Prepositions after "masquerade"

masquerade as, under, at or Like?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases masquerade as is used
    He's a troll masquerading as a journalist imo.
    I thought that it was a criminal enterprise masquerading as an administration.
    So there they sit, dribbling out advertorial-laced infotainment masquerading as truth.
    Deadly Premonition is a metafictional masterpiece masquerading as a low-budget curiosity.
    I agree that a few recent productions have been adequate, but as I stated, most of them were fantasy masquerading as SF.
    Kariyawasam did then and also those white collar criminals at the centre of this scam, who are masquerading as business giants.
    The call to their political loyalty is to their sub-clan and the call to their faith is to a medieval nihilism masquerading as Islam.
    Speaking of Danny Kaye, I'd like to see Wonder Man again, a good entry in that rare genre, identical twins masquerading as one another.
    Wikipedia is a monumental propoganda machine: a court of public opinion masquerading as an impartial, free, universal fountain of knowledge.

    In 8% of cases masquerade under is used
    Innumerable inhuman practices, masquerading under the guise of religion, abound.
    I can understand why people like Sam Harris go after the moderates, they are enablers of ignorance masquerading under the guise of tolerance.

    In 2% of cases masquerade at is used
    Nor is it for someone that thinks social impact investing is masquerading at a U$50 million foundation or suiting up, sitting in an air-conditioned office in Washington D.

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