Prepositions after "intrigue"

intrigue by, with, as, at or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 83% of cases intrigue by is used
    I'd intrigued by the Tasmanian pepper.
    It is natural for us to become intrigued by them.
    My friends have been intrigued by aura reading lately.
    I'd intrigued by confidence in anyone but understand that we all have our insecurities.
    I'd intrigued by your comment that cutting emissions has an extrmely low risk in itself.
    He was intrigued by the mysterious Dana, and determined to find a way through her reserve.
    I'd always intrigued by the comments that deep-think-blogs like Charlie 's, and smart posts like Marissa 's, attract.
    I'd intrigued by the trailer though and will probably go see the film, although maybe I should just read the book again.
    Thorpe says he is happy and healthy now, but is intrigued by the possibility of a link between depression and elite sport.

    In 6% of cases intrigue with is used
    I was intrigued with what the blogger was saying.
    Penn said the Microsoft boss was intrigued with Mr.
    He intrigued with her, yet he don't want to mate with human.
    This is just too cute! Niles is just too intrigued with the doc.
    Penn said he became intrigued with Bing's quality as a search engine.
    Dindin was intrigued with the many crawlies and flyers that she instantly became bug detective.
    I've always been intrigued with the beautiful Purple Mountain, that gets it's name from the fabulous sandstone that glows purple tones at a distance, when conditions are right.

    In 4% of cases intrigue as is used
    We arrive at T2's sleekly designed interior intrigued as to how these two traditions are brought together, only to discover, disappointingly, that they're not.
    We have always done monthly retainers (usually flat rate for x number of hours + hourly rate for extra hours if necessary ), so I am intrigued as to how the per-project model works.

    In 2% of cases intrigue at is used
    Like Opposition politicians, I'd intrigued at the Government's reluctance to tell us how well its boot camps are doing.
    Gourmet bites, interactive games and singles in costume set the perfect scene for romance and intrigue at this unique event.

    In 1% of cases intrigue from is used
    Viewers can also stay up-to-date with the latest news and intrigue from Africa?

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