Prepositions after "logical"

"logical for", "logical in" or "logical to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases logical for is used

Ignorance is too logical for that.

Perfectly logical for a greedy man.

It would be logical for them to do so.

It is logical for the devout Christian to give money for the conversion of the Moslem.

Unit (small items of matter, such as a grain, that is logical for counting purposes) 5.

Therefore it sounded more logical for the average worker to say that he worked for money.

It was also most logical for the supporters of the policies of the governments in question, to toe the party line.

I'd simply following what's logical for a company that has focused on selling content through devices it controls.

It would be much easier to just call of them Namba Station, but that is a little too easy and logical for the city.

It's not logical for so much to hinge on the baseline rather than the policy outcome, but that's how religion works.

In 26% of cases logical to is used

It doesn't sound logical to me.

That sounds very logical to me.

I only use what is logical to me.

It seems logical to me that there is indeed a variation of intelligence between races.

It seems so logical to us today to have such safety features for a large public space.

Seems logical to me Do you think the Argentines are stupid enough to believe her lies.

That may seem logical to you--and to me--but not to the majority of people in TEC opposed to the Anglican Covenant.

I don't remember exactly what I read, but I do remember finding that what it said made sense and was logical to me.

Does that seem logical to you? The simple fact is that The US determines who it considers to be US citizens, period.

It seems logical to me that domestic violence rates would be down if so many Aboriginal males are locked up in gaol.

In 18% of cases logical in is used

That is simply logical in my view.

I think it's not logical in its layout.

You are very logical in everything you are saying.

So the proof is logical in nature; to wit, that no natural thing can be its own cause.

I don't know if all these works but it is logical in some ways when you think about it.

The events in The Last Story are logical in their sequence and existence in the storyline.

His mind was logical in the French way, &; it was stocked with French things; but he used it for American purposes.

Islam is a very logical religion and it comes from Allah and Allah is very logical in giving His orders to mankind.

It is rather impossible to remain logical in our thinking when we are struggling in a whirlpool of pressing problems.

He was sober and logical in presenting his views and perceptions without any traces of bragging, conceit or arrogance.

In 5% of cases logical about is used

Just try and be logical about it.

You can only be logical about what you know.

Don't ever trade emotionally, always be logical about your trades.

There's nothing logical about any of this it's just emotion and tribal and local loyalty.

Lets be logical about this, if there is an alien(s) race out there which i believe there is.

I never thought of it as European or American, just logical about which operators/delimiters go with which objects.

However, when they needed to be cool and logical about their personal investment, their reasoning capability failed them.

And i don't even want to get logical about this because i think deep down, we all know something's not right with masturbation.

For example, when I purchase a new television, I'd slow and logical about it; when I buy a flight, I'd fast and logical about it.

In 3% of cases logical at is used

As crazy as it seems now, it was very logical at the moment.

Although this argument may seem logical at first glance, it is not correct.

Their objectives are long term and in the discussions they are trying to be logical at all times.

A return is more logical at this point as it can exit the function altogether and not just the case.

This is a totally arse first way of looking at things, by the way, but it somehow seemed logical at the time.

The idea seemed logical at the time, but now, a week into the journey, Riley heartily regretted the decision.

So what potentially could challenge your logical conviction? Tushar Pradhan: Markets are not logical at most times.

The premise of ' few people use it, therefore, we are scrapping it ' is logical at first glance, but detrimental in the long run.

At their best, they're like fancy contraptions that whirl around and keep everybody's head spinning, only to seem totally logical at the end.

And if there's no mechanics then it's better to have a silly magical talisman as teleporter because magic is much more logical at this point.

In 3% of cases logical on is used

This seems logical on first sight.

But pretty logical on economic stuff.

What's more, these are remarkably consistent and logical on the whole.

Apps are a dumb idea for that sort of content when it's faster and more logical on the web through a browser.

Maybe, despite being so logical on the outside, I was worried about jinxing myself by announcing it too early.

But these arguments sound perfectly logical on a qualitative level and which, importantly, can not be negated.

Though these appearing to be logical on surface, in fact are mere fallacious based on false and unfounded assumptions.

They are, after all, not only logical on the surface but also practically proven over centuries - a powerful combination.

The TNA's pathway to permanent peace seems to be as illogical as it sounds logical on paper, particularly in the context of the PSC proposal.

In 2% of cases logical as is used

The switches on the right side control the cruise control - very logical as opposed to hunting for it on the stalk.

