Prepositions after "lingering"

"lingering in" or "lingering on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases lingering in is used

My love is lingering in the corridor.

It's still kind of lingering in the air.

One of those post that kept lingering in my mind.

By the time I finished the bag, I could really feel the heat lingering in my mouth.

Wonderful books, every one, and all lingering in the memory long after I read them.

There will not be any high-profile prisoners lingering in state prisons in two weeks.

Also lingering in the dashboard was an archetypal shop-bought double-cassette compilation called Back on the Road.

The wind toyed with his red hair as he plucked a single string, listening to the note it left lingering in the air.

Anatoly Sharansky was lingering in a Soviet jail and we were being told that are extremist actions were harming him.

The only thing that was lingering in my mind then was this is just one of those crazy videos people upload on YouTube.

In 18% of cases lingering on is used

I'd lingering on each phrase, each idea.

The scent of BBQ's lingering on soft breezes.

Just one question that is lingering on my mind.

Search engine optimisation is now too important to be left lingering on the sidelines.

And his lingering on campaigning against Romney is an unmistakable ploy to reelect Obama.

In rare instances, they polyps, Some tags and anything else that is lingering on your skin.

But this means that any behaviour that seems like you are lingering on past negative experiences is pathologized.

The film is only 55 minutes long, so even lingering on one point too long throws off the balance of the narrative.

We passed Angela Weber, lingering on the sidewalk, discussing an assignment with a boy from her Trigonometry class.

Action: England must accept and confront their shortcomings rather than lingering on modest areas of encouragement.

In 9% of cases lingering over is used

No one is really lingering over their coffee.

Don't waste time lingering over the ones who can't keep up.

Today, the shadows of IG Farben are still lingering over Europe.

Lingering over a cool, delicious tropical drink while taking spectacular Jamaican sunsets.

However, a static representation of pretty flowers isn't going to get people lingering over your walls.

Simpson supports them ably, as does Carazzo but there are huge question marks lingering over Gibbs and Kreuzer.

I envision that my mother is somewhere nearby and there is a gentle humidity from her bath lingering over the room.

It doesn't keep me from lingering over the cashmere displays at the local yarn store, dreaming of what will never be.

In 7% of cases lingering for is used

The dispute has been lingering for over two years.

Sound arises and ceases without lingering for even a moment.

This safeguard of sorts keeps me from lingering for too long.

We tried to start addressing some of those issues that had been lingering for too long.

He briefly massaged it, before taking his hand away, lingering for awhile on its rusting metal hinges.

A few extra particles there, lingering for months, could make a big difference to the passing radiation.

Ten minutes without a word, and Christophe managed to have us beaming at his presence, but lingering for him to speak.

Patraeus was overcome by flattery, he kept her lingering for the ego boost and then the right opportunity arose and bam.

In an odd non sequitur moment, the scene cuts to Hyuk's empty office, lingering for a long moment on the creepy jar-fetus.

She ultimately heard the two men come from the study and cross to the dining-room, where supper had been lingering for more than an hour.

In 5% of cases lingering around is used

Now I love lingering around my living room.

It was just too much bad press lingering around it.

Many pilots can be found lingering around the Big Tree down by the harhour.

This guide is written by two people you may or may not have seen lingering around the section.

After losing his dynasty in chapter 13, Shaul is lingering around a pomegranate tree in Migron.

In every picture, she is just always lingering around Virginia for every single event in the past.

Something that tells me I'd still love to see him lingering around the paddock in a racing capacity next term.

He was also kicked out of a certain now closed dorm a few times for sneaking in and lingering around the halls.

Lingering around the campsite in the morning waiting for breakfast to be cooked is a waste of good travel time.

Their view of love is still rosy, stars twinkling in the horizon and Cupid lingering around herself and her handsome boy.

In 5% of cases lingering at is used

Only lingering at the back of the mind when it persists.

Two teams who are lingering at the wrong end of the table.

