Prepositions after "integrate"

"integrate into" or "integrate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases integrate into is used
    Religion is integrated into every part of life here.
    BBM, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn all integrate into it.
    Affiliate network also has been integrated into our system.
    New mobile handsets and apps become integrated into our lives at astonishing speed.
    There are other interaction facilities can be integrated into an ALV Grid instance.
    Singh said he hasn't experienced any difficulties integrating into Hong Kong society.
    This constrains Pakistan's ability to integrate into global supply chains, which require just-in-time delivery.
    Graphic arts are heavily integrated into the program to demonstrate cognitive, social, and language development.
    He believed that social life could only exist ifvalues were shared and society integrated into a coherent whole.
    It integrates into Windows and pops up when you click Open or Save menu item or toolbar button in any application.

    In 33% of cases integrate with is used
    SAP has been integrated with the HIS.
    It was also essential that it integrated with Xero.
    Content writing should integrate with content marketing.
    Alternatively, it can be integrated with conventional forms of case ' disposal ', e.
    Through a VPN connection, the cloud-based solution integrates with back-end EHI systems.
    I am looking for a way to integrate a site building program with eCommerce that is integrated with quickbooks.
    Rather than re-create the great services that are available, we prefer to integrate with these external services.
    Drake Levy applications internet site option are usually wholly integrated with the help of other purposes, www.

    In 10% of cases integrate in is used
    They are not politically integrated in Kashmir.
    That file is integrated in your Windows when you install the game in proper way.
    Having only a basic grasp of the language makes it very hard to integrate in the community.
    But students want IP education integrated into their courses, linked to their career options.
    If animals are kept, fodder crops should be integrated in a crop rotation system underneath the coconut palms.
    Graphic arts are heavily integrated into the program to demonstrate cognitive, social, and language development.
    integration in component set Automation Machine The custom component SCCM Control needs to be integrated in a component.
    Once comparable data on inland ports and inland waterways exist, these data should be integrated in a more multimodal scheme.
    It is a good solution to be integrated in voice processing systems, has been validated by reliable methodology applied in the.
    Millions of Filipinos, non-Tagalogs, do not feel much nationalism since they do not feel they are integrated in the national life.

    In 2% of cases integrate to is used
    Another important component in the evaluation of organisations is the strategic plan and how it is integrated to the internal processes.
    Program: fun and educational applications integrated to the Internet site, where a mother may explain how she did to organize his visit.

    In 2% of cases integrate within is used
    This applies not only to coconut palms, but also to all types of palms integrated within agroforestry systems.
    It will be fascinating to see how Wenger's team evolves over the coming months as the new players and positional combinations become increasingly integrated within the team context.
    In the years ahead, study programmes will be integrated within the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA ), run jointly by the UvA and VU University Am-sterdam.
    Over time, the Irish retail market will become more integrated within the euro area because of the euro itself, the single market and technology, and ultimately that could change the current view.

    In 1% of cases integrate as is used
    Since most of these companies are run by family members, integrating as an outsider is essential to being successful.
    In contrast to the unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of the traditional pronuclear injection method, the transgenes by this method is integrated as a single copy at a known genomic locus.

    In 1% of cases integrate by is used
    The system has been integrated by Hindivac Pvt.

    In 1% of cases integrate on is used
    Both Sam and Coen keep for Jerusalem and integrate on feet.
    The more we can integrate on a single chip, the more energy it will save.

    In 1% of cases integrate onto is used
    The Operating Team assists reporters with editing, photo editing and ensures the information added is well integrated onto the Platform.

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