Prepositions after "levy"

levy on, for, by, against or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases levy on is used
    A 30% tax will be levied on items that exceed the above limits.
    There can be no profit or additional charge levied on the resident.
    Commercial water charges are levied on all businesses and must be paid to the local authority.
    That would have cost the Knicks millions in luxury-tax penalties levied on excessive salaries.
    If tax had been levied on this capital at current rates, non-EU countries would have raised 190.
    Karachi used to receive a lot of money from an octroi and zilla tax levied on the movement of freight within its municipal limits.
    If taxes were levied on the illegal outflows, the country's finances would have benefitted to the tune of close to US$100 billion.
    Another potential funding source, charges levied on each unit in a new residential development, would likely amount to a drop in the Sheppard bucket.
    Mandatory Miscellaneous Fees Miscellaneous fees are typically levied on items that are either not covered or partially covered by tuition fee and grant/subsidy.

    In 13% of cases levy for is used
    There is no charge levied for your stay.
    A processing fee of 500 JPMiles will be levied for the same.
    In 2011, a special stamp duty was levied for property transactions that were sold within 2 years.
    They would be financed by charges levied for social welfare and salary payments made to the accounts.
    Taxation can justly be levied for no purpose other than to provide revenue for the support of the government.

    In 8% of cases levy by is used
    Its trade was an economic mainstay of the Shabab when it controlled Kismayo, earning as much as $50m a year in the taxes levied by the militia, according to the UN.
    The Andalusian population was toiling under oppressive taxes levied by the emirs to support their own extravagant and lavish courts and to pay off the annual tribute to Christian marauders.

    In 7% of cases levy against is used
    He guesses that a battery of inspections and accusations levied against him in the 1990s hampered his company's growth.
    Strict penalties should be levied against resort owners in these areas to make sure that tourist do not disturb the wildlife.

    In 4% of cases levy at is used
    It is levied at the rate of 4 percent of the basic and the excise duty on all imports.
    French, smuggling to avoid the taxes which were levied at Mozambique, probably raised the annual figure to at least 1,500.
    Across the region, researchers showed that less and less people were considering university education since tuition fees were allowed to be levied at up to 9,000 per year.

    In 1% of cases levy from is used
    How much will the scheme levy from investors? As a regulator, the PFRDA will only set a cap.

    In 1% of cases levy without is used
    SECURITY The bonds are secured by ad valorem taxes to be levied without limitation as to rate or amount on all taxable property in the city.

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