Prepositions after "joint"

"joint in" or "joint with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases joint in is used

Every joint in my body started aching.

The ligament holds the joint in place.

See the joint in the following picture.

As week 5 approached I was almost bedridden - every joint in my body hurt, even my jaw.

We started the trip at a ridiculous BYOB sushi joint in Fells Point called Asahi Sushi.

Compression -- Wrap an injured joint in an elastic bandage using a figure-eight pattern.

If you have had a replacement there may be a foam wedge or pillows between your legs to keep your new joint in place.

At this joint in life; we need God's intervention and to attract God we need Love for God dwells where there is Love.

The neck joint is no different from any other joint in the body, it also deteriorates with age and acquires arthritis.

However, this unique structure also means that the shoulder joint is the most frequently dislocated joint in the body.

In 17% of cases joint with is used

Wrap the joint with an elastic bandage.

Joint with Joe who also played 38 games.

Tarsi slender, 3rd joint with short lobes.

It's surprisingly fresh, sounding like a pre- Fergie Black Eyed Peas joint with will.

Osteoporosis may result in fractures of the spine, ribs or hip joint with minimal trauma.

But this apparent interest in buying seems out of joint with the reality of high street sales.

The SI joint is a diarthrodial joint with hyaline cartilage on the sacral side and fibrocartilage on the iliac side.

I also started my own credit card account and made it joint with my husband, just as he did with his accounts for me.

I need a joint with good TVs near the Marriott in downtown Montreal to watch some baseball early this evening, please.

In 9% of cases joint on is used

Rafael's -- a little Mexican joint on Pico.

Recently I hit up this new tapas joint on St.

One of the guys has hidden a small joint on him.

The new plastic con-rod joint replaced the leather joint on older model spinning wheels.

They are angled at the wide ends to assist in making the joint on the spine when backing.

Step 2: Use a nail or skewer to dab a minimal amount of glue to joint on 1 of the pieces.

If teams are joint on points to decide any position frame difference, then head to head results shall come into play.

Shane 6:50 am August 25th, 2012 Hi, I took about 4-5 puff of a joint on the 14th august and have a urine test on the 28th.

We smoked another joint on the way back to Puerto Vallarta, and the melancholy that had gripped us at the old hotel lifted.

She had two brothers and two sisters, all are now deceased except for her brother who is joint on her account and another sister.

In 7% of cases joint at is used

Most people consider a joint at a party to be fine.

K9 braces support the joint at the back of your pet's leg.

Not that id mind the police having a joint at a bbq after work.

Fearing that she would tip him over, the father cut her fingers off, one joint at a time.

Unfortunately, pass the joint at parties gets a lot of people smoking through peer pressure.

Tom, his nose out of joint at Matt's popularity, is less enthused and remains sniffy to the end.

Bunions and bunionettes are bony bumps formed on the joint at the base of the big toe or the little toe respectively.

In essence, when the ligaments and muscles are not able to support the joint at a certain position, the ankle gives way.

Because it's connected in this way, each and every exertion of the bicep is also a workout for the joint at your shoulder.

TV Play School drugs shock TWO presenters of the kids ' show Play School smoked a huge joint at the BBC and went on TV STONED.

In 6% of cases joint for is used

We cooked the joint for 7 hours.

Checking the joint for square-ness.

California is another joint for entertainment.

But the problem with immobilizing a joint for a period of time is that it stiffens up.

Russell made his bones and did time in the joint for his participation in the Native movement.

Time was when the number one joint for paratas, naan and other rotti like food items was Nana's.

If your butcher is preparing the joint for you, ensure that you know the weight of the joint when you are buying it.

I personally think it is going to be just fine, because there is a joint for every occasion and everyone on this album.

He was also involved in illegal baseball gambling, bookmaking, mail fraud, and did six years in the joint for ripping off 2.

Friends of ours got their wedding cakes from this place so we decided to make a bee-line to this joint for our wedding banquet.

In 5% of cases joint between is used

The joint between hand and arm is termed the ' wrist '.

