Prepositions after "magnificent"

magnificent in, with, of, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases magnificent in is used

Looks magnificent in the house.

She is magnificent in this movie.

There is something magnificent in this.

When we say developed, we do not mean that they are magnificent in all four areas.

It was magnificent in the exhibit and the music in the dark room room was haunting.

Life will start to become rich, colorful and magnificent in ways you never imagined.

The animals are so magnificent in the wild and it is especially exciting to see them interact with their young.

The clothes have been a lot sensational and to a certain extent magnificent in support of the Mehndi goings-on.

Designer handbags are extremely classy and magnificent in addition to viewed as tough along with extraordinary.

The people I feel most sorry for are the Scotland fans who once again were magnificent in Spain on Tuesday night.

In 9% of cases magnificent with is used

This thing is magnificent with tuba.

He was magnificent with a Greek team in turmoil last year.

The dining room is magnificent with its fine vaulted ceiling.

Bosch's story is magnificent with all of the codes, clues, a fabulous story line.

The setting of these routes is just magnificent with the snowy peaks towering above.

The forwards are just magnificent with 310 game veteran Langmack forced to five-eighth.

The Crater Lake found here is magnificent with lush green vegetation at the bottom of a beautiful volcanic crater.

The flavours are just magnificent with this dish, and the amazing sauce from the crab is soaked up by the noodles.

It was amazing, but something deep down inside tells me that it would have been magnificent with the coconut milk.

The gardens are truly magnificent with both park like settings and vistas and a beautiful walled garden with flowers and fruit trees.

In 8% of cases magnificent for is used

Robbie has been magnificent for us this season.

Cole has been magnificent for more than a decade.

And that would be magnificent for the town and for us.

I look forward to seeing this particular tree grow tall and magnificent for everyone to enjoy.

Briers has been magnificent for years and should have been given more international recognition.

He has been magnificent for India but the role of the lead bowler now needs to belong to someone else.

Reading were magnificent for 44 and a half minutes before Walcott scored his first goal to give the Gunners hope.

We can say the Twenty20 and World Cup final were great, but beating Australia in Australia was magnificent for us.

Containing the magnificent for profit and view makes me wince, thinking the mighty cats surely were going stir crazy.

Sydney is magnificent for this (well, right up until the point where you spend two minutes at each pedestrian crossing).

In 8% of cases magnificent of is used

South Dakota really is the most magnificent of places.

This must have been one of the most magnificent of Eoyal gateways.

Son of Lorenzo the Magnificent of Florence, created a cardinal at 13.

They planned to take the world by storm and make something magnificent of their lives.

Having regained the throne, the king had the rock caves converted to a magnificent of rock temple.

The Imperial State Crown The Imperial State Crown is the most magnificent of all the Crown Regalia.

So please record my name on a plate somewhere to symbolize my inclusion into this most magnificent of sacrifices.

We headed out in search of that most magnificent of Newfie sights, humpback whales breaching and diving among icebergs.

It is decorated with costly mosaic work both inside and out, and must be one of the most magnificent of modern churches.

The gyrfalcon is the largest and most magnificent of the falcons and breed throughout the tundra, including all the Arctic islands.

In 6% of cases magnificent at is used

It is even more magnificent at this time as it is totally empty.

I can imagine it's looking particularly magnificent at the moment.

I'd magnificent at just looking at a girl and reading her level of freakiness.

Professor Ferguson is magnificent at marshalling a wide range of knowledge to support his opinions.

Henry (Shefflin) was magnificent at one end of the field, leading, driving and directing operations.

The views of the summit are magnificent at dawn which is one of the reasons for the timing of the final ascent.

Noel Tierney was simply magnificent at full back in a truly wonderful line with Enda Colleran and Bosco McDermott.

Few things in this world can be so solemn and magnificent at the same time, the winter season being one of those things.

Clooney is magnificent at delivering humorous lines in dramatic situations and Farmiga gives the best performance of her career to date as Alex.

I've lost track of the number of students who weren't great on the theoretical parts but we magnificent at the experimental parts of our courses.

In 4% of cases magnificent on is used

TTF sounded magnificent on ESPN.

Magnificent on the internet website.

The view is magnificent on a clear day.

They may look magnificent on ceremonial duties but they are becoming pitifully small.

The platform style suits portable gaming so well and it looks magnificent on this console.

The fans responded to the way we did things and I thought they were magnificent on Tuesday.

Costa, while magnificent on the attacking end, lamented the goals given up in the later part of the second half.

I thought he was magnificent on Saturday, probably our best player on the pitch and didn't really deserve to be on the losing side.

The fort; or at least what remains of the fort stands magnificent on a hill which looks out to the view of the Melaka town and the sea side nearby.

The photos on their web site don't do the place any justice, it's magnificent on the inside without feeling overly stuffy (which is good when you have a toddler with you).

In 3% of cases magnificent as is used

Javier Bardem on the other hand is magnificent as the villain here.

Not every liberal man is magnificent as regards his actions, because he lacks the wherewithal to perform magnificent deeds.

If perhaps it was not so strange and magnificent as the sunlit cloudland of the previous day, it was at any rate infinitely more interesting.

