Prepositions after "insult"

"insult by" or "insult to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases insult by is used
    Any way, I am tyred of being insulted by this Man.
    Being insulted by people who don't know you? It's not fun.
    And they don't like to be insulted by being labeled as freeloaders that choose to be victims.
    Clara then tells Gary that she went to the hospital to see the Del Valle family and was insulted by them.
    To have my intelligence insulted by having to listen to the administration's drivel about a video causing the attacks.
    And to see her being bullied and insulted by a group of non-Indians has been taken as a slight against the entire nation.
    She might however be insulted by the suggestion that anything untoward is happening and refuse to participate, and I would not blame her.
    Curtayne? One word, if you please? I have been frequently insulted by a man of the name of Feath who comes here apparently for that purpose.
    Although he didn't put it this way, I could tell he was deeply and personally insulted by what we might call a ' deficit model ' underlying the offer of help.

    In 17% of cases insult to is used
    That is insulting to all who come in contact with that person.
    These Orientalist views we carry about Muslim people are insulting to their culture.
    Organ Dysfunction insult to the kidneys, liver or hematologic system can induce pruritus.
    Dealing with impatient and perfunctory flight attendants is just insult to existing injury of today's flying.
    Equally painful is the mindless damage to Buddhist religious places in Bangladesh because of Facebook insults to Islam.
    A small group of young men take turns kicking a ball against a wall, sometimes calling out a joke or insult to each other.

    In 9% of cases insult on is used
    The truth to come out of years of Islam-bashing followed by outburst is that, insult on religion will never stop.
    If I have inadvertently raked more insult on Tamils I am sorry I will ensure a balanced approach to insult in the future.

    In 8% of cases insult for is used
    But I'd not open to being harangued and insulted for failing to immediately accept your argument.

    In 6% of cases insult at is used
    He favours acquiring nuclear weapons and has tossed enough insults at women, foreigners in Tokyo and gays to fill a small library.
    A French officer was insulted at Kasimbazar and the French decided to get satisfaction from the nawab, who refused to recognise the French without a farman.
    After being insulted at every step of life, you sense of self worth becomes almost non-existent? Self confidence comes from love and affection received from the people around you.

    In 6% of cases insult with is used
    People who insult with intent are just people who don't have the ability or ambition to better themselves, so they choose to belittle those around them in order to feel better about themselves.

    In 1% of cases insult beyond is used
    They have been outnumber 10:1 in Parliament and insulted beyond belief -- all because they tried to stand up for stupid Malaysian voters.

    In 1% of cases insult from is used
    As if the President was not sick but insults from NPP killed him.

    In 1% of cases insult in is used
    If I have inadvertently raked more insult on Tamils I am sorry I will ensure a balanced approach to insult in the future.

    In 1% of cases insult like is used
    No president has been insulted like Mills including insults from his past students like Ursula.

    In 1% of cases insult rather is used
    I am not one to engage in conversation with people who nit-pcik and insult rather than actually discussing the matter at hand.

    In 1% of cases insult towards is used
    I see a few cases (the ones you mention) of specific disrespect and insults towards posters on this forum, but I think they earned it.

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