Ash snickered and gestured at the TV with the joint between his fingers.

The joint between the humerus and scapula is called the gleno-humeral joint.

The technique results in a flexible but weak joint between the belly and edge rib.

The joint between the clavicle and scapula is called the acromio-clavicular joint.

This is a result of loose fragments that slip into the joint between the femur and tibia.

The joint between them is only one meter wide, so that the rock above looks precarious but actually rather safe.

Like an owl, the tarsier has a joint between its skull base and spine to allow head movement of a 180-degree arc.

Place your feet flat on the floor, and your arms, palms turned upward, at the joint between your thighs and torso.

In 5% of cases joint by is used

Here is the joint by joint in a nutshell.

This sparked off a joint by NATO members condemning Syria's behaviour.

Airtasker was conceived in joint by Fung and his colleague Jonathan Lui.

He arose, joint by joint, as a carpenter's rule opens, and beat the dust from his clothes.

This joint fluid is like transmission fluid and is pumped throughout the joint by moving the knee.

Now they are munching on the roots of the cherry tree as new life is breathed into the joint by Savile.

This post will use the framework of the joint by joint theory to consider the research that looks at injury risk factors.

But it smacks more of noses being put out of joint by the oiks from down the corridor than of a credible case for change.

Oh, now you can enjoy 5% discount on your order on Beauty Joint by using the code SARAHASSAN (all upper case letters) on checkout.

In addition, strength must also be restored to the joint by doing appropriate resistive exercises with exercise tubing and theraband training.

In 4% of cases joint to is used

He passes the joint to Virginia.

This helps the joint to work smoothly.

Place this joint to the right of the seam.

The pelvic curve from the lumbo-sacral joint to the coccyx faces downwards and forward.

Then, we have to make sure it is properly oriented to go from the current joint to the next one.

Castiel, he decides as he watches him lift the joint to his lips, would definitely taste different.

It is ridiculous that someone can be sent to prison for giving or selling a joint to a friend out the back of the pub.

A smaller-diameter delivery tube is fused or otherwise attached by a leakproof joint to the lower end of the main tube.

There were no machines with the accuracy of today's CNC routers to cut the joint to the tolerances that they are cut today.

The complexity of the information networks, joint to global scale comercial networks, defines what we understand by culture.

In 4% of cases joint from is used

Pass the joint from the front to the back.

You don't take a joint from a guy named Don.

Rob grimaces and pulls a crumpled joint from his jacket.

This disc absorbs shock to the temporomandibular joint from chewing and other movements.

Bragging rights which is a remix of the popular joint from his debut which featured Blaise.

Very carefully insert the applicator into the bottom joint from the lower end (the bell end).

I realised that Linda, the girl who had taken the joint from me, had her arm outstretched with it in her hand towards me.

Filler metal The metal that is deposited into the joint from an electrode or welding rod in order to achieve a weld of desired properties.

Hence if the word ' Allaah ' is preceded by another word, it would not be said as ' Allaah ', but it would be joint from the preceding word.

Anything that prevents this joint from tracking straight will cause it to wear it's cartilage and develop osteoarthritis (see osteoarthritis).

In 2% of cases joint as is used

If he should resign then anyone who smoked one joint as a teen or had a DUI should be automatically fired as well.

There are several types of committees: standing, legislative, special and joint as well as Committees of the Whole.

It is possible to pull them concerning the joint as well as press them upwards along to get the best severe slob peek.

There would be big plates of bread, bowls of salad, olives and other antipasti with a slow cooked joint as the centre piece.

Pain seemed to flow through every muscle and joint as the being that had lured him here transformed him into something unfamiliar.

I'd guessing, but I have a feeling that smoking a joint as an activity was something I did while I was listening to music back in the day.

Whenever a few of these issues can easily develop directly into more serious health issues like osteo arthritis, back problems, joint as well as tightness.

But is seems odd to give him a Puck (the energetic Mathias Dingman) who is almost the same height as he is: the dynamic between them is out of joint as a result.

