Prepositions after "little"

"little to", "little of" or "little in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases little to is used

I m a little to the plump side.

But it adds little to the debt.

That one a little to the right.

Richard Dawkins made an excellent point, although he might have gone a little too far.

The Nexus 4 comes in quite a compact box, and inside there's very little to report on.

Your Mileage May Vary, of course; I personally find it a little too earnest sometimes.

There is little to worry though, as any individual who can be motivated by the desire to learn will have no problem.

It is really cold at this stage with frosts starting to appear due to there being little to no wind and a clear sky.

Many great people work there and they work so very very hard, but get little to no recognition for their sacrifices.

I was shocked to discover that there is little to no information on this subject when I went through my miscarriage.

In 20% of cases little in is used

The thought made me a little indignant.

There is little in the way of meritocracy.

There will be little in the way of top tier.

There is little in the way, and little to do yet people seem to gravitate to the area.

Disappointingly there was very little in the way of wildlife noises; not even a hyena.

There is very little in the way of a set, but the actors use their bodies to make one.

It is one of the poorer areas of Tanzania, there being little in the way of light industry or cash crop cultivation.

Though there is little in the way of English signage in the museum, a multilingual walking tour device is available.

Consumers should know that there is very little in the way of what the USDA won't approve when it comes to our food.

These new ads would not fare much better; there is little in the Post article that backs up the Obama campaign's spin.

In 20% of cases little of is used

Again, you know little of Texas.

There was very little of the kind.

Also that there is very little of it.

As for the dancing, the best that can be said is that there's mercifully little of it.

I could not imagine not being able to power through a little of anything to be polite.

Remove half to two thirds of the vegetables and keep warm with a little of the liquor.

Do not fall into the confusion of a little of step one, then a bit of step two, then some of that, and some of this.

Aarens there is little of them best tampa auto insurance Fawcett said blinking furiously but Earth Lenny Doyle said.

One does not doubt Lucas's veracity; there is little of the contrived excitement lesser adventurers try to generate.

Is this what you do -- make up stuff and pretend its real? It's no wonder there is so little of value in your posts.

In 6% of cases little for is used

There is little for them to fear.

Left little for crowd interaction.

This is too little for most people.

Your little man will only be little for so long, enjoy these times as much as you can.

There's very little for me to add other than to say your previous commenters are right.

For instance, doing self-exposure only once a week is far too little for an agoraphobic.

Currently the penalty is only 2 years and a little over $5,000 USD that is far too little for such a heinous crime.

These are as well little for several Ohio maps &; is non one of a X incorporated municipalities of Harrison County.

Much like a slot machine, there's little for a player to do other than place a bet and let the game run its course.

In 4% of cases little by is used

That's not little by any means.

You can grow in this little by little.

There is little by way of histrionics.

I even stopped praying n little by little am also getting trap to sin without remorse.

Then you just try to wean them in little by little, getting everybody on the same page.

You must not CRITICISE ANYONE's HARD WORK done by little by little PROGRESS, IT IS WRONG.

Argentina learned its lessons, we are about to learn ours, but there is little by way of ' pre-emptive learning ' i.

From precisely what I've seen, the woman is little by little transforming via heart and soul so that you can extensive person's.

The designers ' intention is that, as the text is read by passers-by, ' little by little, it will be progressively discovered '.

Role-playing was an issue: little by little 4th edition seemed to suck away the little bit of the role-playing that was possible.

In 3% of cases little about is used

There's very little about it I enjoy.

There is little about Windows 7 that I lke.

There is precious little about transformation.

There was very little about our daily routine and actions that we had to adjust to.

I am afraid there is little about our modern way of life that squares with the bible.

So a little about me i love tatoos i have 4 of them right now and more going on soon.

I know only a little about neuroscience, but a strengthening of the left brain seems to tie in with stronger ego.

This is supposed to be about Vincent and Catherine and so far there's very little about Catherine that's likeable.

Diamond does not write about the six virtues, and only a little about the role of education in collapsed societies.

Apart from a few token punting shots and some scenes inside the Union, there was very little about Cambridge itself.

In 3% of cases little on is used

There is very little on the web.

There is very little on foundations or logic.

Apart from that, there is very little on the injury front.

There is really little on Television today that we find appropriate to get a teenager.

Even my little on wanted to use the toilet as soon as we got to the immigration counter.

At that time there was little on the Internet reporting the news of the Baragoi massacre.

There's little on this album that stands alongside Springsteen's best work, but Lucky Town is an enjoyable minor work.

Whilst we were aware there was very little on the island we perhaps weren't quite aware of actually how little there was.

One of the best things about Shantytown was that there was very little on display that couldn't be touched or climbed on.

