Prepositions after "meditate"

meditate on, in, for, upon or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases meditate on is used
    I meditate on the word day and night.
    So he meditated on Baba day and night.
    In this case, we can try meditating on the problem.
    Magda (meditating on the mysteries of the Force ): Right, so, this thing happened.
    We do not want to understand the real nature of things, nor do we meditate on this reality.
    This post really makes me contemplate and meditate on how one should conduct oneself on a daily basis.
    However, if you are meditating, it is very wise to meditate on a daily basic or that you follow a specific schedule.
    They believe the bible is the infallible word of God, they study and meditate on it and ask for grace to be Obedient.
    Since one truth will be shared per week, meditate on the one for that week and make sure you do something about it before the next one.
    May we all make the very best of whatever is going on and meditate on what part God might want each of us to play -- -One Day at a Time.

    In 13% of cases meditate in is used
    We need to have some wisdom in order to sit down and meditate in the first place.
    Though you meditate in a group there are no instructions given to the whole group at once.
    meditate in the same place Try to arrange a corner or even a small room for your meditation place.
    If you are bored to just meditate in a simple way, try these kinds of meditation and have fun while getting rest.
    meditate in the Mountains Yuanheng Temple is a peerless place to get away from all the noise and the commotion of the city.
    So, to have the possiblity of having time just for myself, to go in and meditate in such an exquisite plece is just a gift.
    State Department to move to Sri Lanka to travel around, drink out of coconuts, meditate in temples, and lounge on the beaches.
    And in my silly little way, like my sister meditating in the cabin on the mountain, i send this all out in meditation hoping for the happiness of all sentient beings.
    Except for the few times he went to Kanduboda in his youth Godwin never really meditated in the formal sense of sitting crossed-legged and practicing a particular technique.

    In 10% of cases meditate for is used
    meditate for what anybody presume, and exactly you have assume it all.
    They meditated for about an hour, and everybody had a good meditation.
    meditate for a while about the effects of this sin in this world and in the Hereafter.
    Once you meditate for a while you find out how much yakitiy yack is going on in your head.
    Have we felt anything anywhere as the mind, beyond that? We have all meditated for some time now.
    Nevertheless, at first he had meditated for some time, but afterwards that went off in a manner that he could give no account of.

    In 6% of cases meditate upon is used
    Is it as rewarding and worthy of investing your time in absorbing and meditating upon? Of course.
    Shiva alone has to be meditated upon that night without the mind straying towards thoughts of sleep or food.
    As the Quranic words become engraved on your heart, as they are frequently on your lips, you will find it easiel and more rewarding to contemplate and meditate upon them.

    In 5% of cases meditate with is used
    I thought it was easier this time to meditate with the chanting because I was more relaxed.
    Even though the Master had not invited anyone to come and meditate with him, Sukhen asked his wife to inform their brother and sister disciples that they should go and secretly watch.

    In 2% of cases meditate at is used
    meditate at the same time of the day Experienced meditators find that if they always meditate at, say, 6:00 am and 5:30 pm, when that time of day occurs they naturally want to meditate.
    meditate at the same time of the day Experienced meditators find that if they always meditate at, say, 6:00 am and 5:30 pm, when that time of day occurs they naturally want to meditate.

    In 1% of cases meditate during is used
    I like Zhan Zhaung because it doesn't abuse the body the way most exercizes do, and I meditate during my Zhan Zhaung sessions.

    In 1% of cases meditate till is used
    After the morning gong you come to the main hall where all sit in a group and meditate till 6.

    In 1% of cases meditate under is used
    His painting was about a young boy meditating under a tree.

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