "metric"

"metric for" or "metric of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases metric for is used

It is only a metric for growth.

Not a great metric for our indistry.

That's the key metric for Microsoft.

The key metric for a transaction business model is, well, the number of transactions.

Most use growth in GDP, rather than unemployment, as their metric for economic health.

From I'd Gon na Be by the Proclaimers Translated into metric for your singing pleasure.

PPP is also the only national poll tracking a similar metric for Romney, his favorability rating, on a daily basis.

The king was looking for a replacement for gross domestic product, a different metric for policymakers to maximize.

For Peretti, the most important metric for a story is how many unique people click on it, and how widely it's shared.

Quantum mechanics defines a Fubini-Study metric for the fibration over a projective state space by the Hilbert space.

In 28% of cases metric of is used

Citizenship isn't a metric of trust.

The top entry has a severity metric of 87.

The top entry has a severity metric of 108.

Economic growth is measured through the economic metric of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

I have always thought TSI was far too simplistic metric of the suns effect on our climate.

But if peace is the metric of success, then diplomacy provides a better guarantee than war.

Throwing accuracy down to second is qualitative, but it would be a more informative metric of the catcher's skill set.

That's a lot to ask given that existing practice doesn't even incorporate enthalpy; a metric of the heat in the system.

He found that those entrepreneurs with the most diverse friendships scored three times higher on a metric of innovation.

Rather, Groupon felt the need to include a metric of profitability, no matter how contrived, that was actually positive.

In 9% of cases metric in is used

That metric in itself tells the whole story.

China passed America in this metric in 2009.

But there is an even worse metric in this data.

I used the old 27% number as personal metric in deciding how much house I could afford.

In fact, it's the lowest since we started our tracking of this metric in January of 1995.

I am so completely thrilled to no longer be an Artist by any definable metric in this town.

Both Britain and Ireland went metric in 1971, disposing of shillings and pennies but keeping the pound (or punt, in Irish).

There was the simple option of adding a lap of Southampton Common on to the end of the ride so that I got this month's metric in.

Anyway UK engineering has used metric for 40-50 years, so use of metric in a technical sport is entirely consistent for UK viewers.

To help you monitor user feedback, we are also introducing a new app ratings metric in Insights to report how users rate your app over time.

In 4% of cases metric by is used

This is the metric by which Talabach judges his daily performance.

Take advantage of this metric by posting updates on a consistent basis.

Bangladesh also does better than India and Pakistan on this metric by 2010.

Profit must be the ultimate goal and metric by which all marketing activities are judged.

Take your pick, there is not a single economic metric by which you can say things have gotten worse.

As for the report I don't think its dead and as Tom says it is often the metric by which those in authority.

So the planetary boundaries offer a new metric by which to judge the environmental sustainability of human civilisation.

She then challenged her management team to raise this metric by 10%, with hopes to grow the business while also growing the people on her team.

And the stupid thing is that the money is not what couts for them -- the money is just a metric by which to measure themselves against their peers.

For things like the MacBook and the Air lower power means a longer battery life, probably the most key metric by which these portable computers are judged by.

In 4% of cases metric on is used

This is what is called the usual metric on R.

We construct an extremal metric on a Klein bottle.

Getting a meaningful metric on education is very difficult.

Only in America can you mix imperial and metric on the same item and get away with it.

Now we set and introduce the generalized metric on as (37) It is easy to show that is complete.

In general, d n 2 denotes the metric on n-dimensional hypersphere in a (n+1) -dimensional space.

To collect a proper metric on eternity, Hank got a black felt pen and wrote the date in the left-hand corner of the box.

Just as 21st Century social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have put a clear metric on one's degree of influence (e.

The expression for d 2 2 is just the metric on 2-D unit sphere (an ordinary sphere with radius equal to 1) in a 3-D space as shown by Eq.

To explore the impact of this cost metric on our results, we also prioritized sites with a uniform cost for all planning units (Text S1, Figure S3).

In 4% of cases metric to is used

This is a tricky metric to use.

Plurk's has gone down 19% according to this metric to 256,000.

The metaphor that Howes uses is to equate a single metric to an X-Ray.

This is estimated to be about 600 metric tons per million kilowatts of generating capacity.

Sorting the literature based on usefulness, and giving some metric to a researcher's ability.

