Prepositions after "invade"

invade by, in, from, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 71% of cases invade by is used
    Then they could be invaded by Mexico.
    We were invaded by the big powders many times before.
    The 1,800 hectares of ZAD were invaded by 1,200 police.
    The return action happened last year when Pak was invaded by the United States of America.
    Perhaps earth will become One Nation when someday we are invaded by life from outer space.
    The city was first invaded by US Marines in the spring of 2004, and then again 7 months later.
    Afghanistan was invaded by Soviet forces and millions of Afghans migrated to Pakistan, most settling in the tribal areas.
    So if you are resolved to eat and sleep and do all things for the sake of mankind, then you can never be invaded by evil power.
    After 1987 July Sri lankan terrority had been invaded by Indian army of IPKF and seal of Indo Sri Lankan accord by JRJ-Rjiva Gandi ACCORD.
    Mesopotamia, Cilicia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Armenia, which had earlier belonged to Byzantium, were invaded by the idolater Persians.

    In 12% of cases invade in is used
    Napoleon didn't give them a chance as his army invaded in three large columns spread out over 30 miles.
    No, the aliens will really be here to save us, or are us, or somehow humans are responsible for the aliens invading in the first place.
    The northern region -- a tract of the Sahara Desert that's vaster than the state of California -- became a warzone when radical Islamist rebel groups invaded in March 2012.

    In 3% of cases invade at is used
    Be careful that your country or your children's country is not invaded at some time.

    In 3% of cases invade on is used
    Last 100K souls and 15 humanity when I got invaded on the way back.

    In 2% of cases invade for is used
    Libya got invaded for killing demonstrators, whilst the Bahraini royals, whose military was also killing protesters at the time, get welcomed into Downing Street by the PM.

    In 2% of cases invade over is used
    It is America who has done all the messing and invading over the past 12 years - and in fact over the last 112 years.

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