Prepositions after "junior"

"junior in" or "junior at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases junior in is used

Eric Haun is a junior in finance.

I'd currently a Junior in college and.

I will enter as a Junior in the Spring.

A little investigating turned up that scholastically he was listed as a junior in 1929.

Laz, I have been a member of Mensa since I scored 1280 on my SAT as a Junior in HS 1981.

Now 18, and a Junior in College, I see the future in him and it helps me sleep at night.

Samson Aframian, a junior in accounting, did not see anything until the police started to clear out of the building.

My Junior in college comes home on major holidays, but when he is not here, I use his (former) room as a craft room.

He can curse his junior in the name of the lineage, thereby removing from him the mystical protection of the lineage.

I thought about that junior in college who lost her aunt and cousins when they were shopping in Lahore's moon market.

In 20% of cases junior at is used

Trayvon, who was a junior at Dr.

Scott is a Junior at CU majoring in English.

Carly is just 20 and a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Nidhi Chouhdhary As a junior at LCS, this is Nidhi's 4th year as a GHAMUN participant.

Now, as a junior at Waggener Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky, she has a 3.

Former Brantford Golden Eagle Alex Szczechura, a junior at OSU, had an assist in that game.

He has now been with the club for five years, but was almost lost to football when a junior at great rivals Benfica.

Nick is a junior at OCC and jumped at the opportunity to work Election Day after hearing about it in politics class.

As a junior at the University of San Diego I took a class that was taught by an incredibly wise philosophy professor.

MaKenzie is a junior at Joplin High School and has been writing stories particularly in the fantasy genre for six years.

In 15% of cases junior to is used

I was junior to them by a few years.

Amitabha Chakraborty is two years junior to me.

Rockefeller Junior to the League of Nations Library.

If you are one hundred years old and have just left home, you are junior to everyone else.

Nothing was too far-fetched, and no member of the staff was too junior to speaker her mind.

But the veep was skeptical, and he left it up to Junior to pass judgment on me and my request.

I don't see anything in your logic that would say the government money needed to be injected as junior to the union.

Presidential Scholar, and elected as a junior to Phi Beta Kappa, his academic focus has been on Medicine and Society.

Also, you can check out some of the other Certifications (junior to PMP) and track your time and experience against them.

If this person is junior to you in the organization, you will be less likely to reciprocate than if this person were a peer.

In 5% of cases junior for is used

And nothing would prepare Junior for what was to follow.

Canada is ready but still hiring too junior for such tremendous roles.

But for me, who had been a fan of Super Junior for five years now, it's worth it.

And yet another clue, is the way in which Tony is shot by Junior for the second time.

Please say hello to Junior for me and tell him to say Hi to Abuelo and all the rest of.

In Indore, an advocate found out that his junior for three months was actually a policeman.

Of the prospects eligible to play for the Marlies, Sam Carrick, Brad Ross, and Andrew Crescenzi could be returned to junior for overage years.

Not that Bent is someone the Boks need to be too concerned with having hardly played any serious rugby as a senior (or as a junior for that matter).

I'd have never guessed I'd be saying that when he was a freshman at Florida, or even as a junior for that matter, but I am and that's a huge credit to his work ethic.

Floyd, a junior for the seventh-ranked Gators and a possible first-round pick in the NFL draft, now receives far more from his adoptive father, Kevin Lahn, than he was punished for taking last year.

In 5% of cases junior from is used

Wilson, a junior from Tulare, Calif.

The 6-foot-6 junior from Chelan, Wash.

Jason Ross, a junior from Newtown, Pa.

From: Kofi Ansah, UK Hi Syl, its Bernice, ur cousin and junior from Merries and Legon.

How can I know? Because I have a junior from China and I guess you guys can guess what happened.

Mr Kwashira was trying to restrain his junior from assaulting his wife during a domestic dispute.

The junior from Findlay talked all preseason about the time he took during the summer to hone his offensive skills.

Abby Mackinnon, a junior from Plymouth, comes with her mother, and they stop at McDonald's for breakfast on the way in.

The junior from Columbus, Ohio who appeared on the watch list for the Maxwell Award (national player of the year) averages 4.

Despite being a senior person in the organisation I was interviewed by a junior from HR who was ill equipped to deal with such an interview.

In 4% of cases junior on is used

I was a junior on April 20, 1999.

He was let go and replaced by a colleague 20 years his junior on half his salary.

Junior on April 10, 2009 7:12 am I love Yiddish for the descriptive nature of the words.

Bourgault has two years of eligibility remaining and will be listed as a junior on the St.

Sofia the First will make her big debut on Disney Junior on Saturday, November 24th at 7pm ET.

Crammed in the back of the pumper I joked with my friends as Encik fumed to his junior on the return journey.

Allan Faqir Junior on stage did just that, transforming rough days at work into a memorable and music-filled night.

Contributed photo by KU Athletics Emma Umbarger, a Mill Valley alum, is a junior on the Kansas University rowing team.

Joseph Tingey is 14 years old and plays for the Kick Start Academy which is the dominant club in junior on the Island.

It has been widely speculated that it was this change of mind that actually put Junior on the right path to the Community.

In 4% of cases junior with is used

After dinner, Mommy helps Junior with homework.

Gordon, ranked number two in the world last year as a junior with 51.

Tom Smith is another excellent South Square junior with a busy diary.

