Prepositions after "intersect"

intersect with, at, by, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases intersect with is used
    This blog is mainly about that journey and how it intersects with the other parts of.
    Alice is always sending out love claps (a series of two claps intersected with ' mmm.
    The challenge for marketers is how to manage the points where customers intersect with the brand.
    In another two kilometers you come to the point where the Gatineau Parkway intersects with the Champlain Parkway.
    Laugh all you want, but sometimes the superficial side of my personality mistakenly intersects with the word joy.
    The way in which the dog's right ear intersects with the tree in the background is another subtle but nice feature.
    There are many roads that intersect with Route 7A that will lead you to other great sights such as Route 108 and Route 9.
    Various time zones are thus interwoven, and shaped by a larger ' knowledge ' of eternity intersecting with human phenomenology.
    The second chapter in part one, which explores how gender intersects with method, methodology and epistemology, will appeal to students in a number of disciplines.
    In this way, the self/other binary intersects with others such as rational/emotional, culture/nature, public/private and are seen to represent male/female respectively.

    In 14% of cases intersect at is used
    How do I determine the CENTER of a house? To determine the center of a house, draw two diagonal lines which intersect at the CENTER.
    It also blew me away how some of these characters intersected at certain points in the novel, and I thought that was done exceptionally well.
    However the points intersect at two opposite directions, thus the bearings of the bodies from the ship would determine the exact position of the ship.

    In 3% of cases intersect on is used
    Both authors are people who, like me and like most people, intersect on both sides of the oppressed/ally fence.

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