Prepositions after "mean"

"mean to" or "mean for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases mean to is used

I donot want to be mean to you.

I don't mean to be patronizing.

So don't be mean to the rapists.

If they or any other adult working in the school is being mean to you, this is not fair.

He apparently would say something mean to a girl and then sit back and see what happens.

Until then, she keeps being a hypocrite by being MEAN to the one's she feels wronged her.

If you don't mind it, it doesn't matter! I think being self centered and mean to others is the new attempt at elitism.

Case in point -- what does ' shagged ' mean to you? It means plenty of challenges for those working in interpretation.

Breeze But Ayumi's voice sucks, not to be mean to the fans and sorry if I sound wrong but Ishida's voice really sucks.

In 17% of cases mean for is used

They're not just being mean for kicks.

Ok so what does this change mean for you.

I'd so mean for wanting all these things.

As such the laser is being used as a mean for transferring the energy on to the target.

Thus, while the mean for Country A is 5,051 francs, that for Country B is 6,058 francs.

And to claim that you can't sing shows that they are just being mean for the sake of it.

What does all this mean for the supply chain? In many ways, logistics serves as the bellwether of the global economy.

What will all this mean for Canadian investors, and what can we do to prepare? First and foremost, stick to the plan.

Sorry for the lecture but what does all this mean for the NHS? First something about the politics of the last 12 years.

What this mean for your lodged application DIAC's notice should make it pretty clear that you should expect a long wait.

In 9% of cases mean in is used

But he found something mean in it.

What does ' worth it ' mean in this.

What Does This Mean In Soccer Betting?

It is truly a regression to the mean in the case of Mayor Ford's ongoing transgressions.

They have been mean in treating the bodies and letting families know what happened to who.

Your childhood sounds a lot like mine but dad didn't have to be drunk to be mean in my case.

What is the z -score for this -1 hr value? Well, the z -score is the distance from the mean in standard deviation units.

The two important things are getting people to define exactly what the mean in their prediction and assign probabilities.

But now we know that there is no supernatural, what will all this mean in our culture? Wolfe's assessment is pessimistic.

Relative means what does that price mean in 2006 dollars, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator.

In 4% of cases mean about is used

Also, don't be mean about anyone.

We don't mean to be mean about it.

We can never be mean about him again.

Since I have been mean about your article, here is a punt at what I might teach kids.

He risks thousands of pounds for the sake of being mean about a couple of hundred quid.

Even when I say rude things, nobody ever gets mad, because I'd not being MEAN about it.

There is nothing mean about this folly; nor is there in the whole realm of literature a figure so free from vulgarity.

Don't be mean about it even though you're fighting boredom because it could of taken her a lot of courage to talk to you.

Being mean about time - parliamentary information office parliamentary information office: This article is twaddle of the highest degree.

But rather than slapping people in the face to bring them back to earth, you just slapped them in the face for the fun of being mean about it.

In 4% of cases mean of is used

I thought that was mean of her.

I mean of course to an amiable one.

And it's not mean of them if they do.

To them no faculty is conceded which does not belong to the meanest of their countrymen.

But the meanest of the tools, Man, had still this strange privilege which God had given him.

Eating of eggs or use of eggs in our eating foods is mean of healthy diet to live healthy life.

How mean of Edlund to leave us with that! I liked the snappy dialogue in the script, and the photography and direction were excellent.

It makes us pay too high a price for its wares, and we purchase the meanest of its secrets at a cost that is monstrous and infinite.

In most of our families, specially the educated families, Urdu has been adopted as mean of oral communication within their homes as well.

Stripped of the rights of a British subject, of all except the meanest of them, that of inheriting, I remember that I am a Briton still.

In 3% of cases mean by is used

Conquer the mean by generosity.

Khan, Some people are mean by nature.

What is mean by admin mode deployment.

Excellent comment, of course what we each mean by prudence needs to be examined carefully.

Each data point (measurement) in our sample differs from the mean by an amount called the deviation (d).

It is not exactly what we mean by the presence of God; in a sense it might more truly be called the absence of God.

I'd just clarifying what I mean by it so I can have a conversation with someone who will bother to consider what I say.

STRONG WINDS A squall is defined as an event in which the surface wind increases in magnitude above the mean by factors of 1.

It illustrates what I mean by saying that a certain childish directness is needed to see the truth about the childhood of the world.

But, above all, it illustrates what I mean by saying that the more we really look at man as an animal, the less he will look like one.

In 2% of cases mean as is used

She was mean as a snake and I chose to have nothing to do with her.

I feel like a burden AND I'd mean as a snake when I don't want to be.

Sally Anon is mean as a cut snake and she has her iPhone in front of her.

This activity aims to encourage them to see the mean as the balance point.

If needed, calculate the mean as the total divided by the number of values.

Those two numbers will probably regress toward the mean as the season goes on.

