Prepositions after "ltd"

ltd in, for, on, of or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases ltd in is used

Hoffman-La Roche Ltd in 1998 -- 1999.

Lackana joined Cerebos (Thailand) Ltd in 1988.

He was appointed as CEO of Astrium Ltd in 2002.

The MPA sued Paypal and are going at our innocent payment provider Kthxbai Ltd in the UK.

He works for Jasti Ltd in Japan, a company which has been making crash dummies for 20 years.

He also led the merger of Asure NZ Ltd and AgriQuality Ltd in 2007 to form AsureQuality Ltd.

Other directorships include A P A Insurance Ltd, Barclays Bank of Kenya and Reliance Insurance Company Ltd in Tanzania.

The 34-year-old was employed as company secretary for Temptations Buffet Ltd in Ipswich before her arrest in August 2008.

Truck &; Bus Builder Reports Ltd in Taunton, England publishes The World Bus &; Coach Manufacturing Industry 2012 report.

This whole world of Acer touch screen computers will be available with Metropolitan Computers (Pvt) Ltd in very few days.

In 12% of cases ltd for is used

Go to Inova Ltd for more information.

He was CEO for Ansell Ltd for many years.

Example Lee has worked for 123 Ltd for 5 years.

HU organized an Educational Tour of Bunny's Ltd for students of Business Administration.

Travel only You will be contracting with ShannonFerry Group Ltd for travel-only bookings.

Thanks to Jim Spicer of pensions experts MPL Wealth Management Ltd for his input into some.

XYZ Oil and Gas Ltd has also been mandated to pay VAT on an Oil Mining License they recently resold to DEF Ltd for N1b.

Sng was the Managing Director of CapitaLand Hong Kong Ltd for investment in Hong Kong and the region including Japan and Taiwan.

Ms C signs a contract with Mr A to buy the field and a building agreement with B Ltd for the construction of a house on that site.

There has to be a Scottish company as license holders to play in Scotland -- but they now owe Sevco 5088 Ltd for the Ticketus money.

In 8% of cases ltd on is used

Arthur Pearson Ltd on 1 May 1908.

The business is sold to C Ltd on 14/11/2012.

Bank of Ireland Finance Ltd on Monday and Tuesday.

Customer blows a fuse I purchased a fuse for my VCR at Uni Walkers Ltd on 23rd April 2001.

And the recent acquisition of Alphameric Solutions Ltd on 31 May 2010, now OpenBet Retail (www.

The creation of CNC CNC was listed as Tsun Yip Holdings Ltd on 30-Aug-2010 after a placing at $0.

The fire originated from the warehouse of Swan Garments Ltd on the 1st floor of Afnan Plaza at Mollartek around 9:30am.

Members of the media who require further information can contact the Team Bath Press Office at Matchtight Ltd on (01225 ).

Md Rafique, a bus driver of Tanjil Paribahan Ltd on Sadarghat-Chiriakhana route, said only seven of 25 buses of the transport.

Lord Home was appointed Chairman of Coutts &; Co on 1 June 1999 and became Chairman of Coutts Bank (Switzerland) Ltd on 8 March 2000.

In 6% of cases ltd as is used

He joined Vanik Incorporation Ltd as Asst.

In about 2002 we started Kora ltd as a company.

Subsequently he was employed at Vanik Incorporation Ltd as a Manager.

He has also worked previously at Forbes &; Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt) Ltd as a Tea Manager.

The Boston Bay was owned by Blazar Fisheries Pty Ltd as trustee of the Blazar Unit Trust.

So he sat back and looked at the company of Lucasfilm LTD as a whole and decided to retire.

Jeyakodi, IAS, Executive Director, Tamil Industrial Development Corporation Ltd as a Director of the Company, in place of Mr.

The Government established Harmonisation Ltd as part of its capital in the deal in partnership with developers Tavistock Group.

He has spent the greater part of his working life in banking, having joined Merchant Bank Ghana Ltd as a Banking Officer in 1977.

Ngaine then had a stint at Industrial Development Bank (IDB) Ltd as a Financial Controller and also deputized the Managing Director.

In 6% of cases ltd of is used

B &K; Holdings (Pvt) Ltd of No.

They were made by Jac Ltd of London.

Ltd of which he was the Founder and Managing Director.

Com (Pvt) Ltd of Zimbabwe and 1Time Holdings of South Africa in a 51-49 per cent arrangement.

First registered on 17-10-2012 was ZK-HXZ 3 (c/n 1160024D) to Way 2 Go Heliservices Ltd of Rangiora.

JP Chuwa MSc MIET MConsE(Tz) - Eng Joseph P Chuwa is a director of TANconsult Ltd of over seven years.

One of the best is produced for export with the brand name Larich by Pan Am Foods Ltd of 79/6 Alexandra Place, Colombo.

Ltd of Jamaica, catalog number is FDRL/200, rigid deep groove vinyl pressing, labels are as shown in the accompanying image.

