Prepositions after "like"

"like for", "like with" or "like in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases like for is used

That's what it felt like for me.

You aren't comparing like for like.

This is not comparing like for like.

Gil's heuristics suggest that the discrepancy should grow like for sequences of length.

I'd sick of the record industry demonising bittorent and the like for falling CD sales.

Though some models do carry a mini flash they are more like for emergency photo taking.

What was the process of compiling it like for you? The hardest thing for me was deciding what would go into the book.

What was that like for you? Did the attention ever get to you? Was it too much? ALEX OVECHKIN: Well, it was attention.

It was always obvious that there would be a rush for alternatives - however, these alternatives are not like for like.

It may be helpful to speak to your mum and tell her what it's like for you being unable to talk about what's going on.

In 19% of cases like in is used

I know what this like in a way.

It's like in training, keep the.

It's like in real life actually.

The AT will become affordable once the economies of scale is achived in sale like in US.

Remember, the market/customers won't accept more failures, you are too like in the game.

I'd waiting for the remake where everyone is naked, like in the original stories by ERB.

We can't know if you'll cut it - only you will be able to answer that question once you know what it's like in school.

Like all travels, we should take the risk and break the shadow of conformity and face a new world -- just like in life.

In 17% of cases like with is used

It's like with drinking coffee.

We fell in like with each other.

You need to compare like with like.

First, be careful not to confuse what things feel like with what they really are like.

I think you have to compare like with like when drawing comparisons between countries.

The problem with it, I think, is that you're not necessarily comparing like with like.

Unfortunately, with the complexity and diversity of remuneration models they are not often comparing like with like.

Just like with anything else, you have to take the good with the bad and pick what you want to use in your practice.

When continuously fast clicking like with this selection, you might accidentally move polygons without you noticing.

S'pose they wern't invited in to Michael's private bed chambers when he wanted to git all cozey like with li'll boys.

In 7% of cases like to is used

I would like to concur with you.

They like to do things their way.

As everyone knows, I like to talk.

Major begins to drool thinking about a shot he'd like to get on camera, so we pull over.

I would like to see if there is a metric for the level of soft power in the world today.

Mom I'd Like to Feel offers some variety aside from the obvious and better known version.

And I would like to add that this is a very rough summing up, as we did not have the time to produce a polished paper.

What it's Like to Date a Pisces Man: Pisces man is is the ultimate romantic, the sensitive man who feels with a woman.

What I'd Like To See: Zero sacks and three or fewer hits on Brees, coupled with around 100 rushing yards for the 49ers.

Leo Love, Sex and Relationships What it's like to date a Leo Woman: The first step is to give her praise and adoration.

In 5% of cases like about is used

What i like about this drama is.

There's a lot to like about sex.

Thats what i like about the show.

Usually I am judging someone else for something I so desperatly dislike about my self.

So there was very little to like about the debate, unless you watched it as a partisan.

But even beyond direct personal benefit, there is still a lot to like about the Tigers.

Alas, that was all that wowed us about the CR-V, but there is a lot to like about Honda's five-passenger crossover.

If you've been reading This Is My Next, you'll know there's been a lot to like about the quality of its journalism.

Despite my one dodgy winter experience at YEG and the Leduc Inn, there is a lot to like about Edmonton International.

Although I have been thinkin about it, dealing with it for like about everyday of my life, Im sick of dealing with it.

In 5% of cases like on is used

More like on the street, you go, um.

I like what it's like on the weekend.

This is what it's like on the inside now.

He always takes the generation beyond that, and he's like on the other side of the mirror.

For every like on Vodafone Ghana Facebook Page, GH1 would be donated to the Autism Centre.

Luke 23:33-49 Each one of us is like one of the thieves on either side of Him o the cross.

The new Maps app will use Apple's own maps software, instead of piggybacking off of Google's like on previous iPhones.

I remember walking the street one day when i felt really bad, this one girl was watching at me like on the strange guy.

They killed hawks and wild geese and such like on the wing; and they didn't wound or kill squirrels, they stunned them.

I take it no one thinks those things are actually conscious, though; there's nothing it's like on the inside to be them.

In 3% of cases like at is used

He knows what it's like at km 45.

Its like at a stand still in a way.

Well that's what it's like at the ExCeL.

