Prepositions after "massive"

"massive in" or "massive for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases massive in is used

Quick and massive in the middle.

Gracie influence is massive in MMA.

Massive in its proportions, certainly.

Shehan October 3, 2012 at 12:39 pm Fifa is massive in terms of popularity and fan base.

The Apollo project was massive in scope, audacious in its goals, and staggeringly expensive.

I am aware that the Asian influence is massive in Jamaica, and has been for a very long time.

The cost of exploration is massive in the petroleum industry and we need to find ways of ensuring capital commitment.

Tourism is massive in Havana which is something that left us a bit confused in regards to private land ownership etc.

Second, clinical study reports are massive in size and difficult to obtain, traditionally shared only with regulators.

At Braeburn's inception, the cash pile was modest, yet absolutely massive in unlevered terms, at just over $10 billion.

In 23% of cases massive for is used

Boy were they massive for IDR 21.

That would be massive for everyone here.

Scent is massive for celebrity profiteering too.

Massive for a team who many thought would struggle considering the ownership issues.

Scientists say it was just a coincidence, but the numbers are too massive for many of us.

Its implications are massive for farming families who can not afford a 20% drop in income.

This meant that calcium, with an atomic weight of 40, is 40 times as massive for the same number of atoms as hydrogen.

Maximum respect to the RFG massive for thier excellent publication and for allowing this article to be reprinted here.

Its absolutely massive for start so if you like big open bars with lots of atmosphere this would be the place for you.

We had great news as Didier Drogba and Daniel Sturridge were both declared fit to play which is massive for us right now.

In 6% of cases massive as is used

Alpha-2 is a single star about 13 times as massive as the sun.

However it is probably only a little over 10 times as massive as the Sun.

The main larger star, dubbed Sirius A, is about twice as massive as the Sun.

A star 10 times as massive as the sun may survive only millions, not billions, of years.

World of beauty and fashion has witnessed the evolution of massive as the magic tool invasion.

Black holes are the evolutionary endpoints of stars at least 10 to 15 times as massive as the Sun.

At the heart of essentially every galaxy lies a giant black hole, a million to a billion times as massive as the sun.

It's about 4 million times as massive as the sun, but it's extremely compressed and far away, nearly 26,000 light-years.

Conversely, a star that is half as massive as the Sun burns slowly enough for its fuel to last more than 20 billion years.

One demonstration never overturned government policy overnight - or very rarely - and on something as strategic and massive as that.

In 6% of cases massive with is used

The walls are very massive with a thickness of 2.

Neutrons are slightly more massive with a mass of 1.

The performance improvement is massive with the mSATA.

His hand and forearm seemed massive with strength and it was a beautiful thing to watch.

It was massive with mountains facing one side, and it was surrounded by temples and pagodas.

The main bedroom is massive with built in robes, the second bedroom is of generous size also.

When we talk about change, we don't need something massive with a grand acronym with all sorts of committees to go.

It's free, open until 5:30 every day of the week and massive with enough to keep you going happily for a good few hours.

Such trees, which are old and massive with roots spread deep and far underneath, do not require watering like ordinary trees.

Black Sabbath were clearly on their own very weird trip but were somehow also massive with a very unlikely Top Of The Pops life.

In 4% of cases massive of is used

We have the most massive of markets.

They are both too technical and too massive of a position to do both.

There are rumors that the most massive of the calls are due Monday (October 13th).

As a massive of Monroe, I am dead excited, however I fear this then will make the movie rubbish.

Astronomers predict the most massive of these cosmic phenomena grow through violent collisions with other galaxies.

As there are massive of services online, you can now make reservations in shipping your car as well through the web.

The object also is the most powerful producer of X-rays of any known cluster, and among the most massive of clusters.

Bitty reminded the Rototom massive of the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence from the UK as well as of Marcus Garvey's birthday.

In 4% of cases massive over is used

Using a sidewinder would be massive over kill.

Massive over capacity People reigning in discretionary spending to pay down their debts.