You may really feel a sudden a sense reduced the actual joint as well as connected muscles soreness and related distress in the legs, legs, body and also backbone.

On This Page Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is a disease characterized by degeneration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint as well as bony overgrowth.

In 2% of cases joint of is used

These days you'll see lions chowing down on a rabbit or joint of beef.

There is much roast fowl and joint of mutton, plum pudding and boiled beef.

Quite obviously poke just slightly joint of duct tape under the flap and also it become.

How many hands are worne with digging and delving, that one joint of our finger might shine againe.

Regardless, for everyone buyers, $8, 000 may be way too high to pay extra for a wrist watch or joint of jewelry.

Once again, the Gangsta Fa Life Mavado has made a second appearance on BET's flagship video show 106 &; Park's New Joint of the Day in successive months.

In 1% of cases joint under is used

The one who ' worked that joint under the boardwalk, she was always the girl you saw boppin ' down the beach with the radio.

We were introduced to the manager of the market, who rolled us a joint under the watchful gaze of a framed portrait of his father.

The built-in bath pictured here features a joint under the rim through which a white LED light creates a soft glow and relaxing atmosphere for bathing.

In 1% of cases joint up is used

He lifts the whole joint up to a new level.

And while Erie may have stunk the joint up last year, they've got a fair amount of talent at forward.

You have no joint up thinking, no positive vision for the future and are completely fixated on he politics of envy.

But donors also need to think outside of the MDG box in a more joint up way and break down conventional sectoral barriers.

But policy makers still cling onto their sectors and remits, ignoring the multidimensional aspects of the MDGs and how joint up they need to be on-the-ground.

In 1% of cases joint through is used

The accessory movement takes the joint through what would be the normal physiological movement of the joint.

He prescribes taking the joint through its full range of movement and this entails taking it into resistance.

By any name, it involves a lot of moving a joint through its full range, without resistance -- an easy exercise.

As a result, the bone fragment displaced from the lunate-capitate joint through the gaps in the joint capsule and the ligament.

In 1% of cases joint after is used

It is a 24-hour joint after all.

I did not go to this joint after that.

He famously puffed a joint after winning the Mr.

Ignorance is blissful, like a nice joint after a cool beer.

Motion is pretty clearly important in recovery of a joint after injury.

To tie in what nwtk said: Motion is pretty clearly important in recovery of a joint after injury.

In some children several joints become sore and swollen at the same time, while for other children the illness develops in one joint after another.

In 1% of cases joint without is used

It's basically one big area of the city that you can to smoke a joint without fear of getting arrested.

These have the advantage of improving and maintaining knee joint range of motion and also strengthening the joint without putting weight through the joint.

However, in the rare case of a combined scaphoid and lunate fracture with the displaced bone fragment of the lunate from the intercarpal joint without dislocation (Fig.

Your body has internal sensors that give you an idea about the position of your joint without having to look at it (which is why we can walk without having to look at our feet).

A combined scaphoid and lunate fracture with the displaced bone fragment of the lunate from the intercarpal joint without dislocation could not be classified using that classification (Table 1).

In 1% of cases joint over is used

He held the joint over Crandall's head.

There are many noses out of joint over this one.

Yeah, most Americans prefer free birth control and a good joint over a job and a good economy.

While these tend to be effective, at least for a while, they only mask the pain and may in fact accelerate the damage to the arthritic joint over time.

He's better at this early stage than guys like Darius Butler, Jonathan Wilhite and so many other failed corners who've famously stunk up the joint over the past few seasons.

Constant compression of any joint over a long period can lead to the transmission of noxious stimuli; muscle fatigue and trigger points will lead to further joint compression and chronic muscle pain.

In 1% of cases joint out is used

And with that, he takes a joint out of his pocket.

Athletes will not exercise or compete with a joint out of alignment.

Sprains are caused by trauma such as a fall or blow to the body that knocks a joint out of position and, in the worst case, ruptures the supporting ligaments.

