Prepositions after "jam"

"jam with", "jam to" or "jam in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases jam with is used
    Then its off to jam with the Stones.
    The first two lanes were jammed with cars.
    Can't wait until I get to jam with him upstairs.
    Today a cow spends most of its life on a feedlot jammed with thousands of other hapless creatures.
    But I do see a lot of stuff in the press with him talking about jamming with us and making an album.
    His apartment was jammed with family memorabilia, and photographs which I forced myself not to gawp at.
    All the surrounding cities and towns are jammed with the homeless ones, where they are being cared for by the relief committees.
    Soon the driver switched on the music system and the blaring music that resulted started jamming with the soft rock in my ears.
    Everything is covered in an eerie blue-green wash, the sky is jammed with angry gray clouds, and the scream of wind and rolling thunder is deafened.
    They even have prizes for the best exhibits! The whole exhibition centre, probably the size of a few football fields, was jammed with massive crowds.

    In 15% of cases jam in is used
    That night Pablo and a Black anarchist friend jammed in his living room.
    Along with his friends, he used to jam in garages, often skipping school to practice.
    Step 3 Place the butter, ground almonds and jam in a processor and blitz into a creamy spreadable almond butter.
    Never ship any item in regular envelopes just to save a few pennies, as sometimes they will get jammed in the post office sorter and will be shredded.
    The BBC Arabic TV news service has also been jammed in recent weeks across various parts of north Africa during the recent uprisings in Egypt and Libya.

    In 15% of cases jam to is used
    Do those kinds of songs for the album but do the party songs for the party freaks to jam to.
    Why then do you recognize the others and forget we who put the songs out there for the people to jam to.
    Fine, music is to inspire, motivate and educate but when it comes to the party venue, people just want to jam to good beats and party hard.

    In 7% of cases jam between is used
    Oriakhi produced a few other highlights, including a drop-step and jam between two defenders later in the first half.
    I forgot this during my first interview with Facebook, and had to type code while keeping the phone jammed between shoulder and ear, like a nerdy T-Rex.

    In 7% of cases jam into is used
    In other instances, animals had rods jammed into their mouths or anuses and were electrocuted.
    In fact at the press briefing that evening the buzz intensified because we all had to jam into the media tent.
    Perhaps it's that ice-cream sandwich flavour I'd licking or it's the 1 Ghz dual-core processor that HTC jammed into this slim fella.

    In 5% of cases jam on is used
    Spend the next fifty days absolutely jamming on this book.

    In 2% of cases jam at is used
    Early in the night, and Evo's throttle cable jammed at full revs, causing the driver to jump out and pop the bonnet in record time to manually release it.

    In 2% of cases jam through is used
    After that political defeat, the president had to endure another weak week when his party leaders in the Senate tried to jam through a trillion-dollar spending bill with more than 6,000 earmarks.

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