Prepositions after "keen"

keen on, for, to, in or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases keen on is used

But I was not keen on the idea.

Keen on publishing tech? Read on.

She was none too keen on the idea.

It is always difficult with compilations, stuff you love and stuff you are less keen on.

One of those who will be keen on the top regional political post is Sheikh Ahmed Madobe.

Our five year old wasn't so keen on the pools as he couldn't stand up in either of them.

I was never interested in attending a British university, as I wasn't too keen on the way in which the courses worked.

Meeting up with Mike it's clear he's not keen on the start lap, so I suit up and see that the start is pointed uphill.

In 10% of cases keen for is used

Yes, I'd keen for a cycle ride.

You can be too keen for the job.

They are very keen for this project.

Management are keen for the boys to meet before Friday's gig to stop any confrontation.

I like to chat with them all you see, and they were keen for me to stay in the village.

We are now keen for her to follow her brothers in a new home with her own puppy walker.

I think that they were too keen for the Bosses to have them believe what a great and reasonable negotiator they were.

That will maintains everyone keen for the purpose of additional by using this Uk natural leather merchandise stylish.

Surely, if you were keen for a child and had a real phobia about the whole process, you'd seek help for that? Lisa H.

In 4% of cases keen to is used

We are keen to back such people.

He loves being active and we were keen to.

That said, I'd keen to amp up my skills-base.

Malawians are keen to what the High Court will rule as far as this impasse is concerned.

So were keen to numerous risks and uncertainties, including funded by Cancer Research UK.

The engine is extremely keen to rev and provides excellent torque low down for only being 1.

I speak no Mandarin, but many younger Chinese do speak English, and they are keen to practice it at every opportunity.

Given his developer background, he was keen to talk about sales and how to generate some initial traction in the market.

So if you're reading this and are keen to skype in to us around 9:45 - 10:15 am PST please let me know via the comments.

He had been keen to film our script, but withdrawn after talking to the BMX community about the feasibility of the idea.

In 3% of cases keen in is used

She's not that keen in some ways.

I am very and super keen in hunterlaar.

So you need to be keen in making choice.

That is why organizations must be keen in integrating this into their corporate culture.

When the state government is keen in privatising Kesco, the employees are a worried lot.

She seems really keen in her work, taking notes on everything and dressing appropriately.

Aside from picking up an infinitesimal amount of calculus, I met a fellow keener in class who had the investing bug.

If their focus is just to learn to communicate effectively in English, they are not too keen in changing their accent.

So you have to be keen in choosing one, especially if you are to give it to your friend who knows a lot about the item.

Mor Gregorios was very keen in maintaining relationship with all section of people, irrespective of caste or community.

In 2% of cases keen about is used

But I am keen about the feedback I get.

And I wasn't feeling too keen about that.

He wasn't very like keen about meeting up.

And there are many things we should be keen about even if they brought no pleasure, e.

I was not keen about talking of marriage either with her or any other lady I was dating.

The users who are keen about the HTC Desire they can get it from their near mobile store.

However, there are a lot of people who are not really keen about the traditional treatment for Parkinson's disease.

Thompson was less keen about engaging in the SHS debate and more fired up by the opportunity to take IMANI to task.

Meanwhile the courts also got involved and issued directives and declared itself to be very keen about the solution.

When you go keen about environmental surroundings, including, that must be everything that your web page approximately.

In 1% of cases keen at is used

Prices seem really keen at the moment.

WB is not keen at all merging with Bangladesh.

Coalition voters were far less keen at 83 per cent.

Jack Bobridge was pretty keen at the start of the stage to finish the week off on a high.

My friend Tim is keen at building things from wood and offered to restore the earring for me.

We are more keen at doing things because we know that someone supports for us and care for us.

I know that some readers weren't overly keen at the prospect of change, on the basis that ' if it ain't broke, don't fix it '.

Keener at the close than even at the start of that course, our Translator today is yet happily and earnestly following that trail.

It seems that yet again American studios aren't too keen at upsetting the bible belt of America, bearing in mind they are telling a true story.

Pricing is definately keen at around 380 for body and 580 for the body and a pair of lenses compared to 600 (inc cashback) for the 30D body only.

In 1% of cases keen of is used

Laud wasn't keen of changing his posting.

Cones are the keenest of the retina's receptor cells.

He's business minded and keen of wit, yet severe of manner.

And keen of JYS to muse that Ferrari may not be where SV goes next, if he ever leaves at all.

Communication has made people more aware and more keen of their rights, and of the rights of others.

Wish me luck! Now let's see if Mobitel gives me back my refundable deposit! me too keen of this stuff.

Having said that even the keenest of whalers appear to want whale kills to be quick and clean to minimise suffering.

If you are keen of improving your English Language and gaining some extra skills from a reputable school with friendly, qualified, and.

The Maschine have hit the store as it seems and if you're keen to add some drum machine tool to your studio, or just keen of its rainbowy.

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