Check things out a day early and learn what it's like at the friendliest place on earth.

I thought Onomatopoeia was grand until my English teacher pronounced the first a like at.

But even then the assumption is that power is restored in (if memory serves) at most a day -- not 7 like at Fukushima.

They pushed us hard, they had that experience of being a veteran team knowing what it's like at this time of the year.

You'll feel what it's like at the giant meatpacking lines, the huge potato factories, and with the soft drink syrup sellers.

That's exactly how it's like at Segara Village in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia that you'll absolutely love to come home every minute.

In 2% of cases like as is used

We've no idea what he's like as a Doctor.

Frequent use of like as a verbal tic says you're probably young-ish.

I have a feeling that the movement started it's like as a modified Valjoux.

Anime's full of fanservice and the like as well as quality so I think its difficult to pin down.

They can usually be attributed to technical malfunctions, or the like as a result of human error.

I know what it's like as a kid to worry about losing your eyesight if your arthritis goes to your eyes.

Ill ask them what first class on an airplane feels like, then ill tell ten what its like as a tax payer paying for it.

What I most want to know, I think, is what he's like as a person when he's off screen and relaxed, when he feels loved and fulfilled.

As well, it enables conservative attacks upon the High Court's Mabo decision and the like as a ' rewriting ' or ' reinterpretation ' of history.

Could you give our readers an inside scoop on what life's like as a flashpacker? Caroline: It's great, I'd really lucky that I have the means to do this.

In 2% of cases like from is used

It's like from the Dogg to the Lion.

Earn a lot of like from your friends.

Well, okay, more like from ages 13-27.

Next time you look into the sky of blue, Think of what it's like from an eagle's view.

They can also be updated at any time, correcting misinformation and the like from anywhere.

Also the chances of anyone seeing a like from these pages is so small, I don't think it carries much edgerank either.

And my mom dreamed, that the one wish she had for me, that I would go, like she did, to get a Master's like from Cornell.

I'll also be receiving some professional development on tour-booking and the like from their general manager Hilary Foster.

If you can afford it, I'd suggest getting Guitar Rig 5, and about $50 worth of amps and the like from AmpliTube's custom shop.

In 2% of cases like of is used

The players he want to sell like of.

Since we don't have one - here's my LIKE of your post.

As like of saidy could not judge on false statement -he said.

And just like of the erosion of the command-line input on early computers was a good thing.

On the other hand, there are now two new IRAs, both bombing and shooting, just like of old.

It would show up on your credit reports, like of like a credit card with a $10,000 credit limit.

Minor league vets like OF James Adduci and C Juan Apodaca may have earned another year in the organization by batting.

I have broad shoulders, med to large chest, thick arms, carry most weight up top and a tire like of fat around stomach.

It should be simple possible to Like inside the Video without a popup box similar to the video overlay like of Facebook.

The divine season is waiting for us on earth, if we consent to recognize this Like of which we are now only a semblance.

In 1% of cases like without is used

Imagine how that place would feel like without the pubic hairs.

We've just witnessed what the game's like WITHOUT them, and it STUNK.

Normally i can eat anything i like without putting any weight on at all.

A lot of women do prosecute and move away and lead a better like without the husband.

You can convey enough of a sense of what a film feels like without revealing integral plot details.

But I fast forwarded a few years in my mind and thought about what the city would sound like without the ICEs.

The private societies, politicians and the like without having much sense of human development must be kept away.

There is such a unique quality in Pen's playing that I didn't know what Loincloth was going to sound like without him.

An app with this permission can switch networks, turn the phone radio on and off and the like without ever notifying you.

Until I joined Weight Watchers and started dropping pounds, I had no idea what I would look or feel like without the weight.

In 1% of cases like unto is used

And there is none like unto Him.

Both of them entail the belief in another like unto Allah at least in some aspects.

And as Isaiah said before, Except the Lord of Sabaoth had left us a seed, we had been as Sodom, and been made like unto Gomorrah.

It can not be compared to human love except in name, since Allah said about himself: There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearer, the Seer.

In 1% of cases like over is used

It's like Over The Top meets Black Dog meets Breaking Bad.

Haven't been on FB in like over a month, I now have a reason to get on there though.

