Prepositions after "memorable"

memorable for, in, to, of or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases memorable for is used

It has been memorable for me too.

The winter was memorable for all.

It was memorable for many reasons.

The second customer was memorable for the way he strapped his purchase on his back.

It was Easter Sunday -- a day ever memorable for this event in the annals of Erinn.

How disappointing as this film should have been memorable for so many other reasons.

The uniqueness of the program and the charm of Cambridge itself have made this year absolutely memorable for me.

This period is mainly memorable for the almost complete annihilation of the aboriginal inhabitants of the island.

Most memorable for Schalke fans last season, however, was Ral's role in leading them to victory in the DFB Pokal.

Chairman, The last few days here in Tehran have been most memorable for all of us attending the 16 th NAM Summit.

In 14% of cases memorable in is used

Each memorable in their own way.

There was nothing memorable in it.

He has been memorable in the page of history.

The events to announce the winners have become highly memorable in their own right.

Our two-night stay in the hotel's colonial luxury was so memorable in so many ways.

These are going to help you in making the trip enjoyable and memorable in your life.

This will make you very memorable in their minds and position you as a source of reliable, important information.

Divided into two acts of 12 scenes each, the production yields numerous highlights, memorable in more ways than one.

Beauty and the Beast managed to successfully rekindle the magic that made Disney films so memorable in the early days.

The very same period was equally memorable in the Babylonian calendar as that of one of its most celebrated festivals.

In 10% of cases memorable of is used

Most memorable of all, we share success and failure.

The most memorable of times is the 4-4 draw versus Everton.

As dinners go, it was perhaps the most memorable of my life.

But there's one article that I've done on politics that's been the most memorable of all.

In fact, Bernice, having trifled with her muse's beau, had said nothing memorable of late.

Most memorable of all, in Brazil we join a unique monitoring flight in search an un-contacted tribe.

I? ve traveled all over Asia and must admit that Wayan made this the most memorable of all my travel experiences.

This event was certainly one of the most important and memorable of my life, and one of which I am extremely proud.

We have little memorable of him in relation to the Laws, only that he severely press'd and extended the Forest Laws.

In 10% of cases memorable to is used

It was memorable to a 4 year old.

Very memorable to me, regardless of the film.

To date the lyrics of this song are quite memorable to many.

The two movies Last of The Mohican and Blink where she appeared are memorable to me.

But, by leaving hear dead, it would be a lot more memorable to gamers (FF-VII style).

Plus I love his swing and he was a little more memorable to me this season than Frazier was.

Children's books will benefit from some good illustrations to make them stand out and be memorable to the reader.

But most importantly this place is also very memorable to me because in this place is the very first date of me).

As the reading went on, I was able to recount some instances and times which she acknowledged were memorable to her.

Maybe then he'll get widespread acclaim -- if not, it will only make his story more memorable to those who love him.

In 6% of cases memorable by is used

Become memorable by telling people what you're up to.

You can make your memorial memorable by using urn made of marble.

He makes this technology memorable by providing the MAP acrostic.

The night was made more memorable by Kenya Power with a blackout punctuating the show.

You can also make gifts for 18th birthday more memorable by adding your personal touch.

Make your own memorable by including about three-dimensional factors whenever feasible.

Make it memorable by naming it after the place where you met, where you're getting married or even your dog's name.

You can make your evening memorable by planning an outing at River Operate Carrying out Artwork Middle in this town.

Make your wedding memorable by taking one of these candle decorating ideas and incorporate your taste into each piece.

To Dave? s Straw Hat Inn Family, Every experience in life is always made more memorable by the people you meet along the way.

In 4% of cases memorable as is used

Can't say it's not memorable as a first tour win.

The Associated Press has given its most memorable as: 1.

Was the experience memorable as a child star? It was quite memorable.

An experience that was going to be both a most memorable as well as a very expensive one.

With this is mind, we make sure that every wedding is as unique and memorable as every couple.

The very last part of the article is the summary, which really should be memorable as well as catchy.

Here are five maybe common, but, very fun, memorable as well as spooky costume ideas you can never go wrong with.

Fail-Safe is a desperately serious film, delivered sternly by its all-star cast, and is less memorable as a result.

Although it remains memorable as the one and only time Paolo Di Canio's side has been beaten after taking the lead.

Not only is each CO endearing and memorable as a character, but each wields special powers to suit your personal play style.

In 3% of cases memorable about is used

Everything was memorable about them.

There was nothing memorable about this dish.

I really just can't find anything memorable about their songs.

What is memorable about bad sex? I do not remember my first teacher.

There was nothing monumental or especially memorable about this tuck-in.

There is nothing memorable about it and it had the weakest Arch Villain ever.

Enjoy listening to them without ever being able to pinpoint anything specific or particularly memorable about them.

Why David? Apart from perhaps a couple of performances, there was simply nothing memorable about this film whatsoever.

