Prepositions after "lesser"

lesser of, in, for, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 88% of cases lesser of is used

We must choose the lesser of two.

The lesser of the 2 evils! I see.

He is the lesser of the two evils.

This does not work, as the women and children are considered lesser of people to them.

Generally, this means your deduction is the lesser of the property's FMV or its basis.

Posted by Kimberly Lenggiere on 2012-08-28 18:52:58 Lesser of two evils is still evil.

Unfortunately with how the government is run in this country, it's basically choose the lesser of the evils presented.

To be honest I think you will find that the British were one of the lesser of the colonising evils around at the time.

Definitely agree that it's the lesser of the two albums though, even if I do think it's been unfairly maligned/ignored.

The lesser of the two evils (IMHO) is the 1 NIC internal and 1 NIC DMZ, although I would always try to have 3 networks.

In 5% of cases lesser in is used

So the difference is lesser in h.

I should not be made to feel lesser in your office.

Women's emotions are more in width and lesser in depth.

This did not necessarily make one quartet of days any greater or lesser in importance.

But it is hopeful to hear that the number is lesser in comparison to the previous year.

It's life span is additionally lesser in comparison to other types of flooring surfaces.

This becomes such a classic scene that in rereading the book you tend to forget it was somewhat the lesser in print.

This is why the talk of an ' In/Out referendum ' makes more sense to most people than an ' In or lesser In ' variant.

Though smaller in size and lesser in grandeur, the Dowa Rock Cave temple, with its murals and sculpture, is similar in.

The load on the spine is the maximum in the sitting position, lesser in the standing position and least in sleeping posture.

In 2% of cases lesser for is used

TAM will be the lesser for not having you there.

I gather the school was none the lesser for this.

In spite of his expertise, he charges lesser for his services.

The show will more seldom air unique material, and will be the lesser for it.

Yeah, you can add other mysteries but the work as a whole just seems lesser for it.

Politics are rarely about ideas or substance anymore and we are all the lesser for it.

Purposely trying to make them feel lesser for putting up with whatever they put up with ' just to keep her man '.

In fact, they have indicated that they wanted to stay for the second night if we gave in to his demands to pay lesser for it.

Further, for the new buyers, you are getting smaller and lesser for more money that one puts in and the millstone around the neck.

If people are encouraged to view others as lesser for reasons of wealth or occupation then morality is limited in its application.

In 1% of cases lesser on is used

But lesser on M101//ROB and PF//RO.

You spend much lesser on your skincare compared to other skin types.

Most army destructions on 25th and 26th night, lesser on March 27th and March 28th.

When I left my trainer I was between 61-64kgs depending on who's scale you go on (lesser on his).

The benefits of a guarantor are that rate of interest are also lesser on loans for people with bad credit with a co-signer.

I think Tamil Nadu or Andhra should work out atleast 50 % lesser on the monthly wages aspect but i do nt know about the rents compared to pune.

The presence of the evergreen Welshman, Ryan Giggs certainly helped as he played sparingly keeping him fresh for the bigger games and lesser on the wings.

Yumastan is that never never land that breeds strange people who are lesser on the evolution scale than them, but somehow rich and easily relieved of their money by Cubans smart enough to take it.

Some time it is done so to keep the garment in open well ventilated area for around one hour then it will further reduce the running time for dryer and the effect of heat will be lesser on garment.

In 1% of cases lesser to is used

This is lesser to a degree in the Indians I have met.

This passion tends to elevate the lesser to the rank of the greater.

Even the countries which are lesser to us will not be facing this kind of hygiene issues.

That can not be done now, unless the shopkeeper gives lesser to the buyer than what is swiped on the card.

When a number is multiplied by 13, it becomes greater to 105 by an amount with which it is lesser to 105 by now.

Is essential which usually in many instances your end product might be lesser to all ideas combined with would undoubtedly take a look best.

To make his point Jesus uses an argument from the lesser to the greater, a very common form of argument in the ancient world, not least among the rabbis.

With a big second stimulus the US economy would be more likely to jump from a Lesser to Greater Depression than from the Lesser Depression to renewed prosperity.

The unique aspect of it is that of its price which is lesser to that of the common ones and its ability to attract beautiful colours thereby beautifying home than anyone can imagine.

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