Sufficient evidence exists to suggest massive over culling, given that 500 tonnes is taken to satisfy 170 tonnes requirement.

We have massive over expenditure by our government, balance of payments way out of whack and a run away debt bubble in property.

The banks aren't lending because the UK already has massive over capacity, there's no demand in the economy and few businesses want to lend.

It is outdated and outmoded, just like British Railways and the Coal Board and as inefficient and has massive over expenditure, particularly.

Massive over reaction but as Stephanie has pointed out the legal implications of not protecting your trsdemark I can see why it had to be done.

The changes to the Residential Tenancy Act have pushed the investment property market into a deep under supply with A massive over demand for rentals.

It is wrong to judge auctions by the same yardstick as follow-on offers, as the idea is not to get massive over subscription but a good price, he says.

Surfing is a calculated risk if you do nt want to get eaten by a shark do nt go in the ocean culling GWS would be a massive over reaction in my opinion.

In 4% of cases massive on is used

Ibrox looks massive on the inside.

When we get it right, it's massive on our bottom line.

And actually, high jumpers tend not to be too massive on the upper body as well.

The classes I've done are not massive on fitness, so old injuries shouldn't be a problem.

The first goal could be massive on Sunday, but I think it'll be too close to call a winner.

With songs such as Get To The Point, Praise Jah and Just One of Those Days he kept the massive on a high.

Using a real-world units like CM or picas would make content on larger screens impossible to read (or massive on small screens).

Volume was again massive on Monday, with nearly 168 million shares trading hands, making it by far the most active stock on the U.

Obviously, you don't want your fonts to be massive on a mobile device but looking awesome and perfect in your 1024x786 desktop browser size.

As I passed the Simpson memorial at one km to go the crowds were massive on the roadside and their support pushed me on towards the finish line.

In 4% of cases massive at is used

Player power is massive at Chelsea where you have blue bloods like Lampard, Terry and Drogba.

What is the biggest object in the collection? Locomotive 3830 is the most massive at 200 tonne.

I have had more than a few partners who buckled under the pressure that can be massive at times.

The Giant Bolster proved a revelation at the end of last season and on his Gold Cup runner up form is massive at 10/1.

Glenn is massive at 6-foot-5, 343 pounds and has the tools to be productive but is clearly a work in progress at the moment.

Residences also are unique houses nevertheless they is often pretty small or massive at the same time; the homes are total specific residence.

In 1994, financial losses were becoming so massive at EuroDisney that Michael Eisner had to step in personally in order to structure a rescue package.

Luckily for Woods the fairways were massive at Royal Melbourne and the rough around the Lakes Club was shorter than many of the fairways you'd find at your local muni.

However, you should gain essentially the very same benefits without having the massive at the start fees, and probably do so in the lower interest rates (Apr interest rates).

In 2% of cases massive from is used

Liberty St it would appear less massive from that direction.

The houses looked massive from outside and they looked beautiful.

The recent decline is massive from about 26 per cent of GDP in 2005 to 18 per cent in 2011.

It looks massive from the outside but inside there weren't that many people and not thousands of rooms or anything so it's deceptive.

That doesn't take a lot but I would hazard a guess that it would still take massive from you cos it probably wasn't as interesting enough an approach.

Working with Massive from a young age has given me a greater understanding of the company's kaupapa, which is important, especially when working within an arts organization that is vision-led.

In 2% of cases massive like is used

Not massive like a mountain, but massive like a Tsunami.

He was tall -- too tall, and, massive like an American football player.

They are either massive like the huntsman spider, or painful like the bull ants.

Although the planet was massive like Jupiter, the Swiss discoverers claimed it orbited its star, 51 Pegasi, in only four days.

In 2% of cases massive by is used

The other foot, massive by comparison, had been squeezed into a court shoe.

The role of the provincial government in the economy is massive by North American standards.

That is, I don't think it's realistic to deal with a problem this old and this massive by, in a sense, negating it.

With some visitor estimates to the central host state of Aguascalientes as high as 7 million people, the feria is massive by any scale.

