Prepositions after "legal"

"legal in" or "legal for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases legal in is used

Currently, it is legal in the UK.

Open carry is illegal in Illinois.

Abortion is legal in this country.

California requires a special type and bans most that are legal in the other 49 states.

There are marketing schemes out there that are not legal in the majority of the states.

It makes no sense to me how it can be legal in some states yet not recognized in others.

You don't like either judgement (legal in the first case, common-sense in the latter) but the rest of us are content.

If you do something illegal in your host country, you are subject to the laws of the country even though you are a U.

In 22% of cases legal for is used

It is legal for them to do this.

We can leave LEGAL for our Court System.

It's illegal for frogs to croak after 11 PM.

Therefore her divorce is legal in both countries and it can be legal for you, as well.

When driving, it is legal for you to run a red light to get away from highway robbery.

It just makes it legal for you to return to a higher line using the SET LINE statement.

It would make it likely and legal for the HSE to remove children from parental custody while a case is investigated.

It is illegal for a fireman to rescue a woman in a nightgown; in order to be rescued, a woman must be fully clothed.

Is it legal for my employers to install monitoring software on my computer? In most countries, laws favor employers.

Of importance is to experience fun spell you are legal for the fishes, those are smalltime investors want you exist.

In 6% of cases legal under is used

All completely legal under CISPA.

Are they legal under federal law? No.

It is legal under the 10th amendment.

Making cannabis legal under controlled medication legislation should minimise any abuse.

Remember, the feds are allegedly now prosecuting for what is legal under California law.

Such drink was judged legal under certain conditions by at least one school of Moslem jurisprudence, the Hanafite.

Questions about whether a specific game or scheme is legal under the Criminal Code should be directed to a lawyer.

The Act they're referring to actually specifically says that it's only legal if it's legal under international law.

In 2% of cases legal at is used

Here in Britain it remains legal at the moment.

It is not legal at all to smoke weed in Canada.

The substance was not illegal at the time of the tragedy.

This article reflects the opinions of the author's legal at the time of re-writing the article.

Its a real shame the league vilified this guy for hits that were LEGAL at the start of that season.

It's legal at a state level but it's still considered an illegal substance by the federal government.

Whilst it is legal at the moment to grow one's own tobacco for one's own consumption, it is illegal to grow it for sale.

How old was Shakespeare when he had sex with a 14 year old girl? Just because it was legal at the time doesn't make it right.

Edward Lyimo - Company Secretary He joined the bank in January 2011 as the Company Secretary and Head of Legal at KCB Bank Tanzania.

In 2% of cases legal by is used

Recognised as legal by the UN and international community.

Israel's blockade was declared legal by the United Nations.

YourHealthCheck makes no claims that may not be legal by certain persons or in certain countries.

His rationale? Both programs had been signed off on in advance as legal by the Justice Department.

The plan offered illegal immigrants in this country the possibility of becoming legal by registering as temporary workers.

The good news is that this DVR offering has been deemed legal by the Supreme Court and no more special or additional licenses.

Making any finite number of moves from the start of this sequence would be perfectly legal by the standard Solitaire Army rules.

Back in 1989, spurred by a division of opinion over Miller, broomstick and belly putters were declared legal by the Royal and Ancient and the US PGA.

In 2% of cases legal on is used

Borrower needs to be legal on age i.

NADECO is declared illegal on 31 May.

Yet before you get legal on their butts, you're expected to try to resolve things directly.

This capture is only legal on the move following this advance and is called an en passant capture.

Around here, some people use golf carts, which work fine and are legal on our 25 mph limit roads with little traffic.

But the gry online 15th modification have gone more barely deciding on some of the human the legal on the Black site.

In Washington, possession of up to an ounce of cannabis will become legal on December 6 when the law comes into force.

If Maryland and Virginia both say turning left on red is legal on a one-way, then thats what people are expected to do.

In 2% of cases legal to is used

There's nothing really legal to it.

Therefore, it's legal to cycle there.

But all this stuff looks legal to me.

Having this great recording as an other weapon charge is legal to all much lots, program.

Is It Legal To Jailbreak? Jailbreaking is legal in the United States under the DMCA of 2010.

Proof of citizenship to vote just by common sense is the only way to be sure your legal to vote.

Let me know if it is legal to post one transcript all in one place and I will do so, clearly I have no idea about copyright.

Comparing MDMA when it was legal to ecstasy today is a great example, because the former was all but harmless in sensible doses.

You are not legal to marry two different people, in the USA, in the Philippines, or in most any other Christian country I know of.

In 1% of cases legal according is used

I just wana know that is this Nikah legal according to our religion.

Our business is absolutely legal according to all international laws.

This job is official and legal according to the current UK legislation.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your swim suit is legal according to CSA rules.

First of all, any ECI has to be legal according to the EU treaties (see the ECI procedure).

If that was not legal according to their EULAs then I have opened myself, and the various shows ' producers to legal issues.

The hunting of endangered bowheads by Northern aboriginal people is legal according to the International Whaling Commission.

Torture was never legal according to the Common Law of England, but it was practised by the Tudor and early Stuart monarchies.

Many of the laws in the Middle East discriminating against women are absolutely atrocious, yet perfectly legal according to their law.

In 1% of cases legal after is used

This behavior is corrupt and is probably not legal after all.

