Prepositions after "interfere"

"interfere with" or "interfere in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 81% of cases interfere with is used
    It seriously interferes with reaction times.
    They have never interfered with anything else.
    It would have been suicidal to interfere with them.
    There is no material on record to interfere with the findings of the trial court.
    My neighbors gay marriage in no way harms or interferes with my heterosexual life.
    Interfering with the visitors was the only capital offence in the RAM legal code.
    But, at each mile-marker, there are obstacles that can interfere with their progress towards Benchmark Mastery.
    Members should not take a gift which may interfere with honest and impartial discharge of their official duties.
    They do not provide the same nourishment as milk and can interfere with the absorption of nutrients such as iron.

    In 17% of cases interfere in is used
    Bhabo shouldn't interfere in the matter.
    It was necessary to interfere in a firm way.
    If America once again interfered in their relation.
    Members of this group believe that the government should not interfere in people's life.
    For a start, ministers haven't been afraid of interfering in high-profile prosecutions.
    That and getting rid of the socialist NGO aid people who interfere in every effort at foreign development investment.
    This rises another issue as the ECB is allowed to interfere in monetary but not in the fiscal policy of the governments.
    To get rid of corporatism, get rid of the state (or at least shrink it to the point it can't interfere in private business).
    You can also warn her, inform her parents that she intends to interfere in your married life and should be kept under control.

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