Prepositions after "lag"

lag behind, in, from, on or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases lag behind is used
    India's debt and currency markets lag behind its equity markets.
    By this time my brother had started lagging behind the group.
    This in turn makes you to lag behind your schedules and deadlines.
    Low-income housing continues to lag behind the need, as it does everywhere in the nation.
    Art criticism and art history lag behind Modernism as they lagged behind pre-Modernist art.
    Automated protection tools are not foolproof, and usually lag behind the outbreak of new scams.
    Even worse: the population growth of people 15-45, about 10 %, lagged behind Toronto, Kitchener, Windsor and Hamilton.
    The problem here is that we're supposed to be lagging behind the ' post-ness ' of the proceedings, not one step ahead.
    As a result of such wanton neglect, these regions lag behind all Somali territories in terms of social and economic development.
    For decades Africa has been lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of average GDP and the development of a broad based economy.

    In 14% of cases lag in is used
    Hardware companies always seem to lag in providing drivers for new operating systems.
    The strong decision taking ability is seriously lagging in UPA-2's Manmohan Singh.
    So what do you have to do if your page lags in fans and interactions? How do you create a Likable fan page? Here's some points for you to check.
    Those whose family is not into some business must not let such planetary trends affect their education for lagging in studies could adversely affect their future career.
    Following the failure to back Iran's Green movement, the strategy caused the administration to lag in supporting the popular uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Bahrain and elsewhere.
    The lukewarm response i BEIJING: Zhang Hanzhong, who supplies locks for auto manufacturers, is part of a swath of China's economy that is lagging in a two-speed recovery.
    Worries over teams lagging in a table not playing with enough drive can be deflected by the ranking system, judged on league placing, that will determine the seeding for the following year.
    The overall implementation of the annual development progra-mme (ADP) went up because of more utilisation of foreign aid, even after ministries and divisions lagged in using the government funds.

    In 3% of cases lag from is used
    So we see that upfront the revenue lags from the time we perform the test.
    Pedro also made progress in the course of the two sessions, we again cokratili lag from the time the leader, which confirms the effectiveness of the team.

    In 2% of cases lag on is used
    I have found that Udacity videos lag on low speeds.

    In 1% of cases lag like is used
    But, if I look at these pathogens and poisons from a ' bioterrorism ' point of view my academic and clinical knowledge lags like my senior colleagues.

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