My head is legal after all, although I am an absolute borderline case.

I wondered if her Florida marriage would still be legal after her surgery.

The result was that in 1974 the Communist Party was legal after decades of being outlawed.

Connecticut was the second state to make gay marriages legal after a state Supreme Court ruling in 2008.

All Muslims agree that the Messenger of Allah legislated Mut'a and made it legal after his migration to Medina, and the Muslims practiced it during his lifetime.

Of course, if the interpretations of the other negotiating parties are different from those which the Legal Service has guessed at, then ACTA may, indeed, not be legal after all.

In 1% of cases legal as is used

The issues are legal as well as moral.

Then it would be legal as the precedence have been set.

For better and worse, the Internet reposes in legal as well as technical infrastructures.

It's the worst place to have to stop and there are legal as well as common-sense restrictions.

This could be the beginning of having your own home casino, if it is legal as part of your state.

He opened bars, brothels and all sorts of businesses, legal as well as illegal (illegal by today's standards though).

Legal as well as business and economic factors and considerations, with emphasis on corporate and securities transactions.

It will capture the complex dynamics of law and religion from different legal as well as religious research perspectives worldwide.

In 1% of cases legal from is used

NZ has a tremendous problem in separating the Legal from the Medical anyway.

This would make the attacking of any Western target legal from an Isl? mic viewpoint.

Shepherding is a legal from of obstruction in AFL and can occur even if a player is not in possession of the ball.

It is from the grace of God upon mankind that he has guarded them through what is legal from what is legal from what is illegal.

One more thing, if there was no law, we wouldn't be able to determine legal from illegal so the world maybe probably sting, tainted.

If I marry my present suitor without my parents ' knowledge, would that be legal from the Islamic point of view? (Name and address withheld) A).

Whilst the case was ongoing, Access Legal from Shoosmiths was also able to secure over 20,000 in interim payments to assist our client's recovery.

The decisions he issues have a profound impact on what is to be valued, on what is defined as justice, differentiating what is legal from what is right.

Case handler The case was handled by Barbara Woodbridge, an associate in the personal injury department at Access Legal from Shoosmiths ' Northampton office.

People who are most successful in solving their legal issues without drama are the ones who are the most successful at separating the legal from the non-legal issues.

In 1% of cases legal of is used

He is also Director and Head of Legal of the CSB Group.

She is also the Assistant General Manager - Legal of the bank.

In 1863, the legal of age under French Napoleonic was increased to 13.

Okay, so he didn't make his money in the most legal of ways, but he made it.

We can point to examples in Oregon and Washington, where assisted suicide is legal of these implicit and explicit cost pressures.

Application, one sounds to be personal when designing a trojan communication word because legal of us are much run to begin basic options which extremely need less different than we provide.

Carolyn Scobie Group General Counsel Carolyn is directly responsible for the legal of Goodman including corporate, property, sustainability, knowledge management, insurance and compliance matters.

In 1% of cases legal with is used

First of all, it's legal with a prescription so, um, don't be dumb.

If this originated in Canada, it might be legal with proper licensing.

Muslims; the evidence of infidels not being legal with respect to Muslims.

The mistake is to equate what is (merely) legal with what is morally unobjectionable.

If not, they're relegated to riding on the sidewalk (which is legal with bikes that small here).

When we talk about making more money fast we usually want it to be legal with no possibility of jail time involved.

Getting rid of a child in this way had obvious advantages to the mother - it was simple, quick and legal with few questions asked.

When you can go natural and legal with these alternative products that work just as well and not have a worry in the world you party.

He explained that opening a foreign exchange account in the domestic banking system is legal with the backing of a law passed by Parliament.

In 1% of cases legal within is used

How can that be legal within the framework of.

Cattle (or goat) trade is legal within Bangladesh.

I think it's federally legal within 12 years, and 50% of states in 8.

This seems 100% legal within both the spirt and the written procedures of the program.

All the above three options (a, b &c); are legal within the Tanzanian political and legal systems.

It is also crucial to understand that top-up payments are entirely legal within current NHS legislation.

While proponents of TRT have reasoned their way to keeping it legal within MMA, this doesn't mean it isn't cheating.

No infantry at all really! Obviously must be legal within the army lists but just doesn't meet the spirit on the game in my view.

This was always considered to be a form of tax avoidance, which is legal within reason, rather than tax evasion, which is illegal.

As long as you are his subordinate and he is your boss, you have to follow his or her instructions as long as it is legal within the company rules.

In 1% of cases legal without is used

Online poker can be legal without being regulated.

As Steve say's this may not be legal without a UK plug.

Now life is moral and legal without being legalistic and moralistic.

Here in Colorado open carry is legal without a permit, concealed carry requires a permit.

Especially since you live in Alaska where Concealed Carry is legal without a permit (Right?).

Using it you are just downloading and burning DVD and making your Windows a legal without any headache.

But if I am not mistaken, polygamy IS illegal, isn't it? So, how can we make this union legal without ruffling feathers?

The Attorney-General at the time, Lord Goldsmith, struggled to show that a war would be legal without a second resolution.

To nip the evil in its very bud, the Holy Prophet of Islam said: No marriage is legal without the permission of the guardian.

However, we can't continue to say this is illegal and that is legal without a debate or providing moral or legal explanations.

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