And says that I should want to talk to him and that I don't understand what its like over there.

I always wondered why people had imbalance (more like over the limit) of diet on the month you are supposed to be the most moderate.

You can specify which parts of a project gets shared with consultants and the like over the cloud, and which ones strictly stay private.

But I know in my own ventures through DailyKos and the like over the weekend, I saw plenty of raw anger at the notion of mandates, per se.

Then one day (well, probably more like over a period of several months, several books and several articles) I finally found the missing piece to the puzzle.

The response that FPR proposes is a return to rootedness, church, community, and the like over artificial state-created markets AND state-managed technocratic bureaucracy.

In simple terms can be explained as type x is like light beer giving a pleasant buzz while type y is more like over proof rum with extreme paranoiac effects (be careful!).

Let's say you adress the real hate Kristen is getting and then we'll talk, ok? Anonymous Nope!! Conspiracy theories? More like over dramatic reaction to the party hardy comment.

In 1% of cases like into is used

Puts all the hoo-ha about wolf-whistles and the like into perspective.

You can read narcissism, self-centeredness, and the like into any behavior you don't share.

The Law of Peoples is Rawls ' attempt to bring his notions of justice as fairness and the like into the international scene.

It incorporates all the digital pictures, emails, and the like into a digital legacy that a person can pass on to that person's heirs.

Nor should we now continue to be fooled by the admission of films, popular novels, soap operas and the like into the curricula of literature departments.

And it's only a matter of weeks now before both governments issue their responses to public consultation on forcing cigarettes and the like into plain packaging.

I staged protests on the campus of Western Oregon University and used to thrust those crazy posters showing skinned animals and the like into the faces of strangers.

So there's more to it then you would expect and it's like the fantastic voyage kind of like into music, you get to go farther into the sound and there are no distractions.

This is more like Into the Wild: characters pitted against nature, its elemental problems like battling hunger and finding heat, without being properly trained, experienced, or equipped for it.

In 1% of cases like by is used

Generation is essentially the production of like by like.

Let's take a like by like comparison on the points mentioned 1.

Take a peek at what it's like by visiting http: **31;301;TOOLONG.

It's like by the time they get home and eat dinner and do their homework they have to go to bed.

Sometimes if the posts or pictures that we post are really good we would like to give a like by ourselves.

It is a smart way of promoting your products, business, services, websites, and the like by having your own ad.

But organisation, as an inner purpose of nature, infinitely surpasses all our faculty of presenting the like by means of art.

Trayvon was walking in a community where the mode of transportation especially on a raining dark night was most like by a car.

Thus for food we take life, vegetable and other, and for health we destroy mosquitoes and the like by the use of disinfectants etc.

Administrators, lawyers, bankers, politicians and business inheritors all are well-off or rich but not by effort, more like by station.

In 1% of cases like before is used

I have never seen his like before and after him.

Since I'd never seen its like before, I kept watch, but it didn't re-emerge.

We have seen the like before and - God willing we survive - we shall see the like again.

It's like before the bridge full truck but when they passed the bridge, the crates left half truck.

Bank Codes The selling price can remain as like before which is 30/- per share including 20/- premium per share.

Many of them make $30-$50K/MONTH in cash, that's like before taxes and this isn't money that they usually voluntarily pay taxes on and alert the Government to.

We found such examples as like before getting any support the family had to eat once in a day properly and another time some muri (dry rice) or kind of these stuffs.

In 1% of cases like after is used

I wonder what happened at the end (or more like after the end).

When you review the designs, they all started to look a like after a while.

I can't imagine what it would be like after completing the entire lessons of the Prayer Academy.

There was a perceptible belief that these Games were going to be rather like after the Lord mayor's Parade.

On a regular day I case anywhere from 3500 to 4500 flats, so can you imagine what's its like after a holiday.

This lost weight as a result thing may be just a feeling of lightness (kind of like after going to the toilet).

I have seen what it's like after the camera turns off, the crime reporters have gone and the corpse is still warm.

It's like after WWII when 250% percent of the population of France told themselves that they were in the French Resistance.

Luckily I found myself to be surprisingly calm although what I'd be like after living though all those aftershocks later who knows.

It's like after conception we don't exist unless of course the child is born and then we are asked (and rightly too) for maintanence.

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