Prepositions after "instigate"

instigate by, against, as, in or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases instigate by is used
    It is an inspired pairing, instigated by the guitarist.
    The Beveridge Report (by a Liberal) was instigated by Churchill (a Tory).
    Sihanouk considered the 1970 coup instigated by General Lon Nol as treason.
    This prohibition unlike the original porhibition of alcohol was not instigated by the people but by one man in the FBI.
    His resentment was further instigated by those who wanted to put the army in bad light; they constantly fed him with propagandist views.
    However, I think a lot of the breast cancer awareness/fundraisers etc are instigated by survivers and their families banding together for a cause.
    These were instigated by Obama's education supremo Arne Duncan while he was Chicago schools chief, and are now being rolled out by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
    The Olympic anthem was specially performed by soprano Anastasia Zannis -- a very touching moment, and Greece's National Anthem instigated by Archbishop Gregarious leading the chorus.
    Bo, at his news conference last month, said allegations against his family had been instigated by gangsters he had targeted in a high-profile crackdown on organized crime in Chongqing.

    In 6% of cases instigate against is used
    Not unlike the Shutzstaffel and the series of brutal pogroms instigated against the Jewish people, continued Owens.

    In 3% of cases instigate as is used
    This is often one situation which appears to be instigated as a consequence of win32k.

    In 3% of cases instigate in is used
    That means it has to be instigated in a civil lawsuit, not by the police.

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