Prepositions after "insulate"

insulate from, with, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases insulate from is used
    They're more insulated from reality than the Michelin man.
    It makes little sense to give up some of the option to insulate from these shocks.
    Most of them tied to top civil service salary scales, they too are insulated from all the cuts.
    Thoroughly insulated from the doctor's inner group I was one of the safest sounding boards in all of Japan.
    Since Justices do not have to run or campaign for re-election, they are thought to be insulated from political pressure when deciding cases.
    Catering to growing demand by developing its consumer services sector will ensure that the economy is even more insulated from future shocks.
    Value-neutral truth Although the aim of standard empiricism is value-neutral truth, that does not imply that science is insulated from outside factors.
    These are general guidelines and one should not mechanically perform them and feel complacent that he/she is insulated from the suffering of sakaraat-ul-mawt.
    This man has sold Dubai to the world as the city of One Thousand and One Arabian Lights, a Shangri-La in the Middle East insulated from the dust-storms blasting across the region.

    In 12% of cases insulate with is used
    The increased balance of houses insulated with spray foam technology makes the usage of spray foam a.
    The electrodes are insulated with silicone or polyurethane rubber, except for the tips, which are embedded into the cardiac wall.

    In 6% of cases insulate for is used
    Almost 9km of longrun was required for the roofing and cladding, which is also insulated for the comfort of technical crew working on the planes at night.

    In 6% of cases insulate in is used
    The 3962 houses insulated in the region include 2894 low-income homes, and 808 families living in rental accommodation.
    Somehow I get the impression that the poor wee MPs are so insulated in their Wellington bubble that they think dealing with a symptom will cause the party's irritation with them to disappear.

    In 3% of cases insulate against is used
    The reused glass bottles create an air pocket in the concrete which helps keep the concrete floor insulated against the underlying cold sub base and is surprisingly strong in structure.

    In 3% of cases insulate by is used
    insulated by a thick cover of rock debris over its slow-moving lower reaches, it has responded to shifts in climate with changes in thickness rather than in the position of its terminus (front edge).

    In 3% of cases insulate on is used
    insulation - if the wall areas not behind the glass are insulated on the outside it avoids heat loss at night, improving the longevity of heat gain after dark.

    In 3% of cases insulate through is used
    This building has been insulated through indigenous planting on the roof of the commercial area.

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