Prepositions after "irrelevant"

irrelevant to, in, for, of or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases irrelevant to is used

That's irrelevant to the study.

Irrelevant to my point, though.

Irrelevant to your words, sure.

I do get lots of comments that are tangential and largely irrelevant to the entry.

Your essay into biology is irrelevant to the question of equal rights to marriage.

Its unoriginal love story, however, is irrelevant to the significance of Birdsong.

Let me make this painfully clear to pro-choicers: If level of development is irrelevant to the discussion, then.

Of course there was plenty of other killing all along but I am sure you'd agree that's irrelevant to the thesis.

In any case, your digression about happiness versus satisfaction is completely irrelevant to the author's essay.

Darwin's complete quote is irrelevant to how it was interpreted and implemented by social Darwinists like Hitler.

In 15% of cases irrelevant in is used

God became irrelevant in his life.

Grammar is irrelevant in this instance.

His America is irrelevant in this debate.

The author's motivation is irrelevant in terms of whether the arguments are valid.

A decent one is always helpful but bits of paper are irrelevant in the real world.

If museums don't do digital, then they risk seeming irrelevant in a digital world.

Saw so many pros who never could get off the legacy toolsets and were suddenly totally irrelevant in the market.

Studies have shown portion size has been irrelevant in relation to the reality that we eat what is on our plates.

Thought-out the book, you see that your background and status is irrelevant in terms of how God wants to use you.

He thought that it would be better for a country to be dependent than to be irrelevant in the contemporary world.

In 6% of cases irrelevant for is used

Reserves are irrelevant for banking.

Reality is irrelevant for some here.

CMHC or not is irrelevant for renewal.

Your moralities and concepts concerning moral behavior are irrelevant for tantra.

It would seem to have decided to make itself irrelevant for anything that matters.

UPnnGrd Trying to determine legal-vs-not-legal is irrelevant for the Corona trial.

Manoj Jain stresses that the BEE standards should be achievable, otherwise they become irrelevant for execution.

But if you deny the premise, my argument is broken and the gospel message is irrelevant for holy people like you.

However, the number of days a taxpayer resides in the country is irrelevant for the purpose of taxation in the US.

Although energy saving was widely recognised as beneficial, this issue was clearly irrelevant for some individuals.

In 2% of cases irrelevant as is used

They have become irrelevant as a company.

The fact is irrelevant as between B and C.

That I will become irrelevant as an artiste.

Reid -- completely irrelevant as to Hotchin or Hanover's conduct in this instance.

But that is still irrelevant as the language he needed to be able to read was English.

The situs of a sale or purchase is wholly irrelevant as regards its inter-State character.

In the dispute settlement power becomes irrelevant as the legal considerations become then the dominant factors.

However, it is irrelevant as to whether I have talent or success - neither are requirements for posting a comment.

This crisis can not be solved based on inadequate and unreliable data, or irrelevant as well as speculative theories.

It's success or failure is in some respects irrelevant as the impact it has had on other social networks has been huge.

In 2% of cases irrelevant by is used

It will be irrelevant by tomorrow morning.

Everything else is irrelevant by comparison.

This was deemed irrelevant by Coleman and his guest.

The digital rights groups have made themselves irrelevant by saying no to everything.

Who wants to spend years writing a novel that's irrelevant by the time it's published.

Simla agreement further made these resolutions irrelevant by making it a bilateral issue.

As far as flying over other countries that could accept them, this is irrelevant by the refugee convention we signed.

Fear by the teacher, the teacher may fear being rendered irrelevant by the introduction of computers in his/her class.

As those goals have been achieved or rendered irrelevant by events, the old alliances make less sense than they once did.

In a related way, the travel book is believed to have been not just diminished but made irrelevant by the same technology.

In 2% of cases irrelevant of is used

Irrelevant of how legendary it can be.

Irrelevant of your audience, press releases are formal copy.

Irrelevant of the colour of who said it, who it is said about etc.

This is irrelevant of the employee knowing if he or she is being monitored or not.

Irrelevant of the hype, some kids work better with this kind of system and some do nt.

Irrelevant of its legalization it is conducted on a massive scale throughout the country.

Information is much better remembered if attached to emotional content, irrelevant of whether it is true or not.

It can be practiced by anyone irrelevant of the age and gender and it is designed to satisfy the needs of everyone.

The idea is great as Dan Canton stated, and its is feasible, irrelevant of what these Ury surrogates and pupetts say.

What bothers me, is that climatologists blindly apply black-body law irrelevant of the scale that it should be valid on.

In 1% of cases irrelevant at is used

It is irrelevant at this point.

That's irrelevant at least today.

Winning goal irrelevant at the end there.

The proposed measures can not be essential and irrelevant at one and the same time.

The irrelevant attribute All elements may have the irrelevant content attribute set.

The Enemy is always both scarily dangerous and ridiculously irrelevant at the same time.

Information is ever-changing and content may be updated, become obsolete or irrelevant at the time of your viewing.

But in general, Lib Dem junior ministers seem to me to be largely irrelevant at slowing the tide of the Tory right.

The speech about the witch hunt and free all the other wiki-leaks founders / employees is irrelevant at this stage.

Doug The smile that could make the Labour Party Irrelevant at the next Election, The Greens will have the genuine smile.

In 1% of cases irrelevant from is used

Regarded as irrelevant from outside, this place entrances those within it.

First, % or HRR revenue is completely irrelevant from a business perspective.

For example, never direct the visitors to pages that are irrelevant from searches.

Moscow was irrelevant from the strategic point of view if Japan is not considered.

The fact that it was later validated is irrelevant from a legal and moral standpoint.

This second meaning, however, is irrelevant from the point of view of our present argument.

They don't need london for it hence stop believing in ZAID HAMID - The guy is irrelevant from head to toe.

Whether I am real or a figment of someone/something else's imagination is irrelevant from my point of view.

He supplied our school library with books (though irrelevant from our education system those days) from Canada.

What I think, absent any November 2, 2012 - 10:45am What I think, absent any evidence, is irrelevant from a legal perspective.

In 1% of cases irrelevant on is used

Again that's entirely irrelevant on it's own.

We are insignificant and irrelevant on the cosmic scale.

But they will become largely irrelevant on the world scene.

Re: Personalisation of mobe devices doesn't make iGoogle irrelevant on the desktop Eugh.

We were all the way back to irrelevant on the day that Carter was finally trade to New Jersey.

Their petty little fiefdoms of control are irrelevant on the scale of an employee-owned company.

Your opinion is marginal and irrelevant on the basis of your evidenced inability to understand ideas presented in a text.

So that's a pan-network rollout for an information system which is entirely irrelevant on nine out of eleven Underground lines.

So every attempt was made to make it look as if it was irrelevant on ground, but that doesn't tell the truth about what was on ground.

To understand why they are irrelevant on Android, we have to focus on the way Google built its platform, using a model called sandboxing.

In 1% of cases irrelevant with is used

Affection is pretty irrelevant with asd.

It's quickly becoming irrelevant with all of the hipsters.

Nonetheless, most knowledge would be irrelevant with respect to these two values.

Uncharted 2 = GOTY Xbox to me is sorta becoming irrelevant with the lack of exclusives.

Oops!!! The CIA has been rendered irrelevant with no mission with all policies now at the FBI.

This difference is irrelevant with wolves, because even one wolf is a strong and fierce animal.

Occupations such as janitors and drivers would become irrelevant with time as machination evolves.

I agree with Andrew; NYT music criticism has been more bland and irrelevant with each passing year.

If the church was fairly irrelevant before, it becomes more irrelevant with this kind of skewed argument.

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