Prepositions after "justifiable"

"justifiable in" or "justifiable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases justifiable in is used

That is not justifiable in my view.

This is unjustifiable in terms of Kantian theory.

You tell me how this is justifiable in a free society.

I also think that what he did in 2009 wasn't cool or justifiable in the slightest.

To do so would damage India's credibility and not justifiable in international law.

The motives for silence are often understandable and justifiable in each specific case.

It's got to be publically justifiable; not only justifiable in accordance with a private view; a private belief.

That extra revenue alone would probably have made the decision to keep Joseph justifiable in the eyes of ownership.

Eventually I came to the belief that shooting kangaroos is not justifiable in terms of damaging the incomes of farmers.

In 16% of cases justifiable for is used

Or it is justifiable for the people who are below poverty line.

Animal testing is cruel and it's not justifiable for party pills.

So it was pretty justifiable for the overworked and underpaid British public to hate her.

All those things make it extremely justifiable for us to fund PT from more than just fares.

I hope you will find enough value in Edge Inspect that the price is justifiable for you too.

RUN!!! no reason is justifiable for being with a married man (the man has never been urs frm day 1).

These guidelines are seen to be justifiable for the sake of economic stabilisation in the national economic interest.

He went over for a try with his last touch, nothing could have been more justifiable for his last game in a red jersey.

However, it may be argued that it is justifiable for the objectives of lectures to be different from course objectives.

It is not justifiable for the BBC to pay double the contractually required sum to the director general on his resignation.

In 7% of cases justifiable on is used

Private atheism is justifiable on grounds of truth.

Hence interference with physical goods is justifiable on scarcity grounds.

This could certainly be carried out on the NHS as is justifiable on grounds.

Strangely enough, this move is perhaps most justifiable on academic grounds.

Irrespective of whether she deserves nomination to Raja Sabha, at least it is justifiable on artistic merit.

Biotechnology is justifiable on the basis that it has the potential to achieve what conventional plant breeding might never achieve.

If they truly believed abortion was murder, then making someone give out birth control is perfectly justifiable on the grounds of preventing it.

In some cases this may be justifiable on the basis of a stated role but, for many, such workflows would not match any definition of best practice.

Still, at least five minutes after the hour seems justifiable on the assumption that were it anything less Beck would likely have pinned the time as right at the hour.

They must be justified and perceived as justifiable on more general grounds reflected in previous case law and other authorities that apply to the instant fact situation.

In 6% of cases justifiable by is used

That racialism is unjustifiable by 21st century moral standards is not a view I invented.

This procedure is justifiable by the fact that OECD designed its recommendations based on these four countries.

A breakthrough came when I likened a beach to a living organism, a comparison justifiable by their similarities.

The fact was that Jesus opposed ablution of any kind before eating, because it was not justifiable by the Torah.

This irrational rationing is going to worsen, for the costs of the current system are simply not sustainable nor are they justifiable by almost any metric used.

I hope she'd know that, despise what her parent thinks, girls don't need to live up to being incapable sofa cushions who's existence is only justifiable by a male companion.

Through deliberations, moral disagreement can be resolved with reasons that are justifiable by stakeholders who can think and act fairly despite the presence of different interests 1.

In 6% of cases justifiable to is used

The excuse is good though and justifiable to many.

I my-self will use the machine often enough to make the buy justifiable to me.

Moreover, doing so might not be justifiable to non-drivers who pay similar tuition fees.

And on that basis, the support of Anwar is justifiable to his supporters and those fence sitters.

However while reading the above conversation i have to admit, Greeks are entirely justifiable to their worries.

The AIDS theory is, in a perverted way, justifiable to a point because there is the history with syphilis(sp) being given to African Americans.

It might have worked for others but even if it did work on my skin, it'd have to be pretty miraculous in order for the price to be justifiable to me.

This is justifiable to a degree, as we have all seen the pictures of people without hair and people with other visible signs of treatment from cancer.

It will not justifiable to 100 million internet users to ban the social networking sites which provides us a platform to express our views and opinions.

Cameron has been trying to keep his options open, saying the status quo is not an option and any new formula has to be justifiable to the victims of phone hacking.

In 6% of cases justifiable under is used

What they did is not justifiable under any situation.

As always, such restrictions must be justifiable under the three-part test.

Labour rights in Bangladesh are not justifiable under the existing labour laws and lack of proper execution system of those existing laws is the main course for not ensuring labour rights 3.

Is a revolution still justifiable under these conditions? Can't we hope to bring the required change within the system? Certainly, democracy by itself does not abolish the right of revolution.

In 4% of cases justifiable as is used

A message of hate can be as theologically justifiable as a message of love.

This increase is justifiable as the road network has improved considerably.

Thus, scientific inquiry is justifiable as an extension of rational theology.

Nevertheless, the usage may be justifiable as a concise statement of a principle.

To a certain extent their hatred is justifiable as to myself, and my parents and relatives.

This behaviour might just be justifiable as a tactic at the end of a long gruelling match but not in the first five minutes.

The invasion of Afghanistan was strategically justifiable as a means of disrupting al Qaeda and preventing follow-on attacks against the United States.

At the very least, though, his election would be justifiable as a Hail Mary play by a party in real danger of either extinction or perpetual third party status.

In 3% of cases justifiable from is used

Perhaps justifiable from an aesthetic perspective but tampering with the natural order made things much worse.

These acts may be justified by those who commit them, but they are by no means justifiable from the point of view of the victim.

There are many reasons for wanting to share in a property which are all, no doubt, justifiable from the time the deal originated through to closure.

Regardless of whether funds are available, making this kind of investment simply isn't justifiable from a usage standpoint in today's lean IT environment.

In 2% of cases justifiable at is used

I agree with Manish, the premium is justifiable at that age.

Most of the things that are today considered negative were relevant and justifiable at the time.

I am aware this has been a disappointment for the sector, but I am afraid that in our current fiscal environment, such a review is not justifiable at this stage.

Even if it wasn't justifiable at the time, no doubt a good case can be made that, since Israel exists now, to try to reverse the status quo would be a worse wrong.

In 2% of cases justifiable because is used

Lets say our level of spending is justifiable because of the dangers we face and in view the cost of our responses to those dangers.

The change was also justifiable because of improved trainer skills and training materials, including an illustrated step-by-step surgical manual (Gonzales et al.

He argued that the large amount of capital that would be required for such a purchase in wartime conditions was justifiable because of the very high freight rates prevailing.

Most people, pressed on the point, will quickly disclaim or abandon any suggestion that abortion-for-rape is justifiable because of the woman's innocence of the sexual act, and not otherwise.

In 1% of cases justifiable about is used

The only problem is that there is nothing scientific or conclusively justifiable about these.

Anonymous, are you trying to suggest that there's anything useful or justifiable about torturing the torturer as opposed to letting him die or commit suicide? Laura: The torturer saw it coming.

In 1% of cases justifiable according is used

The other causes of divorce discussed are not valid and justifiable according to God.

Value based fee are justifiable according to the value of what you are offering to the clients.

I'd not sure that anyone saw it that way at the time, but it would be possible to create such a chain, each of whose links were justifiable according to very widely held moral frameworks.

In 1% of cases justifiable depending is used

It may possibly be justifiable depending on what it is spent.

How is one case of rape more legitimate than another? Personally, I do not qualify crimes against other people as more justifiable depending on the case.

In 1% of cases justifiable with is used

Anything is justifiable with such a free spirit You have touched a topic that is so close to my heart.

My experience has been that such parents? diagnosis of narcissism was not justifiable with the utilization of the more stringent criteria for narcissism to be found in DSM-IV (18).

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