In early 1963 the Royal Ceylon Air Force procured a variant of the Link Trainer (D4) from Air Trainers Ltd of United Kingdom.

Ltd of Inner Mongolia) was established in 1978 on the edges of the Gobi Desert and served up its first vintage only last year.

In 6% of cases ltd from is used

Ltd from 1 September 1973 to 31 August 1982.

And it become a corporation ltd from pvt ltd.

C executive at BHAVISHYA PHARMA LTD from 2005 Dec to till date.

Shoeb commenced his business career as a director of The City Bank Ltd from 1990 - 2007.

This site is controlled and operated by Stikfas Pte Ltd from its offices within Singapore.

The 1st respondent has accepted employment under LB Finance Company Ltd from 10 December 2003.

Note you haven't actually linked to Dive Dorset Ltd from your newly created page even though you have mentioned them.

Director Metal Storm Limited from February 2006 to February 2009 and Bionomics Ltd from November 2004 to November 2009.

Ngaine worked with Business Machines Kenya Ltd from 1985 to 1991 as the Group Financial Director and Company Secretary.

A NEW STAR Wars film is set to be released in 2015 after Disney bought LucasFilm Ltd from director George Lucas for $4.

In 5% of cases ltd at is used

Also you have bought the shares of XYZ Ltd at a rate of Rs.

Gauhar Siddique, visited Bunny's Ltd at Kot lakhpat, Lahore.

Suppose you had bought shares in XYZ Ltd at double their face value, i.

The Gleaner offloaded its book retail subsidiary Sangster's Book Store Ltd at the end of 2009.

He was also the Project Manager for the setting up of Vimaflour Ltd at Vietnam from 1996 to 1998.

He was the joint president of the JP Power Ventures Ltd at the time of his selection two years ago.

Let us suppose you have invested Rs 2,000 in buying 100 shares of XYZ Ltd at Rs 20 per share with a face value of Rs 10 each.

I am very pleased with it, if you'd like one for yourself, I got it from The Hampton's Furniture Ltd at Horizon Plaza in Aberdeen.

For detail information, please refer to the Information of Ordering Terminal Sales Slips or call Media Courier Co Ltd at 2381 0488.

Divers are amongst the happiest people- we found out why For more information visit sea breeze marine ltd at the old waterworld park.

In 5% of cases ltd to is used

These are all ltd to 1000 copies.

Contact GLOBAL STAR LTD to reserved a vehicle - We will send you a Performa invoice.

Having built two houses now, I have no hesitation in recommending Dowding Homes Ltd to prospective clients.

The Crown sold its shareholding in Palmerston North Airport Ltd to Central Avion Holdings Ltd in January 1999.

It is therefore with pleasure that I welcome the Negril International Hospital Ltd to the community of Negril.

In light of this, we have set up an account at RBTT Bank Jamaica Ltd to which donations can be made towards this cause.

Juan Carlos-Gomez welcomed Jon Ward from Acquity ETS Ltd to trial a Tobii infra-red eye tracking device with our primates.

Would you recommend Swords Building Contractors Ltd to others? I've already recommended Peter to others including my sister.

Just send a cheque Made out to Birchwood Publishers Ltd to Birchwood Publishers Ltd 457 Stenson Road Littleover Derby DE23 1LJ.

In 4% of cases ltd with is used

Also, Mojope Investment Ltd with one transaction valued at N1,110,049,444.

I got a flyer that gave the compnay name Athlaimhe Ltd with a fake company reg no.

In September 2007, he established ATP Concerts Ltd with his new girlfriend, Higgins.

The ICO has carried out a data protection audit of American Express Services Europe Ltd with its consent.

With effect from 26th August, the Bank of Cochin Ltd with 108 branches was also amalgamated with the Bank.

Background/History This system was developed and customized by Future Technologies LTD with the Help of Dr.

In 1989 Alan Bond set up Reaction Engines Ltd with two rocket engineer colleagues Richard Varvill and John Scott-Scott.

Jeebboo Trivia is a fun and educative, addictive trivia game developed by Safe Harbour Software Ltd with many loyal fans.

Accounts just filed by Doonbeg Golf Club Ltd with the Companies Registration Office show losses last year increased from 5.

The deal was clear: I would scan both maps and provide both the shipyard and and MSC Ltd with the portion they were lacking.

In 2% of cases ltd since is used

Mrs Kruthoffer worked for DRK Chartered Accountants Ltd since 2008.

Has been a Director of RSP Architects Planners &; Engineers Pte Ltd since 1992.

Conveyor Group is based in Bangladesh and has been a supplier to Tullow Bangladesh Ltd since 2003.

Independent Yes Current Directorships Chairman of New Zealand listed Augusta Capital Ltd since October 2006 (formerly Kermadec Property Fund Ltd).

He is now a business consultant, a member of IoD and has been a director of Electra Ltd since 1997, chairing the Nominations Committee of the board.

