Prepositions after "light"

"light on" or "light in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases light on is used

Your a bit light on compassion.

Moreover, I am light on my feet.

This feels so light on the skin.

How Agama interacts with end devices sheds further light on network management options.

But do not feel shy about exploring anything that you feel may shed more light on this.

Vaughan: That EcoBoost turbo in the Ford is a bit twitchy, so be light on the throttle.

McCann is very light on SF above given that their policy differences North and South are only the tip of the iceberg.

The unit feels lighter on the hands despite its larger size (I kind of miss that bit of heft from the old iPhones).

Are you willing to shade more light on this? I can blame police and government for the violence that rocked the town.

I have interviewed numerous Sherpas over the years and plan to publish a book to shed more light on this perspective.

In 21% of cases light in is used

I delight in spending time with.

Flashlight in hand I venture out.

This is light in Dhamma language.

Hindquarters high and strong but somewhat lighter in comparison with heavy foreparts.

Nevertheless it is light in weight and thus easily blown away by the wind to form dunes.

It produces a scanty urine, which is light in color, or, as it is given, sherry-colored.

On the other hand, plant based oils are lighter in texture, are from natural sources, and are loaded with vitamins.

Choose a darker color and using the Lasso Tool (L ), select all the walls that have the most light in your reference.

He would have a delight in doing the will of God's precept, as Christ had in doing the will of the mediatory command.

In nibb? na matter is absent; and so to take it as light in a literal sense goes against the teachings of the Buddha.

In 14% of cases light at is used

There was light at the end of it.

Traffic was still light at the A.

For me there was light at the end.

As bad as you may be feeling right now though, there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and that hole in your chest will be filled up.

From 1999 to, it took me in total eight years to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The workload itself is fairly light at the moment, but is expected to increase quite a bit before the end of the year.

The PK has been bringing this team down for a long time and there doesn't appear to be light at the end of the tunnel.

It's nice to have light at the end of this journey, especially when I sometimes feel that it will never happen for us.

Reassure them however that medical treatment is very effective and that there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

In 7% of cases light for is used

It was too light for what I did.

Drinks very light for its strength.

It's nice but a little too light for me.

The suitcase stuffed full of Euros was too light for the French club's tastes, only 9.

I know that the app is very light for a war game but it did make my heart skip a beat.

Genuine light - the kind that provides light for everyone - was coming into the world.

Very often, should you be having trouble casting, it is because your lines are too light for the action of your rod.

We used recycled carton, tiny timber and parts of an aluminum pan to make it light for the kid to carry on his head.

So - what's for lunch? * This has been a session of me pouring my heart out about something fairly light for a change.

They are typically lighter for the same strength and provide better heat conduction and improved cosmetic appearance.

In 5% of cases light of is used

H is the lightest of all elements.

The Chianti is the lightest of the 3.

Both are light of step and perfect of timing.

Lithium is the lightest of all metals and has the greatest electrochemical potential.

Hydrogen is the lightest of all elements and gases, and is 14 times lighter than air.

In the light of this reluctance, they had except to comply with the Messenger's judgement.

S rose for a fifth day during a holiday-shortened week however volume was the lightest of the year on Friday night.

The lightest of purplish mists hung in the air which added to the feeling of having collectively lost our bearings.

The Nexus 7 weighs in at 340g while the Kindle Fire HD comes in at 390g, making the iPad the lightest of the three.

If you refuse to accept and believe in JESUS CHRIST, who is light of the world, than you really have yourself to blame.

In 4% of cases light with is used

The tea is light with full flavour.

HTC One S is lighter with 120 g with 4.

My regular coffee is light with a splenda.

The casualties of HMS Spartiate were very light with three killed and twenty wounded.

The qibla bay at the western end of the prayer hall is dimly light with two skylights.

Nike sandals are rather light with their leather uppers extremely soft and comfortable.

The dock as well has been redesigned, it is now lighter with a bigger battery and the phone dock is now coverless.

Often times I have it with mashed potatoes or roasted squash, but it's great and a bit lighter with just a green salad.

Falls in the Hunter will be light with isolated falls in the 10 to 20mm range and isolated higher falls in the remainder.

I say again, Truth, like morning, will become light with time and liars will run and hide from its excruciating resplendency.

In 3% of cases light to is used

NO! He was too light to trip the trap.

The color is a light to medium yellow.

You send us to be light to your people.

We had been inside a team of twelve and so they lined us up from lightest to heaviest.

However, this normal period lasted for 3 weeks, varying from fairly light to pretty heavy.

The steering is very light to the point of it feeling like you are working on a console-game.

Then again, warp drives and similar far-out ideas might one day zip us faster than light to Alpha Centauri and beyond.

The beer is light to the taste, bright golden yellow in colour, and truly complements the Bavarian drinking experience.

The oil is generally light to medium gravity (API 30 to 330) and sweet, with low gas-oil ratio and some associated wax.

The seven kids in my family all with the same Mother and Father run the gambit from the lightest to the darkest hues.

In 2% of cases light as is used

It is light as a feather but strong as steel.

The van requires less fuel and is lighter as a vehicle.