In 1% of cases joint near is used

Readers in Europe look out for Cameron at a joint near you.

We wandered around a bit and ended up in this old, very typical joint near the bus station.

Even to day, a Manglorean joint near Strand -- Colaba by name draws more Parsee crowd for value for money and no arrogance of the owner.

Qadir bhai used to work for a fast-food joint near my place and like many others residing in Dubai, hailed from a different part of the world (South of India).

Burger &; Lobster My colleague Jimmy recommended this joint near Greene Park which opened last December and boasts no ressies, a two-hour wait for a table, and only three menu options.

Just outside the big fast-food joint near Karachi's Jinnah International Airport, I saw at least three separate middle-class families with daughters in hijabs wrapped around their little heads.

In 1% of cases joint like is used

Semilunar, found in-between the joint like the middle of a sandwich.

Capsule A collagenous structure that surrounds a joint like a sleeve.

The challenging marketplace for a tuna melt and milkshake joint like Friendly's comes as no surprise.

Typically this injury would occur in a joint like the wrist, elbow or ankle, or thumbs, and can damage the joint capsule.

Parents were dropping their children off at the synagogue, and the kids, unchaperoned, were treating the joint like the mall.

He would have done more soft-tissue damage around the joint like his nerves, muscles and tendons, whereas mine is bone and partially my pectoral muscle.

Should have figured something like this takes place in a joint like that when you have a security guard out front at 4 in the afternoon, reminded me of the block downtown.

Here is my selection of ten key metrics that every six-sigma joint like GE tracks without thinking, but too many small businesses only monitor haphazardly, if at all: Sales revenue.

Trapped nerve implies the nerve path is under some pressure -- such as when wearing a tight shoe -- or it can be a nerve pinched inside a joint like the ones seen throughout the arch of the foot.

In 1% of cases joint into is used

The disc splits the joint into two separate joints.

The front I said, she is wearing a pink shirt, wearing a dyed dark Japanese urea fertilizer bags joint into trousers.

The Chocolate Boy Wonder incorporated this joint into his sound over a year before Da Beatminerz used it for Enta Tha Stage.

Encouraged by the poster's comedic visual opening, an unknown artist had Tipp-exed a large joint into Bertie's fingers and coloured his eyes neon green.

As the great toe slides over the insole and hits the inside of the shoe, the applied force drives the metatarsophalangeal joint into hyperextension, producing the sprain.

In 1% of cases joint during is used

Cannot move the joint during the cure.

The bacteria may also enter the joint during surgery or due to injury.

Then he screwed up and let Danny talk him into sharing a joint during last break.

It provides stability and allows effective movement of the joint during movement and function.

All these factors combined stimulate tissue scarification, while monitoring the pressure applied to the injured joint during the sessions.

So the next time your girl is giving you a hard time about smoking too much, give her a joint during that special time and watch her fall in love with you all over again.

In 1% of cases joint due is used

Osteoarthritis is often the result of severe stress in the joint due to the weight, or repeated injury or damage.

The dizzy spells remain unexplained and the shoulder has been put down to extra fluid in my joint due to pregnancy.

But, this procedure does not aim to reconstruct the anatomical acromioclavicular joint due to the distal clavicle resection.

Septic Arthritis Inflammation of a joint due to bacterial or fungal causes stands another one amongst the long list of the kinds of arthritis.

Natural Arthritis Cream Arthritis means the Inflammation of joint due to a disease, Infection, genetic defect and some other cause yet the term use for wide variety of disorders.

Secondary osteoarthritis on the other hand can occur due to a variety of factors with two being if surgery has been done on a joint or when excess weight is exerted on the joint due to obesity.

In 1% of cases joint before is used

I believe you needed to smoke another joint before your last two paragraphs.

Often the patient does not remember injuring the joint before the pain begins.

Typically, the patient does not recall injuring the joint before the pain started.

Read More Guys -- have a quick puff of your joint before heading down the aisle with your boyfriend.

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