At the moment it seems to be considered a good form of wealth storage, which may be considered logical as the value of other fiat currencies are coming under question.

On surface level, it sounds logical as a strong statement against the perception that people who don't actually know anything about the arts are plonked into arts-related positions.

With this assertion we find ourselves at the meeting point of three epistemological challenges to the hegemony of the abstract, formal, and logical as the privileged canon in scientific thought.

In 2% of cases logical from is used

The decision is logical from an economic standpoint.

That seems so logical from the perspective of natures design.

Perrin's choices are almost always logical from a perspective it is within his nature to take.

This is all very logical from an adult perspective and, if it is a rare occurrence, won't have a huge.

They don't have many attackers in disposal so it would be logical from them to try to sign the Spaniard.

Ones actions regarding the world will depend on what one concludes is logical from one's own philosophy.

However, there is more to interpersonal relationships than what appears to be logical from the left-brain perspective.

It is a FACT that Tedford's program is in trouble and completely logical from unbiased standpoints that he can be fired.

It's bloody logical from the nation's point of view, as replacing you with a professional carer would cost a grand or more a week.

Topic: not only should one not only be genuinely and deeply interested in the topic but it should also be logical from a career standpoint.

In 2% of cases logical of is used

I think Deism is the more logical of the two.

It amazes me how logical of a thinker Lance is.

He was quick-witted, eloquent, and logical of mind.

With all of individuals switching pieces, them seems logical of which anything might go wrong.

More Logical of available drive letters and the amount of hard drive space available for creating drives.

It's not like you to be all of a dither, but these influences send the most logical of us into a tailspin.

Even if the most valid and logical of arguments to the contrary would be made, I will still stand firm on my assessment.

Religion most naturally and effectively satiates the whole range of intellectual scrutiny; therefore, Islam is the most natural and logical of religions.

With the right development, Dos Santos could be the perfect replacement for Alex Song and is the most logical of the three players to make a move to the Emirates.

In 2% of cases logical with is used

I'll admit I am very logical with how I look at things.

You make it sound so logical with the descriptions and examples you give.

I'd not even going to pretend that I'd being entirely logical with this idea.

I havent read the manga either, but the little i know about it seems logical with the theory.

It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual.

The size, shape, and arrangement of icons is simply logical with a capacitive touch device that size.

Most users would cope as long as things are fairly logical with minimal training and that they are assured that they really ca.

This is logical with everything merged into the page, and allows things to gracefully degrade if they don't support the feature.

So why wouldn't it be logical with golf too? Certainly - on the surface anyway - hitting down at something you want to go up, is not logical.

However it seems only logical with The Doctor always having to witness his friends age and die before him no matter how much he tries to stop it.

In 1% of cases logical by is used

It's all logical by their lights, but.

It would seem logical by Liberal thoughs that this would be ok.

It thus seemed perfectly logical by 1948 to profess a commitment to full equality in the Declaration of Independence, while engaging in ethnic cleansing of the non-Jewish population of Palestine.

In 1% of cases logical like is used

Unfortunately, English Isn't required to be logical like that.

But not a single ID zealot has tried to offer up something logical like that.

Your curvy walkway does not tie into anything logical like a driveway and garage.

And of course your views are contemporary and logical like this blog, for instance: 1.

In 1% of cases logical rather is used

It is purely logical rather than invasive.

Sometimes it's best to be logical rather than emotional.

Romney would be losing by a much larger margin if more people researched the fact using logical rather than emotion from watching Fox.

It's partly based on saleable machine learning so it thinks more like a person and is less logical rather than just a programme or formula.

Be logical rather than getting caught in the opportunistic politicians ' bamboozling, which would make you feel nothing but good momentarily.

When the initials of the names of the twelve holy Imams are set out in a sense logical rather than chronological pattern, they spell the Hebrew words tree of life '.

The requirement of haecceitas is a logical rather than a practical one, for in practice we do not differentiate individuals because we know their respective haecceity.

In 1% of cases logical within is used

It's hard for me to seriously discuss a system that seems logical within itself, but is disconnected from the real world.

This is logical within this framework, for instance, because of the high costs associated with filing and maintaining a patent.

It is perfectly logical within this technocratic way of thinking that people with terminal cancer can nonetheless be fit to work.

Ask any programmer and he/she will tell you that the code must be logical within a set of parameters/laws or it will not work/create.

The actual Search engine optimisation business staff could be logical within the business perspective and target to create it's presence out there.

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