Adding a metric to a line in Facebook implies that the data goes deeper, that there's more to know than what you see.

In seeking to define nuclear's ERoEI by electrical output you use a different metric to that used for every other energy source.

A With the high number of answer machines, coupled with people who are seldom at home, this can often be a difficult metric to drive up.

When a router detects that one of its connected routes has failed, the router will poison the route by assigning an infinite metric to it.

In 2% of cases metric from is used

Everything else is metric from buying apples to.

Links, not shares, are the more important social media metric from an SEO perspective.

TNS sits down with Miles Metric from the band as he tells us why we should all join the tribe.

After completion of Metric from Khanpur High School he got admitted himself at Charuchandra College in Intermediate.

The Daily Jang page has grown from 63,518 followers to 121,655 and increased its talking about this metric from 3,520 to 18,490 (again, doing something right).

This is particularly true for consumption inequality, which is likely the most relevant metric from a policy point of view, and expenditure inequality after changes in the target inflation rate.

According to the Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) metric from Baseball Info Solutions, the Angels outfielder saved 23 runs in 2012, while his 49 stolen bases in just 54 attempts (a success rate of 90.

In 1% of cases metric against is used

Attraction isn't the same for men and women, stop applying a female metric against a male reality.

Most scales have less than 12 notes and placing this metric against the brain wave signal could be construed as misrepresentative.

Both might be fraught given the ultimate unknowability of tomorrow, but the latter is nonetheless defensible on the grounds that it provides a metric against which today's actions can be measured.

In 1% of cases metric as is used

If that blue tape has to have its size in Imperial, it should be marked in metric as well.

Some kind of metric as to their comparative quality (whatever that means) and their typing speed.

It shows the first metric as AdWords Keyword where my screen just has Keyword in the drop-down box.

It also shows the second metric as Matched Search Query, but there's no such option in the drop-down box.

And as far as I know anyone who started school from 1971 onwards learned metric as the only measurement system in Australia.

Since Election Projection is dependent on that metric as a vital part of my projections, the alteration confronted me with a decision on how to proceed.

We used this metric as a threshold for our research and did not record any high-speed services where advertised download speeds were slower than 4 Mbps.

The Facebook CEO believes most industries are going to be redesigned around users ' social activity; he used this metric as a foundation for that statement.

If one examples shows the metric clearly misrepresenting the facts (as the example i gave above did) then the metric as a term of reference is completely useless.

Whatever the reasons the judge decided upon, it goes against every single judicial metric as to why the jury should be privy to one set of crimes, but not the other.

In 1% of cases metric at is used

It's a calculator, built one metric at a time for a long period of time.

These are required when in the same report you need to roll up a metric at two different levels side by side.

The ruling metric at the time wasn't the number of sales, or the number of interested clients coming to your website.

The connection coefficients at E in this coordinate system vanish, along with the derivatives of components of the metric at E.

Saturday, 3 May 2008 Goals for this ride were to cover a metric at as close to midweek pace as possible, eat and drink well on the ride.

You should always use more than one metric at a time when evaluating players, but WAR is pretty darn all-inclusive and provides a handy reference point.

In 1% of cases metric like is used

I wouldn't look at a single valuation metric like relative P/E ratio.

A metric like payback period is one type of figure of merit, as it can be used to judge an investment.

However, don?? t mix this up with measuring loyalty?? for that a metric like Net Promoter Score is far more relevant.

Perhaps you can begin to appreciate why it is misleading, if not outright irresponsible to measure security based on a single metric like the number of security alerts.

In 1% of cases metric such is used

On any longer term metric such as Schillers PACE, stocks are 30% or so overvalued vs.

Some examples of how SAP BusinessObjects can help individual departments It can be used to show Sales Director their numbers broken down by any metric such as region, product, date, etc.

In 1% of cases metric with is used

Now we combined the extended minkowski metric with the extended energy momentum equation.

That's our main metric with what we're doing on social media and we're still trying to figure it out.

At the same time, you will go metric with immediate effect and without the benefit of conversion tables.

Downstream throughput Downstream throughput (or download speed) is the most commonly associated metric with broadband performance.

What has to be accepted, however, is that this system relies on a clear and unequivocal metric with those clear and discrete boundaries which make the marks of 69 and 70 different.

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