Prepositions after "leading"

"leading to" or "leading of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases leading to is used

Where is this leading to? Data leak.

So where is this leading to you may ask.

It is also a leading to sermon on 21/10/2012.

Collapse of the Euro leading to the ' end of the financial world ' - give me a laugh.

In absence of this, people tend to be emotionally volatile leading to further problems.

Thankfully the fire brigades did come but the fire was very big leading to a huge loss.

Over the same period, employment has increased by 3054 thousand leading to a rise in unemployment of 4973 thousand.

And I don't want it getting popular with all and sundry leading to an Anglicization and watering down of the stuff.

The Irish Free State was formed in 1921 leading to the withdrawal of British Crown forces in Ireland and civil war.

Self help using plentiful natural resources is so creative leading to self respect, and that is the best way to go.

In 17% of cases leading of is used

Obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Be sensitive to see and hear the leading of His Spirit.

BOUND, and NOT free to follow the LEADING of the Spirit.

Those that want to trade fx should do so, but only with the leading of the holy spirit.

An evangelist should always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38, Luke 6:19).

Don't just follow the crowd, instead follow the leading of the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Then by reading the Bible and following the leading of the Spirit he will be able to grow on his own (I John 2:27).

So let us not fear leadership and organization, my friends! But let it always be by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Now, I have resigned myself to life in the music ministry, totally submitted myself to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

At the CongressSystem the leading of nations of Europe worked together to prevent the outbreak of revolution ineach nation.

In 14% of cases leading up is used

I know its leading up to something.

We've been super busy leading up to today.

The path gets steeper leading up to a broad ridge.

Those two blocks of 41st leading up to the library are an absolute New York treasure.

Not to mention supporting the Brown boys who I had been coaching leading up to worlds.

One of my favorite things to do leading up to Thanksgiving is Operation Christmas Child.

I loved Jenna bringing in a box of dead doves to highlight the problems she plans to have leading up to her wedding.

I agree with those two decisions, but how they've handled him leading up to this point couldn't have been done worse.

The pep-up rally is set to happen every Thursday leading up to the run/walk, which will also be held at the same venue.

In or near Val-Andre Here are activities in Val Andre, the location where we will be staying leading up to the wedding.

In 4% of cases leading from is used

This leading from behind is a bad idea.

This leading from behind does not work in terms of making sure that America is safe.

They rallied in 1948 leading from start to finish to capture their fifth Championship.

Instead of it being cliffed, it is backed by a slope of 17-22 leading from sea level to the Alofi Terrace.

Call it ' imperial policing by proxy ', call it ' leading from behind ', call it ' outsourcing ', whatever.

Amongst the different items which you are likely to desire to have, clothing is in the leading from the checklist.

MAN IN LINE (Overlapping Alvy and Annie) You know, it must need to have had its leading from one thought to another.

We should never tell any sick person that their sickness was caused by sin, without a clear leading from the Holy Spirit.

Obama has been criticized for ' leading from behind ' -- which implies passivity and he certainly appeared passive last week.

I don't even think I said I agreed with all of it -- simply that it was an interesting angle on the leading from behind thing.

In 4% of cases leading in is used

This is another close race, with Schilling leading in recent polls.

Alkaram Textile Mills are the leading in Al-Karam dresses manufacturers in Pakistan.

Microsoft Certifications This type of MCSD 70-483 is one of the leading in the industry.

Not leading in terms of its marketing talk, but rather leading in terms of how we behave.

He finished his eight-year career with the Cosmos as the NASL's all-time leading in goals.

But instead, that we stepped out in obedience and followed His leading in our giving and in our prayers.

We trust the Lord for His leading in this matter but we also trust that His glory will be magnified through this time.

He said, although they have had ups and downs, they have been grateful to God for His leading in their successful marriage.

Ultimately, this is the sole test we must pass in order to go through each critical season of the LORD's leading in our lives.

In 4% of cases leading into is used

The lack of buzz leading into the last test match is true.

I only get it done leading into summer so they don't get cold.

He is day-to-day leading into Wednesdays game against New Orleans.

It was quite a contrast to the long slow miles I had been doing leading into these races.

This will be followed by a podium style prize giving leading into a surprise grand finale.

With the odds looking so slim leading into election day, it sure seems like buyer's remorse.

Since I was at my leanest leading into the pregnancy, I decided that I didn't want to continue restricting my diet.

You have the longest straight in Formula One leading into an impossible to overtake chicane I think is quite strange.

Both sides downplayed the idea of a rivalry -- yet -- leading into the game, but change was noticeable right from the start.

Any of these really can prove a fruitful topic of conversation and you can have fun leading into the next subject quite spontaneously.

In 2% of cases leading by is used

A child returning homeward craves no leading by the hand.

I would consider what I'd suggesting to be akin leading by example.

Ban flying: * Lowers our carbon footprint * We walk our talk, leading by example.

No leading by example from the very people who are asking for us to vote for them.

Curry had looked comfortable leading by 1-05 to 0-6 at the half-way point but that was about to change.

No servant of God must sacrifice his liberty to follow the divine leading by accepting money which puts him under human control.

Out of a third class compartment stepped out a boy of ten leading by the hand a youth of about twenty-one wear-ing dark glasses.

We all live in the world as it is on a daily basis, but that ought not be an excuse for not leading by example and walking our talk.

When one looks at the national averages, Obama appears to be ahead by about 1-2 points or it's a statistical tie or Romeny's leading by a point or two.

It is the setting of an inspiring example now while we still do have a choice that is where the leading by example, the breaking new and innovative ground happens.

In 1% of cases leading off is used

Fringe is also a leading off point for so many artists and their careers.

The flush toilet and the shower are in two separate cubicles, each leading off the changing area.

Kozma's less-than-stellar game got even worse leading off the inning, as a Mike Morse grounder bonked him in the face, giving him an error and setting the stage.

The Yankees sent 99 batters to the plate over the first 23 innings of the series without a walk until Curtis Granderson took a close full-count pitch called outside leading off the sixth.

In 1% of cases leading on is used

LV is undoubtedly an acronym for your leading on the planet of style.

Instead of standing out, the two letters merge into one, neither being overly pronounced despite the heavier leading on the ' a '.

I will have to totally follow God's leading on that though if I am going to do it considering some of the points you have raised; e.

In 1% of cases leading towards is used

The way she treated me and everything she did leading towards the breakup have caused me to lose a lot of trust and respect in her.

The agenda has taken limelight across all major worldly news publications; the question has risen again and could be very important leading towards the US Presidential elections.

I was responding to a deep calling, a leading towards a very different life that was, at the same time, beckoning to me like a homecoming; I was being called inward and towards more depth and focus.

In 1% of cases leading with is used

I can turn just fine leading with the puck.

I don't know the rules on ' ' leading with the head ' ' in a tackle.

I practice a kind of parenting I like to think of as leading with love.

It's called ' Leading with Cultural Intelligence ' and it's totally about what you were writing about here.

Your articles really should be designed for producing revenue for the business, however leading with great value is essential.

So many people are much more fascinated by sites who have photographs on them, but you do not want to be within the leading with all the visuals.

Go over an low-cost simple timber spherical occasional table with black paint and then mount bottle caps to the leading with small finishing nails or very clear glue.

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