Prepositions after "mar"

mar by, with, at, for or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases mar by is used
    The exercise marred by multiple hitches.
    Comments This is a good post marred by personal attacks.
    This experience was only slightly marred by the frequent use of CG I mentioned earlier.
    BUT it is marred by having had several faults (all covered by warranty, but still a PITA).
    Hacker's victim: Wong is worried that her reputation may have been marred by the stranger's doings.
    E-ticketing has been marred by bandwidth congestion, server errors and transaction failures of late.
    Egal's government was marred by rampant corruption, which ultimately wrecked Somalia's 9 years of civilian rule.
    Clinton made a convincing effort to stay crime-free in her Senate career, although marred by her presidential ambitions.
    It is undeniable that occasionally these have been marred by conflicts, many of which have been economic and political in nature.
    He had rather a young face, the ingenuousness of which was marred by the penetrating green eyes, fringed with long dark eyelashes.

    In 6% of cases mar with is used
    Every corner of this world that we are living in is marred with stress.

    In 3% of cases mar for is used
    Now, after four years, we love each other as on our first year of marriage, and our happiness has not been marred for a single second.

    In 2% of cases mar from is used
    But as we've already shown in this series, the BMJ report is marred from the get-go by false statements that undercut this claim against Wakefield.

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