Prepositions after "meaningful"

"meaningful to" or "meaningful for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases meaningful to is used

It has to be meaningful to you.

Pick a location that is meaningful to you.

The use of names is meaningful to the story.

Fully understand the value proposition most meaningful to their target segments 4.

Then you can move the transactions to the category that is more meaningful to you.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell us why it is so meaningful to you.

Don't be scared if people call your lyrics emo, or suicidal; as long as it's meaningful to you it doesn't matter.

If you can come up with a word or phrase which is in some way meaningful to you, your happiness will be complete.

Basically, when content is meaningful to the audience they become interested in learning and completing a course.

I found this very personal intellectual romp to be occassionally humerous, and I assume meaningful to the author.

In 18% of cases meaningful for is used

It was meaningful for its time.

The number eight is meaningful for me.

That? s meaningful for some investors.

The fact is that 2020 is too near and 2050 too far to be meaningful for investors.

I want to make my life meaningful for others, I want to glorify Christ in my life.

Second, the offspring have variability that is slight, but meaningful for survival.

Your colours may be different, but I have red, black and white, which is pretty meaningful for V, G and Signal.

Good luck! Any time of the year when I get to share a discount or a money saving trick, it's meaningful for me.

This was deeply meaningful for me, and evoked deep ancestral wisdom that is sometimes lacking in today's World.

I knew that embracing my new country and culture is what would make this expat stay the most meaningful for me.

In 15% of cases meaningful in is used

Okay, clich, but meaningful in many ways.

Could be meaningful in Nigerian context only.

It's simple, unique and meaningful in metaphor.

The guide certainly makes the work meaningful in a way that looking alone does not.

Please show me the material difference between meaningful information and gibberish.

Tony, I found this post deeply meaningful in the aftermath of the Mourdock comments.

However, one has to question whether breast cancer detection alone is meaningful in driving use of a technology.

Support from the community, the family is very meaningful in an effort to suppress the high incidence of suicide.

It is all very well to pay providers by results but you must have a result that is meaningful in the first place.

In 4% of cases meaningful about is used

And probably too late to do anything meaningful about it.

Doing anything meaningful about them, absolutely impossible.

What is meaningful about the song is the emotions the lyrics evoke.

There is something so refreshing and meaningful about helping others.

Most of us are either unable or scared to do anything meaningful about it.

I think there is something very meaningful about this idea of having open windows to the soul.

What's even more meaningful about FAFO is that the grant funds are created by contributions from CROPP farmer-owners.

But now I have to concede what I say about my client's product isn't nearly as meaningful about what their customers say.

Whether it says anything meaningful about the state of violence, or even sustains a credible plotline, is another matter.

It was this concern about the Tamil predicament and the yearning to do something meaningful about it that drew me closer to him.

In 3% of cases meaningful with is used

Seize the day and do something meaningful with it.

They'll be more meaningful with real life examples.

But you can not achieve anything at all meaningful with it.

And I want to do something meaningful with my life, like helping the environment.

God forbid you be intelligent and want to do something meaningful with your life.

Zabavnik immediately fouls Gotze too far out to do anything meaningful with the ball.

However, I think many people feel an insuppressible desire to do something that is meaningful with their lives.

Your boy is going down in history as a COWARD! bolo punch miguel cotto is very brief but very meaningful with his statements.

Amina was happy that he could finally do something meaningful with his life and she had left him in good hands as she went home.

It seems you believe insulting the leaders on social network is an achievement, Oga please do something meaningful with your time.

In 2% of cases meaningful as is used

Here's one way he makes his limited time more meaningful as a father.

Heat transfer is only meaningful as a flux, which means net power per unit area.

The lesson is presented in second person, making it more meaningful as a resource for the students.

All the things that make a neighborhood interesting and varied and meaningful as a part of the city, weren't there.

Making this distinction will ensure that we invest our effort in ways that are meaningful as opposed to simply ' cool '.

To be meaningful as a unit of standard real global purchasing power, a WCU will have to represent a basket of global output.

