Prepositions after "interpret"

"interpret as", "interpret by" or "interpret in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases interpret as is used
    These traits are interpreted as described in section 7.
    It can thus be interpreted as: What we are is what we ultimately do.
    His conduct is reasonably interpreted as the grant of a license to Google for that use.
    I still think that this was a move to the center- or was meant to be interpreted as such.
    That could be interpreted as a bullish sign but I am not very comfortable with that interpretation.
    It is interpreted as the work of the price mechanism bringing together supply and demand in a market.
    Also, Jihad is interpreted as the struggle against evil, internal or external of a person or a society.
    But arguing that it's can't be interpreted as misogyny or would have been ok if he HAD meant it just isn't right.
    The narrative has also been interpreted as an allegorical work, somewhat similar to Bunyan? s? Pilgrim? s Progress.
    Concentration of mind is often defined and interpreted as a process of thinking only of a single matter or a subject.

    In 26% of cases interpret in is used
    These should not be interpreted in the same way as UKCIP02 maps.
    Each of these sentences can be interpreted in two different ways.
    However, I had no idea that it could be interpreted in such a way.
    These terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
    There is the story of that brother who was interpreting in the church and suddenly fell down and died.
    In the 1987 Crotty case, this was interpreted in an extraordinarily demanding way, and arguably unrealistically.
    Pope Benedict comments, This appeal to the moral value of spiritual worship should not be interpreted in a merely moralistic way.
    A situation or event can be interpreted in many different ways and one way is not necessarily the right way and the other one wrong.
    Given the fact that the seasonal wet and dry season is predicted to remain in place, these changes may be interpreted in several different ways.

    In 25% of cases interpret by is used
    It can be changed or interpreted by them at will.
    The holy scriptures are wrongly interpreted by them.
    The enacted legislation may then be interpreted by the courts.
    This inaction may be interpreted by some as passive complicity.
    All this may be interpreted by him that knows their characters and language.
    They might only be small, but a mistake is always interpreted by the reaction.
    There might be a lot of rigidity and legalism as interpreted by so many of us who are non-Dlites.
    The fact that it may make one wise (as interpreted by the devil) does not justify one eating of it.
    The language of a representation is to be interpreted by the same rules as the language of contracts in general.
    The definitions of the Tome were composed in a way that it could be interpreted by different persons, each in his own way.

    In 3% of cases interpret for is used
    His words were interpreted for me by a Russian journalist, Daniel Kerelko.
    Everything Charlie said or did had to be interpreted for its hidden agenda.
    Salesian Twitters Website dedicated to Don Bosco's method of education interpreted for teachers, parents and youth leaders of all faiths.
    There are differences of opinion as to how the much-quoted figure of 1 in 100 should be interpreted for older mothers who already have one child with Down's syndrome.

    In 3% of cases interpret to is used
    A decline in global prices of foods during the second quarter of 2008 has been unsuccessful to interpret to more reasonable food for the majority of individuals worldwide.

    In 2% of cases interpret according is used
    These are interpreted according to the value of the writing-mode property.
    Love can not be interpreted according to ones wishes, then why do we let a small coterie define the appropriateness or dis-appropriateness of love.

    In 2% of cases interpret with is used
    These general words should be interpreted with caution.
    The findings therefore must be interpreted with caution and at best can only represent associations.

    In 1% of cases interpret from is used
    While the symbol means little to me personally, I do know several who follow that path and it can be a tough road to walk with so many negative meanings interpreted from their ideologies.

    In 1% of cases interpret on is used
    What we present, view, and interpret on the stage or screen is the result of combining a number of elements that have been chosen and integrated to convey particular meanings to a specific audience.

    In 1% of cases interpret through is used
    It is difficult to measure qualitative phenomena, but some of the indicators may be interpreted through quantifiable scales.

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