Prepositions after "long"

"long before" or "long for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases long before is used

It wasn't too long before the U.

We'll be bankrupt long before 2022.

Won't be too long before the world.

It was not long before the slave returned, and ran into the hall, laughing heartily.

Some celebrities were hip to this long before the recent research proved them right.

Ronald Reagan Anonymous Won't be long before being racist is considered a good thing.

He stated this in 2001 long before the demands for an independent enquiry into Kargil were made by the opposition.

It won't be long before the message gets across that less time shouting and falling out means more time having fun.

It wasn't long before I was barfing it back up, alongside the Weetbix and Fruit Pastilles I had eaten that morning.

Because if hickory nuts were as big as grindstones, this here old calaboose would be leaking long before Christmas.

In 23% of cases long for is used

The storyline is too long for you.

Her sentences are too long for me.

The list can be longer for them.

If it melts at a higher temperature, it will take longer for it to melt in the mouth.

Am going to stay in hongkong for 7 days! i noe its considered long for a hongkong trip.

Eichengreen is debunking the idea that it took that long for USD to overtake the pound.

He proceeded to his post with his wife only, the journey being too long for his mother, and by-and-by a son was born.

The single version is cut down, but still runs about 4:30, which was very long for any song on the radio at the time.

It has probably taken this long for Welch and Rawlings to produce 10 songs that met their punishingly high standards.

In 11% of cases long in is used

It's not long in coming at all.

The list is long in that regard.

Well, it's long in the past now.

His hour-long interview on al-Jazeera had an electric impact on 26 million Arab viewers.

I wish you could make lessons this long in the future, I'd sure that we will learn more.

But what was to stop him from having a little fun? This had been far too long in coming.

You can bet that low level offenders and people who owe support will not be incarcerated that much longer in the US.

The first goal was not long in coming, though, as Fleetwood took the lead with a goal from Ball after only 90 seconds.

But us good worker bees who have lasted this long in the process will still be coming in here though Friday I suspect.

Re: Are sessions a perfomance &; are they legal in England? Yes I can see why a response to this was so long in coming.

In 6% of cases long after is used

It was there long after the war.

But this was long after that time.

The time was not long after the St.

It was wrong, it has been proven wrong and it will be wrong long after youy are gone.

Scott, I liked your line about blogs becoming popular long after the author has died.

Ears rang so much that conversation remained impossible long after the barrage ceased.

They were famous for the dreadlocks they wore, a phenomenon that would become very popular long after their demise.

Akiba, it was long after the year 70; for all attempts to place Akiba's time of study before that year seem futile.

Newt Gingrich's campaign was kept alive long after the people declared it dead by one billionaire gambling magnate.

Persistent: (2) Seed cones persistence Remaining on the branch long after shedding seeds, sometimes for many years.

In 6% of cases long of is used

The list is long of His greatness.

End of 2012 is just too long of a wait.

Too long of a drive for a blah weather.

Implementation phase The longest of the three phases lasts from year three to eleven.

This 480-metre long tree-based walkway is the longest of its kind in the whole world.

In life, most of what we aim for is either too big or requires too long of a commitment.

The four guys who primarily returned kicks last year averaged about 20 yards per return, with a long of just 37 yards.

Adulthood Stage (Period after 18 Years of Age) Adulthood period is the longest of all the periods or stages of life.

Martina (aged 70 ), Pat (aged 60) and Tony (aged 50) inherit a house valued at 600,000 for the longer of their lives.

I thought so long of him as a man, who became so rich by dint of his genius, is a large-hearted thiking philanthropist.

In 5% of cases long with is used

The tables are long with stools.

I get along with my Mum the best.

I do get a long with my co-workers.

She went to work to introduce me to them, some of them I didn't get a long with great.

Nuo I can tell from you writing that you get a long with leaders in the CIR community.

The dimensions are: 26 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters long with 3 millimeters deep.

Zhenhai covers an area of 236 square kilometres, and a coastline of 21 kilometres long with a population of 225,000.

The interesting thing is that measures of happiness have declined along with productivity over the past few decades.

He thought it looked like a very large flat head 4 or 5 feet long with what looked like another line just behind it.

Any search about the Maldives will automatically bring up the topic diving along with it, it's just that ubiquitous.

In 4% of cases long on is used

I had been very long on the road.

It is long on rhetoric, and short on detail.

Along one, patience becomes self-reinforcing.

It's no longer on posters or a memorised mantra, but is weaved in to everything we do.

You almost wish the camera had stayed her longer on her in that red itsy-bitsy bikini.

Don't be fooled by sites that are long on technical language; they may be short on proof.

I could certainly see myself running a lot longer on the tyres had I run a more conservative pace early in the race.

In Things That Fall from the Sky, Brockmeier writes in painstaking prose that's long on exposition and short on action.

If it takes too darn long on this 56k modem of mine I may try and stop the search and view the results already obtained.

In 2% of cases long about is used

It's no longer about valuations.

It's no longer about your talents.

It's no longer about what Jones said.

It's no longer about large projects with specs handed off to IT for implementation.

It's no longer about us telling, about us preaching, but engaging with communities.

It's no longer about Israeli tanks crossing the Lebanese border or the Gaza border.

According to a huge number of business owners, in my research as a journalist, it's no longer about corporations.

It's no longer about just what happens within the four walls of your organization or in your physician practices.

That's how design is being used at the edges - it's no longer about just designing aesthetically pleasing products.

It's no longer about dreaming about being a mum, and more about trying to live with the consequences of not being a mum.

In 2% of cases long at is used

It won't be long at all before.

Green in Achebe's No Longer at Ease.

ATM queues can be long at both airports.

For the first trade, one can attempt to Long at around here, and take 5-6 points profit with.

