Prepositions after "intimidate"

intimidate by, into, in, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 75% of cases intimidate by is used
    He was never intimidated by a crowd.
    My OLDER dog seems intimidated by the puppy.
    I'd very intimidated by the kind of men I want to attract.
    In truth I feel a little intimidated by the fact that I am seriously thinking about my future.
    Kimi who earlier told his engineers to ' leave me alone ' was not intimidated by the scarlet horse.
    Pastor Karanja later admitted to KEN that he, at one point, felt intimidated by the media presence.
    Will we be seeing your father and you together in a movie? My father is the only person whom I feel intimidated by.
    Many people feel intimidated by the hassling you can get there, but that can be almost as off putting in the centre.
    Even if you've seen the film and he walked into the room, I think you could be easily intimidated by that character.
    People who are intimidated by someone else -- parent, spouse, boss, coach and are too afraid to share their thoughts.

    In 8% of cases intimidate into is used
    He was even intimidated into signing a statement prepared by the college authority.
    I had discovered the joy of words, and wasn't about to be intimidated into single syllables by writing to a Beatle.
    Perhaps the most important tip is to focus on what you bring to the job search as an introvert (thoughtfulness, listening, etc ), instead of feeling intimidated into pretending to be extroverted.

    In 4% of cases intimidate in is used
    Our EC is a reputable man and can not be intimidated in anyway.
    As well, the people who intimidated in the 60's were punished and laws were put in effect.
    I congratulated some of the elite runners but for some felt a bit intimidated in their presence, very unlike me.
    Finally, the researchers conducted an online study of 101 women, this time asking them to think about a scenario in which they'd been intimidated in the workplace before reading the vignette.

    In 3% of cases intimidate for is used
    So when I moved out and started doing my own at the age of 18, I was a bit intimidated for my first Thanksgiving.

    In 2% of cases intimidate at is used
    Frankly, anyone who intimidates at the Polls, as in this instance needs to be locked up for years! This is our Republic Mr.

    In 2% of cases intimidate to is used
    Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces.
    The environment was intimidating to the extreme with 40 of the 59 finalists touching down in Monte Carlo in private jets.

    In 2% of cases intimidate with is used
    This means for people not to panic and not to be intimidated with things happening around them.
    But don't be intimidated with this concept though, budgeting doesn't to fax a pay stub for employment verification, again, required by some states.

    In 1% of cases intimidate because is used
    No-one has, or should have, the right to intimidate because of their appearance.

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