Prepositions after "interrupt"

interrupt by, with, in, for or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases interrupt by is used
    Now that comfort has been interrupted by deadly landslides.
    Lori is shocked, but they're interrupted by Carl's screams.
    The speech was 73 minutes long and was interrupted by applause 86 times.
    Nobody was going to continue committing such an act after interrupted by the father.
    My racing thoughts were interrupted by a calm voice asking if the seat next to me was taken.
    One of the observations I made was that she was constantly being interrupted by her two cellphones.
    The event was interrupted by the young nationalist who felt provoked by the Human Library, its aim and objectives.
    His mundane life is swiftly interrupted by the arrival of a film crew who almost immediately request his assistance.
    Hell, one of the last times we tried to interview him, we kept getting interrupted by calls from the New York Times.
    Democratic Senate leader invited Hindu Priest to start congress session but it was interrupted by Christian Nutheads.

    In 7% of cases interrupt with is used
    And either you get what you want eventually, Harry interrupted with a smile, or you grow up and grow out of it.
    The weekend felt to me like it never really kicked off, really, because it was always interrupted with the rain.
    Their ' culture ' started like ours when the bicycle was invented in the 1800s was interrupted with mass production of motor vehicles and dominance 1950s until the late 60s and reversed in the 70s.

    In 6% of cases interrupt in is used
    Suddenly she was interrupted in her fond thoughts by a female voice.
    However, in all cases, spike discharge was occasionally interrupted in an all-or-none manner (Fig.

    In 3% of cases interrupt for is used
    Here the conversation was interrupted for a moment by a flourish of flutes, and two slaves entered with a single dish.

    In 2% of cases interrupt during is used
    What if I don't have access to e-mail or phone? We know that Internet and cell phone service is sometimes interrupted during a crisis.
    SELF-EXPRESSION Elastic Waistband Nation I don't know if I should call it a trend or a tragedy -- people wandering in public as though they've just been interrupted during a long winter's nap.

    In 1% of cases interrupt at is used
    Feature films made for continuous screening but shown on television with ad breaks inserted are consequently often interrupted at inappropriate times.

    In 1% of cases interrupt because is used
    For me, both my passion to be an animator and later to go to school to learn how to be the best actor/singer I could be were interrupted because of finances.

    In 1% of cases interrupt before is used
    The Greens and New Zealand First also expressed opposition, but debate on the first reading was interrupted before a vote could be taken when the House rose at 10pm.

    In 1% of cases interrupt from is used
    She was also interrupted from her tour guide duties by the phone.

    In 1% of cases interrupt on is used
    Chairman: You are interrupting on each points, if continues in this manner we would be forced to run the Tribunal on Saturday.

    In 1% of cases interrupt since is used
    Operations have been interrupted since 2007, however, due to security issues concerning radioactivity levels and tracing wastes (EDF 2007).

    In 1% of cases interrupt to is used
    Electricity and gas supplies can be interrupted to individual properties but also to wider communities if sub stations and transformers themselves are flooded.

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