Prepositions after "intersperse"

intersperse with, between, by, throughout or across?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 80% of cases intersperse with is used
    Sex scenes come interspersed with short, tight dialogue.
    It is interspersed with ungainly grunts and abject squeals of pain.
    There will be difficult moments interspersed with enlightened moments.
    This is of course interspersed with your hatred of posters here, who you disagree with.
    This one is a good introduction to the issues through personal experiences, interspersed with history.
    The film is interspersed with interviews with former members of Weatherman and the Weather Underground.
    However, shoes interspersed with images of places those shoes could take you is rather in the right direction.
    The book is broken into four sections and is interspersed with interesting Igbo anecdotes that is vintage Achebe.
    A Noisy Meeting Friday's consultation was a noisy one, interspersed with chants from the audience and some heckling.
    We see this where work periods of high intensity exercise are interspersed with periods of lower intensity exercise.

    In 7% of cases intersperse between is used
    Our beds were also spread throughout the carriage with others interspersed between us, so if we wanted to congregate we needed a different space.

    In 4% of cases intersperse by is used
    A1, Spontaneous activity in both neurons is characterized by correlated periods of depolarization that are interspersed by periods with very low visible activity (40 DIV).
    Robot music was once supposed to sound clean and precise like Kraftwerk, but Willett's robots are punkish and temperamental, hacking out epileptic staccato rhythms interspersed by waves of feedback.

    In 3% of cases intersperse throughout is used
    Such information begins the workshop, but is also interspersed throughout the games and exercises.
    By getting unique layers interspersed throughout the complete stack you can best inspire proper decay and progression of unique fertilizer.

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