That is a laugh though as Oscar was as gay as the day is long at the north pole in mid summer.

Ensure it is long at the back to cover your backside when you are leaning forward on the bike.

Some examples might make this a bit clearer: Example 1 It's been a long at work and you get into your car to drive home.

The handler's whip should not be over five feet long at this stage and the handler ought to stand directly behind the horse.

The beach is only 100 metres long at the back of a small bay with cliffs on either side that shelter the beach from the wind.

On a different note, I also don't think NASA astronauts have stayed in space for that long at a time (correct me if I'd wrong).

In 2% of cases long by is used

All graves are 8ft long by 3ft wide.

It is 174 miles long by 16 miles wide.

The site measured 1000 ' long by 300 ' wide.

In this area he built six hundred ships that were about 275 feet long by 110 feet abeam.

The sticks, called grimas, traditionally measure 24 inches long by 1 and 1/8 inch thick.

The ponds are in fact not twins at all, pond (b) being longer by 40 feet than pond (a).

The days were already very long by then, and the sky had a reddish glow, but the lights were on in the elephant house.

It measureth eighty leagues long by a breadth of thirty and its width is bounded by a lofty mountain and a deep valley.

Boat/Ferry Kingston Harbour is the seventh-largest natural harbor in the world, measuring 10 miles long by 2 miles wide.

SWIM: 750 Meter Swim - The indoor pool is an Olympic (50 meter) sized, 165 feet long by 56 feet wide, with 8 wide lanes.

In 2% of cases long to is used

Too bad it's too long to re-watch.

My hair changed from long to short.

Fortunately, it's too long to post.

Passing null for this argument says that this Checkbox does not belong to a CheckboxGroup.

In the past I've never run a really long distance and my longest to date is about 23km.

It was agreed that five years is not too long to plan ahead, but any longer is undesirable.

Tropez, France There are a lot of things we love about a traveling lifestyle -- the list is far too long to type here.

If this list is too long to fit on the terminal's status line only the portion around the current window is displayed.

Therefore, in order to find the experts, we needed to detect when two sites belong to the same or related organizations.

A long, narrow room can be challenging to arrange; the space is often too long to fit furniture in a single arrangement.

In 1% of cases long as is used

We use as/so long as in two ways.

We use long as> in two ways.

Retain the breath as long as comfortable.

They can make you feel full for longer as the fiber they contain expands in the stomach.

It is convenient in close-up photography, as the focal length is twice as long as the 50mm.

As long as states put weapons in their hands, they will show each other the iron face of war.

We don't have much longer as a nation to address the root problem instead of pouring money and liberty at the symptoms.

After seeing that Atlas Shrugged was twice as long as The Fountainhead, I decided that I was better off just ignoring Ms.

It takes a little longer as there is one false cast but if a really big distance is required this is often the best way.

Are they still safe to eat? Thank you, Susan Chicken parts can be frozen for as long as six months without loss of quality.

In 1% of cases long from is used

It's even longer from the north rim.

Hale got the ball in long from a free kick.

It is 275 meters long from Dongkou to Xikou.

The whole expanse of water is 15 metres long from the house up to the bank of the lake.

The length of which would be sixty miles long from all sides, their wives being therein.

Your cervix is long from top to bottom and firm, giving a strong base to your uterus (womb).

Conrad was tall, of slight build and he had sideburns I guessed were long from vanity rather than irregular grooming.

The photo of Philip standing proudly by his victim, nearly 10 feet long from nose to tail, caused a worldwide outcry.

Handles should be made from 1/2 inch rod and be approximately 4 feet long from the head of the iron to the handle loop.

The longest crocodile ever actually MEASURED from snout to tail was just over 20 feet long from the Fly River of Papua New Guinea.

In 1% of cases long over is used

This exposure is long over due.

Friend(s), this post is long over due.

This article is long over due I'd say.

That is not to say that the Royal commission is not required, it is and long over due.

This could be the start of a long over due battle to provide equilibrium to the planet.

Its long over due, we need to stop dragging our feet and be the ones to set the standards.

A public debate over the adjustments is long over due and to the extent it reaches Joe Public will increase scepticism.

A reunion between Daryl and Merle is long over due, but I'd also afraid that Merle will try to turn Daryl against Rick.

Alas like all sacred cows they eventually have to be sacrificed and the Late Late is long over due its sacrificial date.

He shared with me that he was about to receive a sizeable amount of money from the Government and that it was long over due.

In 1% of cases long past is used

They are long past the lost decade.

You may simply be long past your due date.

College is long past the time for coddling.

The area was long past its crest; it is upriver of Cairo and the Birds Point Floodway.

And we are long past the primitive religous stage to be doomed for committing suicide.

But I'd long past the point in money awareness that I think this post is intended for.

I'd long past the age of child-bearing, so have relations with my handmaid, and the child produced will count as ours.

We are long past those discussions and clients today have their own offshore capabilities in India and the Philippines.

It is long past the time that legislation that imposes almost complete federal control upon reserve life can be tolerated.

Well your particular little insignificant flyspeck of a religion is long past its use-by day and if its new Yank pederast.

In 1% of cases long without is used

All night long without ever getting tired.

All legs are relatively long without being slender.

They've been together for that long without an issue.

We've somehow managed to run a technology website this long without reviewing Adium.

So far, you have been very lucky to go this long without treatment without becoming ill.

Richard Hi Richard, it is long without writing to you my journal during my April holiday.

We first wish to thank you for the time you have waited this long without knowing exactly what we were working on.

If I have survived this long without knowing about something I can only assume I will not miss it, so out it goes.

Dec 9, 2009 So yes, I am alive and well, and I don't think I've gone this long without posting in a long, long time.

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