Prepositions after "interweave"

interweave with, into, in, through or throughout?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases interweave with is used
    The meaning of the words is inflexibly interwoven with life.
    Their story interweaves with the story of two fishermen who are at sea.
    For Protection is interwoven with almost every strand of Australia's Democratic nationalism.
    Magnificently robed in white, interwoven with pearls and threads of gold, Julia entered the apartment.
    In more recent times, Welsh history has always been interwoven with that of its larger neighbour, England.
    It is also closely interwoven with other Middle East countries in terms of nationality, region and ideology.
    Newsreel footage of the fall of Singapore (where Major Wheeler was captured) has been interwoven with dramatic reconstructions.
    The stone is a fine example of 11th century Celtic art, with its Christian cross interwoven with Celtic knot-work and inscriptions.
    Their music, dance and religion were interwoven with European influences to create what has distinctly become a part of our rich Jamaican culture.
    Now Andrew Robinson reveals how Ventris achieved this feat, his narrative interwoven with biographical details and vivid flashes of Ventris ' personality.

    In 13% of cases interweave into is used
    All of these have been equitably integrated and beautifully interwoven into each other.
    Self-discovery One of the beautiful bits about Wit is the way John Donne's poetry is interwoven into the script.
    They tend to be quirky, highly personal, often consumed by regular repeat visitors and highly interwoven into a network of small but active micro-communities.

    In 6% of cases interweave in is used
    Interwoven in our thoughts must be a love of service, even at a sacrifice to achieve our goal.

    In 6% of cases interweave through is used
    On the other hand, one has to try to show how it happened that the idea of God became interwoven through it all.

    In 6% of cases interweave throughout is used
    The idea of proving everything works as users expect should be interwoven throughout the whole design process.

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