Further, the ways in which people have chosen to express themselves are as historically meaningful as the contents of the mathematics they have produced.

A butterfly's existence is just as valuable and meaningful as a human one, and a dream is just as valuable and meaningful as an experience one has while awake.

In 2% of cases meaningful by is used

Our lives are sustained and made meaningful by love.

The digital, in other words, was made meaningful by the real.

I would just like it to be more meaningful by raising the bar to an adult level.

You can make your faith meaningful by doing positive things for peers and loving them.

The standard units can be made meaningful by looking at the volumes of everyday objects.

Extending use case typically defines optional behavior that is not necessarily meaningful by itself.

BES has made my life more meaningful by inspiring me to think differently, take responsibilities and make changes.

I can tell they're meaningful by the way you hysterically respond to them and do everything you can to dodge them.

Gamification takes the context of reality and makes it more meaningful by measuring and making subjective assessments.

Let a person therefore make his human life meaningful by the good use of every moment of life that God has presented to him.

In 1% of cases meaningful without is used

It is perhaps not so meaningful without knowing what is included in each category.

What are green algae? The term algae is not phylogenetically meaningful without qualifiers.

In his entire life it is unlikely he ever did anything meaningful without his brothers or a gang around him.

That means, it is meaningful without any of the APIs it would be displayed through in it's primary target system.

Your participation is valuable to us and we believe that the ATIF 2008 would never be complete and meaningful without your presence.

Let's see if we can translate those characters into something meaningful without having to do a bunch of manual find-and-replace operations.

I've always believed that it's impossible to strive for something meaningful without philosophically understanding what you are trying to accomplish.

Having the slides in a slideshow format is not all that meaningful without the text (no one likes a talk where the speaker just reads off of their slides).

Do you really think that life can be meaningful without the Love of God? Meaning is a transcendent term and how can you have meaning when you deny transcendence.

In 1% of cases meaningful within is used

Evil is only meaningful within a biblical context.

And they actually are meaningful within the context of design being interesting and innovative.

It's fascinating to watch him having a deep and meaningful within a couple of minutes of pulling into a station.

Instead, the sender ID of the page fault message contains the KTCB index of the faulting thread, which is only meaningful within the kernel.

If the user agent does not recognize the media type of the resource, OR if a fragment identifer is not meaningful within the resource, it must ignore the fragment identifier.

In fact, information, in the economic sense of the word, consists of data which have been passed through a particular human mind and found meaningful within that mental context.

To work with a definition that is meaningful within the field of librarianship, I will examine some of the definitions of the virtual library appearing in the professional literature.

In 1% of cases meaningful through is used

People voted MPs to make democracy meaningful through parliament.

Ensure that actions are meaningful through the use of simple indicators.

Digging into these insights become much more meaningful through qualitative research.

In 1% of cases meaningful out is used

It's really critical to making anything meaningful out of this ridiculous discussion.

We found that it was an exercise that was a little too big for us to do anything meaningful out of it.

It takes some context, interpretation, and data processing to make anything meaningful out of those numbers.

Twotter 06/29/2009 My mummy loves me Alex 05/15/2009 There will allways be some one who loves you jazzy feb 9 2009 I live moment to moment and live to make something meaningful out of tragedies.

In 1% of cases meaningful on is used

Registration use case is meaningful on its own.

This value may not be meaningful on all systems.

They need to be pushed to be more meaningful on CO2 reductions.

Extended use case is meaningful on its own, it is independent of the extending use case.

I expect only the New York Times and the LA Times will provide anything meaningful on Austin.

Most of it was meaningless and it displaced the meaningful on a terrifying scale of priorities.

I don't think I would be me if I didn't write something half meaningful on here so I'd leaving you all with this.

An introspective approach can shed light on a more reflective outlook - one that can be more meaningful on a personal level.

Logical positivism dismissed theology decades ago on the grounds that it could not be demonstrated as meaningful on the austere grounds of empirical science.

Even when the actual symbolism is undecipherable, nonetheless, family coats-of-arms are meaningful on their owners because of their link to yesteryear, and their sense of history and custom.

