Prepositions after "internal"

internal to, as, in, of or rather?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases internal to is used

One is internal to the company.

Cache is memory internal to the CPU.

Democracy is internal to colonialism.

The forces that do so may be internal to their structure or external to them or both.

Dishonesty can be internal to an individual, or external by collaborating with others.

The second perspective we must consider is the factors internal to commons themselves that may cause them to fail.

But, in a WeakHashMap object, the key is referenced by a weak reference object internal to the WeakHashMap object.

Typically, JobPartID is internal to the MIS system that created the Job and specifies a Process or set of Processes.

And internal to the Afrikaans community theire existed a kind of socialism, in an effort to lift them out of poverty.

In 12% of cases internal as is used

Im a little internal as? you describe.

This is for internal as well as external purity.

He achieved an internal as well as external economy.

The government should make the internal as well as public security system foolproof.

We should decide our internal as well as our external foreign policy and not be dictate to.

Galaxy S3 supports internal as well as external memory and lauded the best features like-S Beam,.

Some may hang from trees, appear in areas of our playground or be seen in our internal as well as external spaces.

It was high time that a defender of Faith should come to safeguard Islam against foes, internal as well as external.

Regular Review and Audit Regular security reviews and audits are conducted by internal as well as external auditors.

You can include it in your food so that you are subjected to both internal as well as external cure for yeast infection.

In 5% of cases internal in is used

The external joins the internal in unison in Salah.

I'd sure it's an instant messenger used internal in my office and it's safe.

RIP Adam Dark brown and we appreciate you the songs that carressed my internal in the past.

You can choose to have an engraving on the internal in the item or around the rear of this.

I agree with you that the strength of character, emotional and intellectual abilities are internal in nature.

As referrals would be internal in this case, the SRA does not consider ABS creation as a way to avoid the ban.

Hindu civilisation remains heavily shackled in multiple ways, with those most urgently in need of removal being internal in nature.

Modems can be external, connected to the computers serial port by an RS-232 cable or internal in one of the computers expansion slots.

Saints, (not Ponga Pundits ), too work within to get closer to him; the approach is external in the first case and internal in the other.

In 3% of cases internal of is used

Do the opposite -- be the most internal of internal departments.

The internal of the C-130 is so noisy I question anyone would already know such a little pop.

In these 6 weeks, I feel the internal of myself has been changed, I had another point of view towards my life.

Check regularly whether crack appears on the shell in case corrosive liquid enters into the internal of the probe.

Pakistani government must be free from any fear in her decisions either external or internal of any kind especially like Iran.

When offering your home, you want to pay out just as much attention to the landscape designs because the internal of the property.

This very custom began expanding on the rest of the world and individuals accustomed to carry on the internal of these families hygienic.

In 2% of cases internal for is used

They are merely internal for Government.

All the problems are internal for India or Pakistan.

In Buddhafonias he delves into the internal for the first time.

My Amaze has 16gb internal for apps, downloads, pictures, and HD video recordings and a 16gb SD card just for music.

If it's such a problem, just have 8 GB internal for apps, but include the inexpensive OPTION to have sdcard mounted for only media (which takes up most of people's space anyway).

In 2% of cases internal rather is used

Sometimes causes are internal rather than external.

It is the internal rather than the external rationality that is important here.

Prabhu, for example, therefore argues that norms should be internal rather than external.

I really wish the implicit access modifier of internal interfaces was internal rather than public.

I think it certainly applies to me and to a lot of people whose real concerns in life are internal rather than external.

We think it's about getting the prize and having the toys, despite experience telling us that life's great joys are internal rather than external.

Of course, there are those whose hemp beauty routines are internal rather than topical and like what feeding their bodies with those essentially fatty acids does to their skin.

Written, directed and mostly performed by Steve Sheehan, A Little Horseplay is a playful exploration of the ridiculous, an attempt to mine internal rather than external sources of comedy.

In 1% of cases internal at is used

I asked not to have an internal at all as I'd read up about it and didn't have any til I went into labour with both my others (who were born in Spain).

In 1% of cases internal from is used

Unlike the Chinese parents, their love to the children is deeper and much more internal from the bottom of heart.

In 1% of cases internal on is used

You can say no to an internal on admission -- anything at all.

I got my hard disk and connected it internal on the other sata port.

To improve search results internal on the site, including the tag links, I have just started re-indexing the search database for the whole site.

In 1% of cases internal versus is used

Internal versus external capacity.

But more broadly speaking I'd say the book is about the internal versus the external: how we appear versus how we actually feel.

Internal versus external assessment Some tools require the use of external facilitators while others offers the process that the organization follow itself.

While a good mix of internal versus external talent benefits the growth and success of an organization, Menon believes the focus on nurturing ' home-grown ' talent will in.

Validity: Internal versus External Questions of validity are often distinguished according to those that are internal to the sample under study and those that are external (i.

In 1% of cases internal vs is used

The old internal vs external chestnut.

Internal vs external In recent years TTM has been applied to more general health behaviour changes (6).

The first was the internal vs external demand for Gold -- the 10shilling notes (paying 5% interest) were for the former.

I believe it's about the motivation behind making art, and I think it can be boiled down to Internal vs External motivation.

In 1% of cases internal with is used

Concentration is focusing out attention on something external or internal with regards to ourselves.

Some of these databases are completely internal with no external interfaces while others are used for EDI with third parties.

John Mueller said in the thread: In Webmaster Tools we generally treat data from subdomains as being internal with regards to the domain name.

Awareness is everything! Notice if it's a thought which attributes your success to an external factor or your failure to something internal with you.

While the validity of inferences about demographic trends face some serious concerns, the triangulation of internal with external event data is an exemplary strategy.

We all just insult but we don't know what's going on internal with dis players (welcot, song and RVP) we assumed that the board keep selling without knowing the players mind.

In 1% of cases internal within is used

It appears all of this information was internal within the confines of the state department.

God, then, having His own Word internal within His own bosom, begat him, emitting him along with His own wisdom before all things.

But if the interview is internal within the organisation or the relationship is one of trust, yeah, go ahead, be open and see what happens.

This can sometimes occur if most of the email that a user reads or sends is internal within a company network, yet the user wants access to global Internet email.

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