Prepositions after "irritate"

"irritate by" or "irritate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases irritate by is used
    They became irritated by Homicide.
    I've always been irritated by those tiny little cups of coffee the Italians drink.
    When I emerge from one I can feel irritated by the restrictions of the short story.
    Bangalee were being regularly oppressed and irritated by Non-Bengali and Bihari in Mirpur.
    Many are particularly irritated by the thought that males dictate that decision, or any other.
    When they burnt rubbish a snake was irritated by the smoke and bit the Bodhisatta's son who then fell down and died.
    I think this is why Peter Tatchell has been irritated by the use of the word ' abduction ' to describe what happened.
    Swedish people are now actually getting a little irritated by Assange's assertion that Sweden will just hand him over to the USA.
    Doing so can help you avoid tricky conversations when they're least expected or when you may already be irritated by something else.

    In 16% of cases irritate with is used
    I am just soooo irritated with this stupid talk about what he said or didn't say.
    I was simply irritated with the service level we were receiving and it was on my mind.
    When you start doing extra care of him or asking him some doubtful question then they get irritates with you.
    And Kevin, well Kevin got irritated with Amanda and had possibly the most complicated philosophical scene he's ever had about the helpfulness or not of religion.

    In 6% of cases irritate about is used
    It crept back into his mind that he was feeling mildly irritated about something.

    In 4% of cases irritate at is used
    The kids are starting to get a little irritated at the whole process.

    In 2% of cases irritate for is used
    The scuffle broke out when a customer was irritated for having waited for almost an hour only to be told that there weren't any chicken left.

    In 2% of cases irritate from is used
    I didn't have rosacea, my skin was red and irritated from the other cream they gave me, retin-a.

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