Prepositions after "languish"

languish in, at, on, for or near?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 72% of cases languish in is used
    They languish in 14th position on the log.
    Activists languished in jail for distributing anti-war literature.
    Nii is now walking as a freeman whilst Darko is languishing in jail.
    There are Austrlains too languishing in Bali for what they claim is similar stupidity.
    Where I languished in a sweaty and underdressed state, grunting and shaking my fist to GET OUT.
    The use of the Long Take often evoke a mood or feeling, a sort of languishing in ' no man's ' land.
    This should? ve been a Scudetto battle, but instead the Rossoneri were languishing in the lower end of the table.
    It was the same story with two other gardens languishing in Dadar -- the Sant Dnyaneshwar Udyan and Baji Prabhu Udyan.
    There are thousands languishing in remand without a trial for years, anyone who question gets demoted, abducted or killed.
    No one but Murakami can be the face of Japan while it languishes in confused politics and pressure from fast-rising neighbors.

    In 7% of cases languish at is used
    Nationwide, the minimum wage has languished at $7.
    Assam are up against hosts Kerala, who languish at the bottom of Group C with one point.
    With several others languishing at the bottom of their respective groups, the onus will be on senior players to try and inspire.
    We are going to have to double-down in our efforts to resolve it or we will continue to languish at the bottom of the economic barrel.
    I'd not surprised they're languishing at the bottom of the rating - and I predict thats where they will remain for a very very long time.

    In 7% of cases languish on is used
    Cases languish on an average of six years in the lower courts.

    In 2% of cases languish near is used
    The country of 180 million people languishes near the bottom of the world literacy list, 159th out of 184 countries categorised by the UN Development Programme.

    In 1% of cases languish among is used
    Though the Government has made some progress, we should NOT be languishing among the bottom EU states on this issue.

    In 1% of cases languish around is used
    Rather than languishing around the departure lounges, if you have a significant amount of time to wait until your flight leaves it is well worth considering a visit to the Eiffel Tower.

    In 1% of cases languish by is used
    However, we were then left to languish by both servers, each consumed with some meaningless task that rendered them too busy to help anyone but their favourite tables.

    In 1% of cases languish with is used
    In Europe, economic growth is BELUM DISUNTING 19 NOVEMBER 2012 6 expected to languish with considerable downside risks.

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