Theie coach has resign and their team lingering at the last playoff spot.

People shuffle past the stalls, casting a cursory glance at some, lingering at others.

Stock price has fallen since our downgrade to SELL and has lingering at current levels.

Sometimes it's really hard, especially with deadlines lingering at certain times of the year.

I know about that extra second I spend lingering at the mirror in the morning: a little ego, a little anxiety, a little fear.

Many a times there is a fear lingering at the background of the mind of how much the total cost of renovation it may entails.

She almost hated herself for what she was thinking but it kept lingering at the back of her mind and she couldn't brush it off.

In 2% of cases lingering from is used

It's the one thing that's still lingering from all the announcements of last Aug.

It was overcast and cloudy that morning, with rain still lingering from the previous day but a bit clearer.

On the other hand, North Korea has issues with Japan lingering from its colonization of the Korean peninsula before and during World War II.

Skimming out to sea at a fair oul ' clip is a sure way of getting the wind in your hair and clearing any cobwebs lingering from the previous night.

It takes the pressure off, and it gives you a chance to let go of some of the negativity that might be lingering from your not-so-successful recent past dates.

There are many different kinds of love: friendship, marriage, romance, children and parents, a lingering from long ago, transcendental or religious love, love of humanity, and possibly other kinds.

In 1% of cases lingering with is used

GHD wish latter lingering with beautiful envelop.

Waiting, lingering with the patience of mountains.

A central lesson that has been lingering with me is the importance in God's economy of simply being with people.

Perhaps out of that totality and intensity, you may get the taste that will go on lingering with you into the next moment.

It gets in your clothing, it gets in your wallpaper, and it remains lingering with your cigarette butts that sit and rot in your ash tray.

There is a successful filmic version of this shot in Terrence Malick's film, Days of Heaven when the camera is lingering with a glass underwater looking up at Richard Gere.

In 1% of cases lingering about is used

There was no lingering about when zero hour came.

The second question lingering about the new regional order concerns the U.

We were young -- we didn't need servants obsequiously lingering about all day to feed our lethargy.

There's still a bit of snow lingering about close to the top past the tree line, but it's well rutted by the passage of many hikers and perfectly innocuous.

In 1% of cases lingering outside is used

Cut to: Go-dong lingering outside Lee Joon's office, sent to track down that cell phone.

After prayers I saw him lingering outside the mosque, slinging a Kalashnikov with the magazine inside, providing security.

It might exist in neighborhood grocery stores, lingering outside of metro stations, underneath ruinous rubble or inside marble laced high-rises.

The requirements to be a Foxconn worker are minimal, said a recruiter lingering outside the Taiyuan facility's gates to coax passers-by and people alighting at the bus stop to sign up for employment.

In 1% of cases lingering of is used

And there's nothing more stressful than the perpetual lingering of an unfinished task.

I hope to capture the ephemeral, mirrored lingering of people and events through an unmoving camera.

Like this it conjures up the ghost-like presence which is true to the real situation; the mere lingering of a int memory.

Not sure Spurs ' defenders will love that, with memories still lingering of the striker scoring four times against them in a 5-1 win at White Hart Lane at the start of last season.

In 1% of cases lingering near is used

Didn't you know your crush's schedule in high school so you could be lingering near his locker? It's the same thing here.

In Napa, one mighthappen upon a deer or two, while in Bowral we were delighted by thesight of a family of kangaroo lingering near a soccer game.

Then, Chinese nuclear submarines armed with nuclear ICBMs should be lingering near the east coast and west coast of the US to act as deterrence to American navy in Asia.

Fourth graders have been similarly strong math since 1996, and eighth graders have been the nation's very best since 2007 after lingering near the top of the pack since 1992.

In 1% of cases lingering into is used

This prevents the conversation from lingering into an awkward silence, shows that you're busy (i.

But patterns have been screwy of late, with the rains arriving later and lingering into December.