Post by: Brian Bales, on Jan 20, 2011 11:23:20 Its a frustrating question because there is just so little on the subject.

In 2% of cases little over is used

Yes, only a little over one week went by.

Then Vinay is little over confident about ETT.

There was little over a fistful of garbage in it.

Even a larger farm of over 40ha can still be bought for only a little over R1 million.

Police plan to release more than 100 names little by little over the next several weeks.

Haay! After I asked them to finalize the bill, it came up to something a little over 1k.

It took only a little over one hour for the journey and once I got there, I checked into the Peace Hotel (Hotel de la Paix).

Start a tune at a comfortable speed to the click and up the speed little by little over the course of say 15 min on the tune.

My heart breaks for you, because I KNOW just what you are feeling, with my sweet Savannah passing only a little over a month ago.

We will start negotiating for new deal with him this season, which will be little over half-way through the length of his contract.

In 2% of cases little outside is used

Read a little outside your comfort zone.

Think a little outside the box but stay legal.

I'd ask that you think a little outside the box.

Alcohol makes it harder to see things a little outside your direct line of sight.

It's simply seeing the innate energy of that subject emanating a little outside it.

Also, look for accommodation a little outside the tourist hotspots -- it's often much cheaper.

I have been looking at quite a few bikes, but the ones I really want tend to be a little outside my price range.

He lives in the bush, overlooking the ocean, a little outside Sydney, and considers himself very fortunate indeed.

The racquet confronts passes just a little outside the tennis ball and down the side, chopping it, like a man chops wood.

In 1% of cases little with is used

The bleeding is little with pink spots.

David Icke shared that a little with me, sir.

His main opposition is Little with the Sisterhood/LGBT/Union bloc.

Generally a static number nine who wins balls in the air but does relatively little with them.

It was very heart-warming to see it and it reminded me of seeing plays when I was little with my parents.

Then, I found that the obstinate ones advanced little by little with me and broke the psychological obstacles.

My mums whole family is diabetic and I am very high risk but it's something I've seen since I was little with them.

The arguments against nuclear energy are little with science &; more on politics rerunning the same 1970s arguments.

Unlike nitrogen, phosphate and potash do not disappear from the soil, but build up little by little with successive fertilizing.

You can appreciate alot more your that means on this saying simply by getting capital little by little with the help of Linkbucks.

In 1% of cases little past is used

I'd a little past my existential phase.

Just a little past their clubbing days.

A little past the checkpoint, we hear a shout.

There is also a photo of the railroad track as it appeared in his day or a little past his time.

Posted by Brock Campbell Thursday, Nov 08, 2012 8 days ago I'd going to go a little past my age, but.

So far, a little past the first week of September, the police have answered 52 calls this month alone.

Visit the handloom cotton factory on the Galle Road a little past Hikkaduwa and watch the amazing old crafts ladies at work 6.

I have about 10 shots of various duck positions, but I tend to like this one that is a little past the mountain in the middle.

It seems like one is almost there, but there's still plenty of climbing left and the last junction is only a little past the midpoint.

The Main Road, adjacent to the river, began at the northern end of Christianburg and ended a little past Sproston's Stelling at Wismar.

In 1% of cases little like is used

And when was it? When I was little like this.

There is little like a romantic halftime for 2 + 30,000.

Some of us saw them when were very little like me (Teresa ), Ryan and Pete.

It is because he has so little like a Roman that he is of all the Romans the most attractive.

No child of Rome ever better loved his country, but no child of Rome was ever so little like a Roman.

Text-based adventures are brilliant, and there is little like them in terms of really immersive narrative.

These apps work really well if the offer is compelling enough to draw the users mouse up to the little like button.

This is little like saying that if a dog has four legs and a tail, then anything with four legs and a tail is a dog.

And what is it, little like this? What is it? When I was in my mommy's belly! You're 8 years old? And you were born in.

The writer takes the time little by little like peeling an onion, he starts to show the different layers of Jin-soo Physique.

In 1% of cases little inside is used

I think I died a little inside that day.

Which is fine, if a little inside the box.

And I'll leave you with a little inside info.

But yeah, with Luongo it's all this little inside joke with his friends back home.

FLL Dear Shaking Your Head, You're shaking your head because there's so little inside it.

When a dealer suggests a mechanic, you never know if there's a little inside baseball going on.

Now, here's where a woman's gon na disagree with the gurus and give you a little inside info from the girls ' camp.

Success, failure, romance and health issues are all pre-determined and a little inside information can assure you are properly prepared.

OR She seems friendly enough, but she either gets distracted by her friends and their little inside jokes, or she just talks about herself.

Yes, some people really enjoy magic and get into the spirit of things, but I die a little inside every time someone says, ' Oh very clever, well done.

