Prepositions after "intrude"

"intrude on" or "intrude into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases intrude on is used
    A mobile phone can intrude on your privacy.
    Advertising totally intrudes on what I want to achieve with these sites.
    This type of consciousness may intrude on the awareness state at a low level.
    The trio played well and at a volume that did not intrude on atmosphere or concentration.
    As if you were intruding on their world and the price for admission was repeated grinding failure.
    As Peter Coyote notes, when you intrude on this place, and on the writer's day, you should know what you want.
    I was happy to play the front nine alone, the threesome ahead played at a nice pace and there was no reason to intrude on their game.
    Along the way he runs into a pint-sized and moustachioed defender of nature called The Lorax who doesn't take kindly to humans intruding on his turf.
    If it appears to be unlawful, then a court would not intrude on the state's lawful authority by granting an interdict, and no separation of powers harm would occur.
    In lugging ourselves around the country, only to intrude on good citizens ' private residences or places of work -- one indicator, if spotted, would be a favourable omen.

    In 41% of cases intrude into is used
    I really don't understand why more conservative people are comfortable with the government intruding into family life this way.
    In his early days of righteous anger at the way in which it had intruded into his life, Grant called for the entire tabloid press to be shut down.
    He said the trend of sea water intrusion may cause serious food shortage in the long run because the water is intruding into fertile arable lands.
    However darkness and evil has intruded into the glittering sphere of the Royal Court, a servant girl has been found horribly mutilated and murdered.
    And to use it to harm others to intrude into the affairs of others is haraam and if there is an Islamic government, such a person will be punished according to Shariah.
    Crocker was perturbed because Stanford and Edwin had intruded into his area of responsibility by ordering the drilling machine, and sending it up to the summit without consulting him.

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