In 1% of cases meaningful of is used

The next few lines are meaningful of this song.

Is very meaningful of family, friends is eternal.

In hindsight, one could call it the most meaningful of the natural laws.

Yet that will didn't help it become virtually any fewer meaningful of a play.

Nonetheless which didn't ensure it is any a reduced amount of meaningful of an perform.

Although this didn't allow it to be just about any a smaller amount meaningful of your enjoy.

Use this flexibility to engage customers ' imaginations and their desire to make something meaningful of the season.

Whenever one of them did something impressive, the other almost always fired back with something meaningful of his own.

So is it meaningful to ask why is there water and not not-water? It is meaningful of course in a purely operational way.

Can I start by offering my warmest congratulations to David Beckman and Jo Luck on winning this most prestigious and meaningful of awards.

In 1% of cases meaningful like is used

I feel a section of these people (including myself!) would not mind a pay cut, if they get a chance to get involved in something meaningful like DSE.

Finally, you've mentioned a few times about making games that are less like generic pop artist music and more meaningful like the works of Pink Floyd.

I want to do something meaningful like legal aid, crown prosecutor's office, judge's associate, community legal centre or an NGO like Amnesty or Oxfam.

In 1% of cases meaningful from is used

I wouldn't expect anything meaningful from those slakers.

Effectively you can conclude nothing meaningful from this study.

The trick is to create something meaningful from the tools in the sandbox.

I accept God's wisdom to discern what is meaningful from what is superficial.

Does QE differ in any meaningful from what the Weimar Republic did in the 1920s? A.

I eagerly await the opportunity to separate that which is meaningful from that which is not.

We want to separate the randomization that gets mislabeled as meaningful from the meaningful that gets mislabeled as random.

You might want to send a suggestion to them as I imagine it will be more meaningful from a customer than from us - http: **35;8554;TOOLONG.

Arsenal's Capital One Cup victory over Reading on Tuesday night was so bizarre that it's very difficult to deduce anything meaningful from it.

Glen Hu: 10 Jul 2011 8:23:35pm Malcolm, Why don't you write something meaningful from all the words you write? Put something forward that has some punch and depth.

In 1% of cases meaningful because is used

Places are meaningful because of the activities going on there.

As thrilled as I am, this is even more meaningful because of the publicity.

But these times were meaningful because of the friends I played with and the stories we created.

Johnson said the award is especially meaningful because of the legacy that Niederhoffer left behind.

Its consignor pledged to open a Munch museum and said that his art was especially meaningful because of global warming.

As thrilled as I am, this is even more meaningful because of the publicity it will create for the kids I work with in Kenya.

My presence within them is as fleeting as the sunrises and sunsets themselves, and the time I spend inside of them is all the more meaningful because of it.

Needless to say, I bought the small drawing, a tiny memento of an extremely enjoyable evening made all the more meaningful because of Nasirun's artistic flourishes.

Viktor Frankl assumes that life is inherently meaningful, so he points out how suffering must also be meaningful because of the fact that it is part of life, ipso facto.

In a world with very cheap fuel (and therefore very cheap transportation ), it became a little less meaningful because of our ability to move resources around (at a price, of course).

In 1% of cases meaningful at is used

Perhaps the distinction is no longer meaningful at that level.

The sayings should appear at least vaguely meaningful at first sight.

They will do the meaningless and not do the meaningful at the same time.

Waharoa (gateways) The idea of the waharoa, or gateway, is particularly meaningful at Te Papa.

Hence in this understanding of idealisation the use of approximation is meaningful at every level.

MEANINGFUL At YouthBuild Charter, teachers ' rewards aren't just abundant, they're also nearly immediate.

You can't expect him to be all deep and meaningful at this stage of his life, I sure as hell was pretty immature at that age.

The whole ceremony was simple but meaningful at the same time, perhaps Ethan felt a little bit emotional too, just like I did.

I think that confuses the sign itself with the conditions required for the sign to be meaningful at the time the sign is administered.

I am not sure that we have to make the journey meaningful at every single point, for myself simply being a foot pilgrim that is crucial.

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