Tell the learners that this session develops an understanding of the mean as a balance point.

This concept describes the mean as the point on a number line where the data on either side of the point is evenly balanced.

They are going to have to work threw it all and discover what the mean as a couple included admitting love and all that mushy crap.

Madhumangal Prabhu: but I am mean as a devotee? Bhakti Caitanya Swami: As devotees we should understand that anything material is bad.

In 2% of cases mean between is used

It strikes a mean between the two.

The virtue, liberality, is the mean between the two vices, that of excess and that of defect.

Let E lie between A and B; for that which is neither of two contraries is a mean between them.

The arithmetic mean between 10 and 2 is 6, and this is so invariably, whatever is being counted.

Virtue, then, involves the mean between two extremes and consists of the skill to achieve the mean.

It is not that integrity stands as a mean between the vices that are represented in these two lists.

At baseline, the mean between the two groups were not significantly different from each other (p? =? 0.

Because average temperature is calculated as the mean between max and min, it is of little relevance to agricultural productivity.

In 2% of cases mean on is used

He could be meaner on a more consistent basis.

The correction changed the mean on the NCWd test from 108.

But what does love mean on earth? I had never tried to think.

If he's going to get this mean on this one, in our part of the world unclear, no choice.

They will have to be leaner on margins, meaner on themselves, and more engaged with parents and pupils.

Others think both the Coalition and Labour are far too mean on state pensions and other benefits that matter to them.

Not to mention the thousands of others who might have once called an ex- something mean on Facebook chat or something.

That value is 1 hr below the dealer's stated mean, or 1 unit to the left of the dealer's mean on the normal curve (or -1 hr).

If we want to include all the scores within 1 standard deviation of the mean on both sides, then we would double this figure (i.

Lenders ordered to get even meaner on home loans Homebuyers will have to jump through more hoops in future to qualify for a mortgage.

In 2% of cases mean with is used

Data are presented as mean with SEM.

We found a mean with standard error of the mean (138.

Does that mean with that we have won against Al Qaida? No.

It is the bell-shaped curve symmetric around the mean with the width determined by the variance.

He is not a guy who can burn down the wing and put in crosses, or beat a mean with jinking dribbles.

My boy explained his day to his dad; he had mean with his words and silly in the kids work at church.

Data are presented as mean with standard deviations (SD) or median with interquartile ranges, unless otherwise indicated.

But do we get mean with each other over these things? Gemma, Scotland Bravo Vicky! You strike an oh-so-familiar chord with me.

With a weakened economy and dollars harder to come by, political parties are getting leaner and meaner with their strategies.

I'd mean with girls after a days wear pants and stuff are obviously dirty and need changing, but with blokes they still look clean.

In 1% of cases mean at is used

Let's take a mean at 55 billion.

I want to be heartless but not mean at the same time.

Critics are mean at times and yes, its easy to take it to heart.

For more information, sign up by emailing Mean at **35;875;TOOLONG now.

Bandari have to be mean at home to retain Premier League status (Photo:.

Man Utd play a variation of 4-3-3 with what is know as a false #9 this mean at times it will look like a 4-6-0.

It gets known, stupid bitter smark sends in a story about wrestler A that he heard held down his favorite about being mean at an autograph signing or in an airport.

In 1% of cases mean from is used

The mean WTP can be computed by taking the mean from the entire sample.

The largest correction made on the practice test changed the mean from 49.

For example, inferential statistics would be used to estimate a population's mean from a sample's mean.

In the data set on the right, composed of nine measurements, the deviation of the mean from the true value is much smaller.

Sometimes an investigator knows a mean from a very large number of observations and wants to compare the mean of her sample with it.

Similarly, the mean from ordered categorical variables can be more useful than the median, if the ordered categories can be given meaningful scores.

Thus, we recommend that you remove the mean from each variable in the statistical package that you use before you create the interaction term by multiplying these two variables.

In 1% of cases mean like is used

Unless they are mean like Roberts.

High school kids are not mean like that, I don't reckon.

Anyhow it was easy to refute these fabricated traditions for they were mean like their narrators.

I'd mean like that! * Some time ago, while torturing myself with the websites of places I want to visit I came across a deal at the beautiful Ashford Castle in Cong, Co.

Or guys that have hurt me, or majority of my exes, on my contacts for my name, I change their names to something mean like currently these are some of the things I have on my phone.

In 1% of cases mean over is used

It's harder to be mean over voice, I guess.

Overall accuracy is reported as the mean over all acoustic frequencies.

The index gives a mean over the last four weeks and will be updated on a weekly basis.

It ends up being mathematics and not energy that pushes the mean over the old black body temperature.

Markets tend to return to the mean over time When stocks go too far in one direction, they come back.

This variation is also apparent in the increase in standard deviation scores as a percentage of their mean over time.

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