Aubrey (Robertson ), a junior with artistic aspirations, has a hot boyfriend who doesn.

SM always cuts off Super Junior with ' etc ' when talking about their company in articles.

Lots of young players shoot the lights out in junior with seasons that are above the point per game average.

It was an unfair situation for Southwick, whether or not he was a true freshman or a junior with minimal experience.

I, too, was fortunate enough to see Potvin (and future Leaf Ian Turnbull) play in their last year of junior with Ottawa.

I'd a rising Junior with top marks in my computer science program and I've spent the last two and a half years buried in CSS.

Aubrey (Britt Robertson ), a junior with artistic aspirations, has a boyfriend who doesn't quite understand her or seem to care.

In 3% of cases junior of is used

Mr Patwardhan junior of Ahmednagar was there.

Mahaka was the most junior of all the monks in that Community.

Isidatta was the most junior of all the monks in that Community.

Cheza, Sala and Junior of the former Olkiombo pride took over the Maji ya Fisi territory.

Both of course, performed the same roles for NeXT, although Tevanian is the more junior of the two.

Just wanted to say, jiayous &; stay strong (: Hey, I was junior of Silver when she was studying in SP.

Moiety of all lands etc in West Burton, Dorset, which he had from George Goring junior of Lewes, Sussex, on 26 Jul 1590.

Consideration: 40 LM/358/34/1-2 13 Jan-14 Jan 1768 Lease and release 1) William Briant junior of Haslemere, gent 2) Thomas More Molyneux, esq.

Because of the sterling qualities of Ojagbulegun, though the most junior of the three, the people agreed that he should be their head that is the Oloja.

You're missing the whole idea of the post, which is to make sure everyone knows what a beckwit George Tierney junior of Greenville, South Carolina really is.

In 2% of cases junior as is used

A colleague of mine viewed his junior as a ' lightweight '.

But it was a void that didn't so much happen to Junior as Junior let happen to himself.

A lot of the decision involved the knowledge he planned to come to North America to play junior as an 18-year-old.

Their tickets are too expensive and the product, frankly, isn't so superior to junior as to justify the price difference.

And from his window, it sounded to Junior as if the hundred who had gathered heretofore just as listeners now sang along as well.

The envelope contained no note, only a photo of Junior as a toddler crawling out Jimmy's outstretched legs as they rested on the ottoman.

So why didn't he tell the joke with Junior as the target? Because he doesn't believe there is any truth in the possibility of Junior raping his mother.

Davies showed promise as a junior as the heir apparent to Graeme Smith, Britain's Olympic bronze medallist over 1500m free at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

The family, from Faifley, Clydebank, described the boy they nicknamed Junior as a bubbly character who wanted to be a police officer and had a passion for football.

In 2% of cases junior by is used

Initially Sartre praised Camus his junior by eight years.

Prince Peter was a man of fifty, Michael's junior by ten years.

Sure, make life easier for Tancho Junior by giving him 13 years of disruption from NS.

I even bullied a prefect back in Queen's college, who didn't know I was her junior by 4 years.

Too damned pragmatic by half, Junior by a man who has always been called the smartest guy in the room.

He was my father's protg of sorts at the auditor's office in Naga City, his junior by more than 10 years, I think.

The Brazilian Justice Ministry approved the acquisition of local bottled-tea maker Leao Junior by US beverage giant Coca-Cola.

The star of that film, Laurence Harvey - her junior by 20-odd years - was one of Hermione's lovers, and there were two husbands.

Took, her junior by seven years, charmed Pat and paid flattering attention to her daughters, particularly Jennifer who was 13 at the time.

On the birth of a second son, my junior by seven years, my parents gave up entirely their wandering life, and fixed themselves in their native country.

In 1% of cases junior about is used

Kris tells Junior about Kerry's plans for her in Europe.

Matt also talks to Junior about selling out his share of the farm to Gillian.

Loch was a junior about a year-and-a-half old at the time and before that I never owned a dog.

Apologize to Junior about his college fund, Grandpa needs a lifetime supply of nursing care and Depends.

In 1% of cases junior after is used

He wanted to have everybody talking about Roy Jones Junior after the show.

It's been a bad week all round for the barony with Cill Chomain returning to Junior after six years in the Intermediate ranks.

The next question was directed towards Kangin, who had just returned to Super Junior after completing his mandatory military service.

The last 2 years of Junior after my injury, I was a back-up, and at the beginning, it was still OK, but after I had to change my way to approach practices.

He not only succeeded Dale Hunter as the Capitals captain in 1999, but also replaced Hunter as Washington's head coach when the latter decided to return to junior after last season.

In 1% of cases junior before is used

Modano spent another year in junior before joining the big club.

I thought about the words of Don Furner Junior before that match in 2008.

Pagon, now 31 years old, represented the country as a junior before graduating to the senior level.

For all we know, Silvio was at the head of it or at least deeply involved, and, like Junior before him, he eventually realized that his options were better if he stuck with Tony.

In 1% of cases junior without is used

HanGeng's not coming back, and I can't imagine Super Junior without their leader.

You are not usually allowed change level on the day of the Junior without a letter from the teacher or Principal.

Super Junior without Kangin performed World tours with the boom of K-Pop and had huge hits with their 4th album ' Bonamana ' and the 5th album ' Mr Simple '.

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