Prepositions after "intimidating"

"intimidating for" or "intimidating to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases intimidating for is used

That may be too intimidating for most.

It must be intimidating for him to come alone.

The VF can be intimidating for a solo pilgrim.

Indoor ranges can be intimidating for a novice (I say this as a former novice).

We have several unique software which might be a little intimidating for users.

From there, the green is blind and the water-carry can be intimidating for many.

Instructions on opening the terminal can be quite intimidating for designers if they're not familiar with it.

Equally, it may be intimidating for passengers who can not see or understand how the barrier opens and closes.

But like many aspects of cycling, the sight of all that expensive-looking kit can be intimidating for a newbie.

In 34% of cases intimidating to is used

This might be intimidating to some.

That might seem intimidating to some.

They feel less intimidating to me now.

I've found that the whole idea of marketing is intimidating to many non-profits.

So what seems easy and logical to you may seem cryptic and intimidating to others.

And I know I can appear intimidating to some people without saying anything at all.

The vast array of products, tools, and techniques out there can be intimidating to the beauty newcomer, though.

If it is intimidating to you then you may be interested in our services, where we walk you through the process.

Seeing these large amounts of sets and reps can be very intimidating to all of us, I know for fact it is to me.

We bond a little more as a group and everyone, including me, becomes less intimidating to the quieter students.

In 6% of cases intimidating at is used

This is telling and intimidating at the same time.

I agree that it can be intimidating at times though.

The first Galaxy Note had a very blocky design that made it intimidating at a glance.

It is very easy to read and not intimidating at all like the other medical self-care books.

It can be intimidating at the start, but most of it is actually very straightforward once you've made a start.

As you have hopefully learned, plumbing doesn't have to be complicated even if it can appear intimidating at times.

She said she found cycling in London a bit intimidating at times, but said it was safe as long as you were aware and careful.

I think most people tend to stay away from manually metering and exposing a scene because they find it intimidating at the start.

I can't believe it's all happening so soon and there is still so much to do! It's exhilerating and intimidating at the same time.

I understand that women can be intimidating at times, but that should not stop a guy from approaching a female he is attracted to.

In 6% of cases intimidating in is used

The term is intimidating in so many cases.

I find that road pretty intimidating in poor conditions.

He's also very nice, funny, and not intimidating in the least.

And it was rather intimidating in the room, such a concentration of brain power.

The perpetrators on the screen look hurried and their tools seem huge and intimidating in their hands.

You look at where Duncan's office is in the CBD, he's too far away, and it's intimidating in that building.

This might have more to do with the he's a captain, very intimidating in appearance and looks like he might eat you.

The brutality of the film is offset by ridiculous outfits and riot police who are not intimidating in the slightest.

As an album, it's almost intimidating in its intricacy, sewn together with a dialogue inspired by literature and art.

Although a little grungy and intimidating in some parts, it has so much potential to become a vibrant, walkable street.

In 2% of cases intimidating about is used

There was just something highly intimidating about her.

But there's something intimidating about talking to someone that young who is endowed with so much power and confidence.

There is something a little less intimidating about running a half marathon when you are surrounded by smiling ladies in tutus.

There is something much less intimidating about a book of this size when you can just scroll down the page and see how far you've got to go to the end of the chapter.

There's nothing precious or intimidating about her recipes, and she has included foods that are not too far removed from the already familiar, like her gorgeous raw vegan pizza, and her OMG brownies.

In 2% of cases intimidating as is used

The process of replacement appears intimidating as the new features question the basic fabric nations operated on earlier.

The first day of practice on the course was a little intimidating as the track was dry and everyone was getting up to speed very quickly.

Being a mom of little children and creating music and promoting my music on my own has been a little intimidating as both are my passion, and reading what you say is motivating.

In 2% of cases intimidating because is used

These types of vehicles can be intimidating because of their advanced features.

I assume that football chants and jeers in France sounds anything but intimidating because of how fluidly their language flows.

For the ones with children, this can seem intimidating because of all of the responsibilities of family and social stigmas of working mothers.

I also agree that I too sense that within the music industry Charice could be very intimidating because of her true GOD-GIVEN (not auto-tuned) talent.

In 2% of cases intimidating on is used

He's such a legend that he's really intimidating on the field.

Totally understand you - driving can be stressful and some people can be so intimidating on the road.

On the one hand, they told us such complex and demanding assignments could be intimidating on the other hand, they found it exciting that professors were genuinely interested in what they had to say.

In 2% of cases intimidating with is used

But as it is, it's too intimidating with the size of the job I have to do.

Harder races aren't intimidating with practice and a range of mods unlocked.

It was really intimidating with fans standing outside drinking pints and talking loudly.

George but found the Centre very intimidating with poor lighting and no obvious contacts in an emergency.

When patients first see the da Vinci System, they might find it intimidating with its many arms featuring surgical equipment.

However, some of the waiting staff were a bit intimidating with their earpieces, and appeared more like club bouncers than freindly waiters.

The new Junaid Jamshed may look quite intimidating with his long black beard but he presents himself well and maintains a pleasant demeanor.

In 1% of cases intimidating by is used

What last night had seemed like a scary jungle was far less intimidating by day.

A closed office door is also seen as intimidating by others and can decrease the amount you communicate and interact with co-workers.

Tul, the assassin, distinguished by an assured posture made even more intimidating by his long hair deliberately worn unkempt, receives the target the next day.

In 1% of cases intimidating due is used

Club Moblin Upon first appearance, Club Moblin can be quite intimidating due to its large size.

However, it is a field I personally find slightly intimidating due to the notion of genius often attached to it.

Through that incident in my life, I then concluded that I should not be scared by a doctor, though he looked so intimidating due to his accomplishments.

In 1% of cases intimidating from is used

These are category C and so not too intimidating from the outside.

Very intimidating from the tee, this hole will play easier than it appears.

Intimidating from the outset and with a steep learning curve, but once I got a feel for the kite things suddenly became smooth and simple, and lots of fun.

Whether it be for an upcoming event or an overall life change that you are looking to make; the whole process can seem quite frustrating and intimidating from the starting line.

The size and shape of the resort is intimidating from a distance but much more welcoming first-hand, as the gentle slopes lead to the rooms, which are all designed to maximise privacy.

In 1% of cases intimidating of is used

He shifted, ready to step out of the trees and do some intimidating of his own.

In 1% of cases intimidating towards is used

He is not intimidating towards me, I am not scared for my own safety, but I worry about others as he is quite aggressive and angry.

They were being intimidating towards a disabled woman whilst trespassing on her property in the middle of the night for some comments she made criticising an organisation.

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