In 1% of cases little from is used

There is very little from before this period.

North American sales as reported rose only a little from $56.

Experience under-goes modification little by little from moment to moment.

First time, I went around evening, venture only a little from the entrance near MBS.

We learnt little by little from each experience; we have the same message for Africa.

If your actual spending varies only a little from your budget, you are on the right track.

What for others is impossible is for him an easy exercise, costing only a little from his abundant personal supply of magic.

By the late 19th century, in France and Italy, tattooing as a social practice had changed only a little from 2000 years before.

Vocally he delivers a flawless performance, and the song is quite pleasant to listen to, building little by little from beginning to end.

As long as these pro-Zionist Realtors thought they had to be in the Mayor's party, and his party was always Democrat, the GOP got nothing to little from them.

In 1% of cases little beyond is used

Wanted a mig but the costs were little beyond me at the moment.

Where they exist, there is little beyond the physical structures.

Alas, the character as portrayed by Miss Knightley is little beyond an elegant mannequin.

In the past few weeks, another extension was done up to and a little beyond the Pinellas Bayway toll plaza.

Pakistani troops were being hard pressed in the east, but there was little beyond artillery exchanges in the west.

It's a way to register dissent with the way the majority of the country voted last week, but it's little beyond that.

With both the Security Council and NATO divided, Syrian rebels can count on little beyond encouraging words from the West.

All we really know about the referees -- their personalities, their family lives, their accents, their backgrounds -- is very little beyond guesswork and assumptions.

The most coveted eyebrow shape is the one that starts directly above the inner corner of the eye, while its highest point is little beyond the outer corner of the iris.

In 1% of cases little between is used

The outcome was in the air as there was little between the sides.

But there is very little between a few of the sides and this makes for better viewing.

Up until the FY06, there were little between the government's and ADB's forecasts, and the actuals.

But going through the half-way point there was very little between Argentina, Hong Kong and Belarus.

By the time many roles get to interview stage, there is often very little between the candidates on paper.

There was precious little between Twinlight and the Mouse Morris runner Baily Green for much of the journey.

There is little between the teams and despite Juventus having home advantage we feel a tie is the most probable result.

There was little between central Serbia and where we wanted to get to back on the Danuble east of Belgrade, and no campsites.

As you can see both phones are pretty impressive and overall there's little between them although they both have bonus points.

In 1% of cases little at is used

I knew Victor only a little at the time.

Of cos now is too little at my stage of life.

There is very little at all to anchor it in time.

You'd think the prospect of failure would add some excitement, but there's too little at stake.

I'd not sure how good their service or prices are, as there's little at the site about that side.

There's so little at stake there that it could only be symbolic posturing by an upstart world power.

Grass Management: There is very little at farm gate level a farmer can do about the base price that is paid to him/her.

I just set out to host events and use what I had available to make it happen (which was actually very little at the time.

If NASA is off a hundredth of a degree in the initial angle aiming a spacecraft, it's off only a little at the destination.

Melanie Newman looks at the group dynamics Academic disputes are so bitter, goes the old saw, because there's so little at stake.

In 1% of cases little as is used

Can we narrow the warning signs a little as to not turn people away.

One might hesitate a little as to Lady Macbeth as a hostess? certainly not as a wife.

Not that that wins you anything, but it tells us a little as to his measurement system.

Below are some statistics to maybe help explain a little as to why were having trouble.

Charter Let me say a little as to how one might bring to bear the rule of law more effectively within the U.

However, in the the transmission disequilibrium q to a those genes that acid glutamine of little as of behavior.

Moreover, the format too differed a little as against today's Miss India contest that ends up declaring three winners.

If you want to have a rest only a little as well as improve the health you may see muscular strength and even breath exercises.

This contrasts with crystalline silicon for which the voltage falls only a little as the output current increases from zero and then.

Think not, then, that this great battle in which they are engaged requires little assistance from God: no, it requires a very great deal.

In 1% of cases little above is used

We had forecasted a growth rate of little above 6.

Even in Nigeria, it stands only a little above $6,000 a year.

The party vote for the Maori Party was only a little above 2 percent.

Only a little above one million people pay income tax out of over 25 million population.

That's down from a high of 6,020 MMT in 2007, and only a little above 1995? s level of 5,314 MMT.

First of all the level of spoken English you need to use is only a little above what you are teaching.

He saw how tiny she was, not much larger than a child, for her face was still little above the level of his eyes.

Some dangerously reactive oxidizing materials start to decompose at temperatures only a little above normal room temperatures.

The fact that a little above three in four adults are not literate is unfortunate and must be a challenge to reduce the level.

And that Jews are in fact somewhat less than average in spatial reasoning and that they are only a little above average in Math.

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