I spent half a day here (the lake is not as huge and magnificent as the Summer Palace) using the impressive White Dagoba as my start and end point.

Alison Steadman was magnificent as the mother-in-law and the harshness of the scouse accents was an exact match for the uncomfortable subject matter.

Jackson's running mate and blocking back, Marcus Allen, was magnificent as a multi functional beginner in your ' 82 and a Super Bowl MVP during a period season.

In what is at times a one-woman show, Tilda Swinton is magnificent as a mother whose life is shattered after her teenage son (Ezra Miller) goes on a killing spree at his high school.

In 3% of cases magnificent from is used

The castle itself was magnificent from the outside.

Set sail: The gulf of Orosei coastline is most magnificent from Cala Gonone down.

Your blog visitors should be able to get something magnificent from every one of your posts.

Absolutely magnificent from whoever drew up the display to all those fans who put in hours &; hours of work to place it out.

The ball still had to find him, though, and that was down to the wonderful Lionel Messi whose pass was magnificent from the centre circle.

The Arabian Sea was magnificent from her balcony and as the evening darkened a huge apparition took the form of a giant fountain at a distance.

Sweden's new national stadium may look magnificent from the outside, or at least it will when it is actually completed, inside though, there was a major problem.

We never tired of the walk despite the many steps! The view was magnificent from our chalet - really breathtaking and we loved our rustic, jungle hideaway immediately.

The Riviera went from one of the nicer places to stay when you were in town with three levels overlooking the lake -- the sunsets would have been magnificent from those small balconies.

In 3% of cases magnificent about is used

What I find so magnificent about this country is hundreds of millions of people share a limited geographic space.

Sunshine is great, and always welcome, but there is something magnificent about the power of a storm or an angry sea.

Mik: 17 May 2012 10:51:16am Marriage over the centuries has been a way of culturally (including religious cultures) controlling a society - nothing magnificent about it at all.

And in a game like this -- which in pure sporting terms was hardly exciting at all -- you should incorporate more of the surrounding experience, which is still so magnificent about Italian football.

In 2% of cases magnificent against is used

Lobbe 8 was magnificent against Wales, pick a real 6.

He has missed chances but so have other strikers, and he definitely is magnificent against lesser teams when the pace of the game tends to be slower.

MIDFIELDERS Bale - Quite magnificent against West Ham and unlucky not to score twice, he's very expensive but quite capabale of returning 20-25 points against Liverpool.

In 2% of cases magnificent to is used

Together they have been magnificent to me.

It may look magnificent to a worshipper from afar but it really doesn't make sense.

These smartphones bring something truly magnificent to the smartphone market, but are all priced in the.

These smartphones bring something truly magnificent to the smartphone market, but are all priced in the 500 plus price bracket.

What does Wellington look like after travelling around Europe? Have you been inspired or tired by the travelling? Wellington still looks magnificent to me.

In 1% of cases magnificent beyond is used

The sunset from this region is magnificent beyond words and is a must not miss for anyone visiting Phuket.

The men of the Great Britain team (I know there were a couple of Europeans helping) were magnificent beyond belief.

The scene from our camp as the daylight brightened was magnificent beyond description, though I must admit that we viewed it with anxiety.

In 1% of cases magnificent by is used

The segment is magnificent by the National Forestry Authority for historical, aesthetic and recreational reasons.

Here, they are carried aloft and made magnificent by the use of architectural steel that will be hidden in the tree-like branching of the columns.

Boxing Boxing That was magnificent by Nevin, who rather than run away from the world champion in the final round, caught him with some cracking shots to extend his lead.

In 1% of cases magnificent during is used

Chelsea was truly magnificent during the first half.

Tebow was also magnificent during goal-line drills last week at training camp in Cortland.

Anderson and Cleverley started brightly this season; the pair was simply magnificent during August and early September.

Making the site as part of the wonders of the world only goes to show that it has been successful in making feel great and magnificent during and after each visit.

In 1% of cases magnificent like is used

Some of these are big potatoes like Phil Beadle, Geoff Barton and Tom Bennett whilst others are quietly magnificent like Darren Meade, Helene O'Shea and Matt Bebbington.

In 1% of cases magnificent over is used

Ramos was IMO magnificent over the whole tournament and especially against Germany.

Using FriendCaller 7-Way Video Chat app will be magnificent over the Kindle fire HD.

In 1% of cases magnificent since is used

He's been magnificent since taking over the captaincy.

The SNP have been magnificent since 2007, they must keep to those high standards or they could lose public confidence.

In 1% of cases magnificent throughout is used

You were magnificent throughout the Rogers Cup.

That said, Serengeti holiday safaris are magnificent throughout the year as there are always good resident populations of big game.

That said, Serengeti holiday safaris are magnificent throughout the year as there are always good available populations of big game.

See you on an Arusha National Park Safari! That said Arusha holiday safaris are magnificent throughout the year as there are always good available populations of big game.

This risks and side effects to learn more about a premium added fat that are normally stored within all of our government bodies as magnificent throughout the all of our voluptuous shapes and shape.

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