It isn't massive by English standards but I'll tell you one thing, the traffic during the building of it hasn't got any worse at all! Ca n't.

Looking at capital financial flows alone, the transfer of funds in the form of remittances, bonds, philanthropy or business investment is massive by any scale, and continues to grow.

In 2% of cases massive to is used

Some friends were kind enough to give NATIVE INSTRUMENTS MASSIVE to him one day.

I can win some races before the year's out but the gap is massive to these two guys.

I am a big guy and wanted to see if a 44mm watch (which seemed massive to me) would suit me.

It is cinder pot of partisan passion and pride and the stakes that are being played for feel massive to us.

Coxsone but it's Daddy Symbolic all the way and they really do treat the UK massive to some real musical treats.

Papa Screw treats the Skateland massive to a selection of hot numbers from Leroy Smart, Frankie Paul and Half Pint.

The organic buildups are composed of massive to faintly-laminated mudstone to wackestone to packstone to boundstone.

I have a massive (massive to me) prac block coming up which consists of 5 weeks fulltime with lots of study and I know this will be the test for me.

In 1% of cases massive into is used

Ease of Pipeline Integration Integrating Massive into a pipeline is fairly straightforward.

If anything, savvy marketers have learned exactly how to whip the gaming massive into a blurry-eyed frenzy.

In 1% of cases massive after is used

The expectations for Newton are massive after his explosive debut.

Runway 09 at Kirkwall seemed massive after all those little islands strips.

After, the fashion show, there will be a massive after party with all the hot models at Citizen Kofi at a cool rate of GH10.

The debate turned massive after retired Col Besigye refused to make public his choice of candidate in the race to replace him.

In 1% of cases massive down is used

Massive down the line winner from Williams after she was put on the run by a fine Azarenka forehand.

This is exactly why it is important to build a massive down line, because unless you have a massive down line the extra credits you earn might not be worth it.

So now you should see why a massive down line is so important, they are going to help you to market your website for you by earning you a huge number of free credits.

But in the early days, it required a lot more time and effort, as well as an investment of a few hundred dollars and building massive down line before anyone can earn.

Therefore, with China looking good and extremely robust liquidity around the world, the probability of a massive down draft in India because of liquidity drying up is pretty low.

One of the very first things we want to mention would be that unless you have a massive down line, or if you plan on using these sites 12 hours or more a day, you will be wasting your time.

The first and last sectors of the lap, which are all about cornering, look like they will favour Red Bull, with its massive down force, but McLaren, Lotus and Ferrari should also go well here.

In 1% of cases massive plus is used

The Office hub is a massive plus point for me.

Most commonly it is massive plus its developed for searching in addition to saturday escapes.

An absolutely massive plus one, I make no apology for cutting and pasting what I just wrote on the matchday thread.

To have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and learn different techniques in different areas is a massive plus point.

In 1% of cases massive pre is used

The Communist Party (CP ), under the leadership of Senior Minister DEW Gunesekara, has already laid the foundation for a massive pre poll campaign in the east.

In 1% of cases massive through is used

Your influence is massive through your presence in South America.

The history of use in herbal medication is massive through the planet.

Batten continued with Massive through the acquisition, serving as director of partner development, and played an integral role in helping the company scale the network.

In 1% of cases massive under is used

The evaporation alone is massive under the old flooding method.

He had the massive under his spell into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The railways then faired the worst with massive under investment and the results of some fundamentally bad business decisions.

My biggest fear is that there will be continue to be massive under expenditure on infrastructure so it can be offset against rising personnel costs.

If anyone thinks they are bigger than the Club then IMO it is Reina and Suarez, both massive under performers last season, don't seem to be too great in this one either.

In 1% of cases massive without is used

It's massive without being noisy and melodically solid.

Good gravy that is a lot of deps! I can hardly imagine building ANYTHING that massive without running into snafus, on any system.

However, the fat strings are usually composite: a thin core wrapped with windings to make them more massive without making them harder to bend.

The twins were born en weeks premature, and the bills for their long hospital stay would have been massive without health benefits from Brent's job.

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