Congratulations! Dewi Djanuwati Business Manager PT DuPont Powder Coatings We are associated with HighChem R Ceylon Company (Pvt) Ltd since 3 Years.

Formerly a senior litigation partner with Eversheds LLP and Head of Litigation in the East of England, Charles has been a director of Millnet Ltd since 2006.

She is a Director Designate of Chorus Ltd and has also been a Director of Bank of New Zealand Ltd since 2009 and is a trustee of the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation.

The blocks B and D are occupied by SURESTREAM Petroleum Limited since 2009 and the blocks A and C are occupied by A-Z Petroleum Products Ltd and MINERGY Resources Ltd since 2011.

Honeywell has been active in the sector through its subsidiary Pivot Engineering Company Ltd since 1988 when it started executing contracts for power infrastructure development in Nigeria.

In 1% of cases ltd during is used

Ltd during the launch of whitedent school Squiz 2012 the program which will be aired on ITV/Radio One for nine episodes.

Kalmadi was alleged to have given contracts at higher rates to AM Films and AM Car and Van Hire Ltd during the Baton Relay.

He worked in Phillips Oil (Nig) Ltd during which period he garnered ample experience in the area of public affairs and legal due diligence.

In 1% of cases ltd by is used

In law there is a difference between a company Ltd by guarantee and one which is not.

Delowar Hossain, MD of Tazreen Fashion Ltd by the Daily star clearly tells us that Wal-Mart is lying.

At GoldCore Ltd by recommending passive index funds, we keep costs down which puts the odds of success in the investors favour.

The Vandeleur Collection was donated to Kilrush Amenity Trust Ltd by David Christie Miller in 1998 and consequently to Clare County Archives.

My suggestion that Sandra might like to make a contribution to Geoffrey Wadhurst Coaching Ltd by ironing one, led to a rapid escalation in hostilities.

In 1% of cases ltd between is used

Prior to that, he also held the post of General Manager in EM Services Pte Ltd between 1988 and 1997.

Mr Ang was the Chief Operating Officer of EM Services Pte Ltd between 2002 and 2011 and has recently retired.

The findings are included in a survey conducted by pollster Don Anderson and his team from Market Research Services Ltd between December 5 and 11.

They discovered Singh had illegally supplied workers to three East Riding firms through his companies Diamond Employment Agency and Opiecare Ltd between November 2006 and June 2008.

In 1% of cases ltd after is used

He led the integration of Punjab Tractors Ltd after its acquisition in 2007.

A private limited company has the letters ltd after its name to illustrate that the company has limited liability.

That the figures published by Hospitals Trust (1940) Ltd after each sweepstake are considerably less than the true amount involved.

Lupin Ltd after the drug maker is expected to soon launch its generic version of the anti-HIV drug, Combivir, in the United States.

Register as a limited company -- being able to put Ltd after your business name gives a more professional image than being a sole trader.

He has strong links to the energy industry, both in New Zealand and overseas, and recently retired as Managing Director of BP Oil New Zealand Ltd after a 21-year career.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted SITA UK Ltd after Mark Bate was killed instantly when the arm of a JCB skid steer loader crushed his head on 12 June 2008.

In 1% of cases ltd through is used

In order to assist PHAs who have been receiving LTD through private insurance, the individual's particular policy must be examined closely.

Sky Light Hospitality owns a 50 percent stake in Saket Courtyard Hospitality Ltd through which it runs one hotel in Saket, New Delhi, in parternship with DLF.

In 1% of cases ltd under is used

The Facts In 2007, 3M agreed to buy the entire shareholding of Acolyte Biomedica Ltd under an SPA.

Two ferries have been built for use on the Volta Lake by the Volta Lake Transport Ltd under the MIDA Project.

The ferries, terminals and facilities are owned by LRS, but the ferry service is operated by Serco Ltd under contract to LRS.

To bring this extra gas, the gas transmission company Ltd under Petrobangla floated a tender for construction of a 190 km 36-inch pipeline.

Personalised plate products vary in style (colour and size) and content (letter/number combinations) and are managed by Plate Marketing Pty Ltd under the brand name ' myPlates '.

CASTLEMAINE GOLDFIELDS LIMITED CGT 27/09/2012 following the issue of compulsory acquisition notices by LionGold Corp Ltd under its takeover offer for all of the Company's shares.

He said Western Marine had formed a joint venture company as IHC-WMShL Ltd under the umbrella of Western Marine Shipyard which concentrates on building the best quality dredgers.

In 1% of cases ltd vs is used

Justice ABM Khairul Haque in BIMW Ltd vs.

In supporting this decision it cited the cases of Reliance Bank Ltd vs Norlake Investments Ltd.

This has the judgement of Supreme Court as has been clarified by Kerala High Court in United Breweries Ltd vs.

Such was the scenario in National Bank of Kenya Ltd vs Pipe Plastic Samkolit (K) Ltd &; Another 2002 2 EA 503) when O? Kubasu J.

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