Prepositions after "intervene"

intervene in, on, with, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 68% of cases intervene in is used
    In 63 BC Rome intervened in Palestinian affairs.
    Does not intervene in the internal affairs of its neighbors; 4.
    Salim said he now regrets not intervening in his cousin's life.
    God CAN NOT and WILL NOT intervene in human affairs unless asked (PRAYER) to do so.
    The Illuminati have intervened in this process, however, to control human perception.
    Wade that guarantees the government can not intervene in our relationships with our doctors.
    MT: It is little known in Canada that Tony Blair directly intervened in the election with regard to independence.
    Only when one person decides to use violence on or defraud another person should the state intervene in their lives.
    This proviso thus provided a broad margin for intervening in the prevailing land tenure when regarded as necessary.
    After the 1985 Plaza Accord, major powers intervened in currency markets to weaken the dollar and strengthen the yen.

    In 7% of cases intervene on is used
    They already have the power to intervene on neglected child cases.
    Reality intervened on the court, but he found a way to stay involved in the game.
    The state has intervened on numerous occasions to ensure that marriage is reflective of the nature of society.
    The awful thought that still haunts Nigerians is that, had providence not intervened on the night of 7-8 June, he might have done.
    On April 30, at Backlash, The Rock defeated Triple H for his fourth WWF Championship reign, after Steve Austin intervened on The Rock's behalf.
    There are some crazy, dangerous people out there and I for one would rather ask an airline employee to intervene on my behalf than do it myself for my own safety.
    The last time Winslow intervened on stage, it was during the rehearsal of Upholstery, an image we have already connected to the motif of sewing as a function of time.
    He was delighted to hear about our plans, confirming the difficulties faced by secondary students in this poor rural commune, and noting that no other group is intervening on their behalf.

    In 5% of cases intervene with is used
    Why do nt National rank and file intervene with these tossers.
    Hence euthanasia in your mother case isn't applicable as she will die without you intervening with a dose of something.
    Thankfully, my parents were able to intervene with them after they had turned 18 after they had been thrown out of their mothers house, all the result of her problems.

    In 3% of cases intervene at is used
    This season saw HMRC intervene at Hearts to settle disputes over unpaid player wages.
    The Church, which had masterminded the entire adventure, intervened at crucial moments, ensuring that disagreements would not jeopardize the overall mission.
    BACK IN THE BACKYARD Since its founding, the United States has often meddled close to home, treating the Caribbean as its private lake and intervening at will throughout Latin America.

    In 3% of cases intervene by is used
    The polling is intervened by the Warden trying to take pictures and intimidate the girls.
    Historically, the Reserve Bank has generally chosen to intervene by transacting in the foreign exchange market in its own name, in order to inform participants of its presence in the market.
    In recent past, our government had intervened by supplying dollars to foreign exchangers (Forex Bureaus) and banks to be issue to importers or those who need the dollars for legitimate purposes.

    In 2% of cases intervene because is used
    The fact that Abyssinia intervened because of the persecution would suggest it had a particular interest in defending these Christians.
    Louise Casey, head of the Government? s antisocial behaviour unit, said yesterday that she feared people were becoming too tolerant and afraid to intervene because of traditional British reserve.

    In 2% of cases intervene between is used
    The considerable forest of Mormal now intervened between the two corps of the BEF.

    In 2% of cases intervene into is used
    The US government only intervene into international affairs to profit the 1%.
    Thanks to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, who intervened into the matter and directed the police to attach properties of companies that ran emu farms.

    In 1% of cases intervene against is used
    It is long overdue that North America truly steps in and intervenes against war crimes.

    In 1% of cases intervene as is used
    Only when a company is distressed does its ' main bank ' intervene as a rescuer (Osi 2009).

    In 1% of cases intervene for is used
    Even Rahul Gandhi had to intervene for the security of Panchayat members and incorporation of 73rd amendment to empower panchayats, but latter the issues lost valor.

    In 1% of cases intervene through is used
    Meanwhile neighbouring Ethiopia is encouraged to intervene through violent proxy warlords.

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