Volumes are lighter as the US main markets remain closed.

It was built thick at the bottom, but getting progressively lighter as the dome rises.

Kent may be light as a feather, but still, it seemed Gomes got the short end of the stick.

VISUAL: Color -- usually its darker when its young, color gets lighter as the wine ages.

Yuhui Choe is light as a whisked meringue in this section, tripping through the rapid combinations with delicate ease.

I begin to see what might be done, how the blasted thing could be beaten - violently so that it is light as a meringue.

Now the work burden has become a bit lighter as the main circulation media is the web, internet, information highway.

Mark also decided to run 14-inch Lancia wheels, which are incredibly light as opposed to the standard 13-inch Fiat rims.

In 2% of cases light by is used

The BMW 320i is still lighter by 8.

Yesterday, Shanahan kept it light by beginning his.

If its the chronos 700z, it is lighter by about 0.

When compared with the parts of the same size, it can be lighter by approximately 10%.

As it was, it appeared as collateral damage that was light by the standards of other wars.

The scattering of light by gas particles in the atmosphere causes the blue color of the sky.

There's also Apple's new Lightning connector and it'll be lighter by almost 50-percent of the full-sized iPad at 10.

If you visit this bay on a moonless night you will see a profusion of dazzling lights that are light by small marine creatures.

Its not the lightest by a long stretch but, for the comfort and insulation from cold it provides it's as light as it can get.

For example, fireflies produce light by this means, and boats moving through water can disturb plankton which produce a glowing wake.

In 2% of cases light from is used

It could be light from any source.

Let us have light from your light.

As light from this galaxy has had to travel 13.

The sum of the light from the sun and the light reflected back from the sky is white.

The place was unlit but there was light from the street outside and from the corridoors.

The use of the word ' party ' has to be seen in a different light from its meaning today.

A vacuum is impenetrable to sound, but light from the stars travels happily through zillions of miles of empty space.

Reddening of light from the galactic centre The Sun is about half-way out from the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

We add the caveat that all light from all sources have a natural filtering matrix and dimensional spectral distribution.

In 1% of cases light after is used

There is always light after the tunnel.

For me there was light after the tunnel.

I believed there is always a light after the tunnel.

But the Cowboys ' load got lighter after a win over the Eagles.

I bet you feel very light after having had a long hair for a while.

Dinner is often light after a large lunch and the early evening tradition of tapas.

Take a short break and maybe you'll breathe a bit lighter after reading a post or two.

UV-VIS spectrometer Q:Lamp is not light after power on, what's the possible reason? A: 1.

Trade was light after US stocks ended mixed on Monday and the London stock exchange was closed for a public holiday.

It is light after darkness, victory of good over evil, welcoming the Goddess of Wealth and indeed renewing of friendship.

In 1% of cases light into is used

More light into significantly less strength.

In dim light the muscles dilate allowing more light into the eye.

Whether or not you get SAD, it's always good to get more light into your life.

It functions like a window that controls and focuses the entry of light into the eye.

If the house is semidetached a new window could be introduced to let more light into the hall.

This explain why a large f-number (say, f16) allows less light into the camera and a small f-number (say, f5.

Most of you hold the believe that you have to assimilate more light into your system and vibrate on a higher level to ascend.

If you've set your f-stop to a small number, that means you have opened the aperture and are allowing more light into your camera.

If you've set your f-stop to a large number, that means you have closed down the aperture and are allowing less light into the camera.

Sweating can also make us more slippery to our enemies! Pupils dilate - This lets more light into his eyes so that overall vision improves.

In 1% of cases light like is used

The one-piece wood was unearthly thick but light like feature.

Neither too light like my Galaxy S nor way heavy like Nokia Pureview 808.

The beer itself is of medium alcoholic percentage and is light like a lager.

It's not too deep like a black glitter polish and neither is it too light like a silver.

However, in between each meal you can insert tea breaks, with something light like a sandwich.

If you must eat something, try to have something light like fruits, raw veggies, juice, crackers, tea.

Caramelised orange and vanilla ice-cream We were completely stuffed by the time dessert came, so something light like this was perfect.

It's nice sometimes to just read something light like this, as so often I'd reading more challenging ones that take time to get through.

It will do you well to pack very light like bringing only a one medium-sized suitcase, duffle bag, or a small carry-on bag you can use for the vacation.

To the point that I thought I needed to duck into something light like Madagascar 3 afterwards or face a night of tension-inspired, thought-filled insomnia.

In 1% of cases light without is used

You can't have light without darkness.

But there is never light without shadow.

We can not have light without dark, happy without sad.

The moon can never emit any light without facing the sun.

Now, that deflationary purge you mention would be a lot lighter without Government involvement.

But it's nearly impossible to make a device so thin and so light without sacrificing features or performance.

It is theoretically possible that by warping space, a starship might travel faster than light without violating the.

Tcx bike boots assessment reveal that these are lighter without having compromising sturdiness or perhaps security.

Conversely, the sun would not be light without eyes, nor would the universe ' exist ' without consciousness----and vice versa.

The vanilla sings, and the texture is light without being spongy or airy (which you will find if you get a cake from an Asian grocery store).

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