Prepositions after "juxtapose"

"juxtapose with" or "juxtapose to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases juxtapose with is used
    juxtaposed with raila visit just a week earlier and the jigsaw will be almost complete.
    The natural progression is juxtaposed with the nattering recollection of Marie, the Austrian Countess.
    The overwhelming exception to the rule (disadvantaged moving to advantage ), juxtaposed with the overwhelming rule (advantaged maintaining advantage).
    Subtle movement and frozen poses were juxtaposed with fast and dangerous contact work, furious outbursts which showed sensitive awareness of pace and timing.
    Today the original building with its cement floors and towering ceilings is juxtaposed with the state of the art multimedia exhibits, reinforcing the dichotomy of past and present.
    Between sprawling aristocratic estates juxtaposed with sordid underworlds and political upheaval driven by ambitious but flawed political figures, I can deliver the full HBO package.

    In 18% of cases juxtapose to is used
    I believe it says a lot about politicians when they feel the need to photocall juxtaposed to a **25;0;TOOLONG etc.

    In 14% of cases juxtapose against is used
    If you imagine eating a ready salted crisp and then having a bit of chocolate, the chocolate will taste sweeter because it's juxtaposed against the salty taste.

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