The story, visuals and acting were pretty good but I still just couldn't find anything special or memorable about the film.

In 3% of cases memorable with is used

It's the rare book that only becomes more memorable with time.

Enhance your stay and make it more memorable with this special promo.

Plan a trip to Cochin and make your holiday memorable with your near and dear ones.

They truly made the event memorable with their outstanding service and smiling faces.

She means that one film which kind of become the most memorable with that actress name.

It'll be nice if the next film is more memorable with more than a basic a-b-c story to it.

Take advantage of this by making things memorable with color: files, memoranda, texts, schedules, etc.

Being to Boracay is really an overwhelming experience and was made memorable with our stay in your place.

You still have time to put together something memorable with your roommates, partners, co-workers and comrades.

It has so much to offer and you will not regret what it can do to make every moment memorable with your family.

In 2% of cases memorable because is used

Each name is memorable because of the associations it evokes.

It was memorable because of the people, not necessarily the course.

The Waldorf Astoria was memorable because of the sheer beauty and elegance of the suite.

Wedding ring -- it is memorable because of its very shiny-looking diamond ring designed for women.

The rest were most memorable because of things that happened organically as a result of choices that I made.

His press events, outstanding and memorable because of his ability to process in writing, opened his path to Washington.

Her straightforward prose style cuts to the heart of any point she wants to make, and it's more memorable because of it.

It was memorable because of the good hands four Nondies players showed to enable them get to within five yards of the KCB try-box.

But the 1975 edition was made memorable because of the July 29 coup that toppled Gen (rtd) Yakubu Gowon and which brought in Murtala Mohammed.

Which one was more difficult? In 2001, the match was more of an all-round one, compared to Headingley, which became memorable because of individual performances.

In 2% of cases memorable from is used

One of my autumnal visits to Maer in 1827 was memorable from meeting there Sir J.

Here are some of the most memorable from his glorious tenure at Manchester United.

It is one of those rare PS3 games that are simply memorable from beginning to end.

Worst for me without a doubt was eating in Egypt and I can't think of anything memorable from the USA.

Also memorable from this experience was the short rib main, which was the daily special; get it if you can.

Easily one of the Informer's Top Ten Movies of 2012, Flight is memorable from the opening to closing credits.

Warcraft II Warcraft II was one of the first PC games I played and definitely the most memorable from those years.

As was the case last year, none of the initial ejectees were particularly memorable from the audition stages of the show.

Until Zlatan did what he did in the last 15 minutes, the night would have been memorable from England's perspective for mainly Merseyside reasons.

I think it will look quite striking when completed and will certainly make the Vancouver skyline more memorable from an architectural point of view.

In 1% of cases memorable at is used

Service is memorable at this intimate hideaway tucked within lush jungle foliage.

Black along with red, tangerine, blue, crimson and memorable at the same time pertaining to selection.

If the PIN you are provided with is difficult to remember, change it to something more memorable at a cash machine as soon as possible.

Hotels come up with a variety of summer packages, monsoon packages &; winter packages that makes your stay more memorable at an affordable price.

People taught Ranil a memorable at the 2004 elections where the UNP suffered the worst ever general election defeat in terms of voters ' percentage.

Each of these tiny squares is a tableau of what or who the stamp maker -- usually someone contracted by the post office -- deemed important or memorable at the.

Doing something grand and memorable at the end of this reminiscent first date is important, because it will represent the flourishing of your love and the further development of your relationship.

In 1% of cases memorable like is used

Some of them are so special and memorable like my favorite writer Martin Wickramasingha.

This time i don't want to miss something memorable like this - last time I missed the opportunity to see the Milky Way due to the wrong time I received.

In 1% of cases memorable on is used

MEMORABLE ON AIR MOMENT: When I got a tattoo live on the air.

Surprisingly, that scene in the graveyard wasn't the most memorable on television last night.

The graduation ceremony was very enjoyable, but was made far more memorable on account of the fact that Ren Girard was being presented with an honorary doctorate.

Most memorable on the sound meter, perhaps, was Marshawn Lynch's stunning 67-yard TD run in the 2010 wild-card playoff game on which he broke a half-dozen Saints tackles.

Restaurant We have a restaurant that caters for our staff and the surrounding community that will give you a personal and culinary experience that will be memorable on your trip.

In 1% of cases memorable through is used

A blog becomes memorable through the blogger's storytelling skill.

I have done this trek with a friend and it remains my most memorable through the jungles of Sri Lanka.

Stories like this one can be used to tell your new hires what you are and what you believe in -- they are believable and memorable through their details.

Who'll purchase the study of eco-friendly powers, randy moss jersey? In 1991, once more calendar year experienced began which was memorable through the Vikings.

Regards First, your front of house staff were top notch, memorable through their politeness, attention to detail and ability to deal with instructions from various people.

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