This is because we have seen the sector lingering into a lot of uncertainty in the past few months.

There is 30% chance of showers lingering into the overnight hours, as that Cold Low passes into Nevada.

This prevents the conversation from lingering into an awkward and allows you to end the conversation on a positive note.

This results in most issues lingering into parliamentary deadlock as was seen with the civilian nuclear deal with the US.

Right now, temperatures in the 50s would not be a surprise beginning Sunday or Monday of next week and lingering into Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

In 1% of cases lingering by is used

Towards Beyrout we now journeyed gently on; stopping and lingering by the way as our custom was.

Out of 10 people lingering by the dessert bar -- today's option is a coagulated fruit tart, warming orangely under a hot lamp -- seven are women.

He could see her -- in his visions -- reading by a cheery fireside, wandering in summer woods, or lingering by the marge of the slumbering mid-day sea.

The parade started before nine, a steady stream of well-wishers and gossipers lingering by my office, deeply concerned about me but also desperate for the details.

I generally like my riffing paired with riffable material, and the movie gets off to a horrible start when it spends the first quarter of its running time lingering by a wide spot in the road.

It is still standing, though split into apartments and offices: one may imagine her passing under its dark archways, lingering by the small fountain in the courtyard, walking up the marble stairs.

In 1% of cases lingering between is used

The episode opened with a lot of tension still lingering between Bruce and Kris.

Then there are specific ghosts, ghouls which are resurrected and lingering between life and death.

Lingering between the pools of soft light glowing down from the domes, wondering where in the world they are.

When the book begins, we're two years into the future, Sam and Michael's relationship over but something lingering between them.

After years of lingering between lives, the thought that his life will be improved by easing the financial burden for his medical care is appreciated.

In 1% of cases lingering behind is used

The groups of infatuated girls continued to follow him, lingering behind bookcases and watching him.

Lingering behind the curtain all along, upstairs, and in that mysterious trunk, is the ghost of Kenneth, the son who killed himself.

If a person wishes to be beyond the restraints of faith, let them be so, or the country will surely be left lingering behind the fast advancing world.

A day where every day worries aren't lingering behind our eyes causing our smiles to drop in unguarded moments? I have never succeeded in making such a day happen.

There was also a toilet attendant who was blocking the hand dryer and whilst you were washing your hands he was lingering behind you with the blue paper towel stuff.

The rain that is lingering behind the front in the East will fade under the cover of darkness tonight as the upper-level support for it gradually lifts out to the north and east.

In 1% of cases lingering before is used

Lingering before his bathroom mirror, he catalogued the ravages.

It sets us up for a slow start to the day with mist lingering before lifting into cloud.

In 1% of cases lingering among is used

I was lingering among my doubts and weighing the pros and cons of an answer.

While the replication method is unlikely to be the only factor considered, cashflows do indicate concerns over counterparty risk still lingering among investors.

Animal sacrifices as part of offerings in Hindu rituals was banned by your friend - Sankara! The practice is still lingering among tribals, worshippers of Gramdevtas, etc.

In 1% of cases lingering after is used

It has a nice wok hei lingering after taste actually since I ate it without rice.

To bring even a sniff of Eastenders is to threaten it and it'll certainly dissuade me from lingering after the 6.

I am tired and have a headache that may be fatigue, or it may be the lingering after effects of too much indulgence over the weekend.

If we can't find any, perhaps we aren't as effective as we hope? However, these are all minor thoughts lingering after what I think was an excellent opening for our new conference.

Chatterton, bored with it all, took a dose of laudanum and bowed out; Baudelaire, lingering after his stroke, twisted, deaf, half-crazy with syphilis, pronounced the Russians victors by default.

In 1% of cases lingering across is used

Get out there and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC! This morning we still had some showers lingering across the region.

With sizzling temperatures lingering across the country, ears may perk up at the British and American study, which says global warming is increasing the odds of a heat wave.

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