Prepositions after "inspire"

inspire by, from, in, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 89% of cases inspire by is used
    Lunasa were inspired by the Bothys.
    But it's inspired by it, I would say.
    I am inspired by their fighting spirit.
    Then I learned it was inspired by structures left by the ' old ones ' - the Anasazi.
    Isn't it possible to think that Mohammed was inspired by Vedas and he created Islam.
    I don't think Obama is made of this stuff; but maybe others inspired by his promises.
    I twirled and twirled and twirled, so fantastically inspired by this community of genuine women that surrounds me.
    inspired by Adele, she would love to inspire people the same way and bring joy and happiness to them by her music.
    Paella is essentially inspired by its available seafood and adheres to the Spanish tendency towards lighter foods.
    His early paintings were inspired by the hip-hop way of life and received much public acclaim and media attention.

    In 2% of cases inspire from is used
    I like the fact your book is inspired from life experience.
    inspired from him, I started to save money and created a new blog on WordPress.
    It is a forum where women will be inspired from the achievements of other African women.
    It is great to get inspired from others but local sentiments needs to be respected and internalized.
    The whole plot is inspired from the Commonwealth Games Delhi chaos and has been represented in a hilarious way.
    But if the dresses are not in good shape, get inspired from the model and note it down for your bridesmaids custom made silhouettes.
    During the interview the actor confirmed that the look for his upcoming film was inspired from a photo shoot that he did for the print media sometime ago.
    Road to Where? Recent Comments Earlier this year, I posted a blog, Are You a Do'er?, which was inspired from my participation at the Business of Software Conference late in 2011.
    Why is it believed to be acceptable to use force to change the culture of a foreign country? John says: 03:40pm 09/07/12 Face the facts, Communism was inspired from Darwinism and Atheism.

    In 2% of cases inspire in is used
    There is nothing unique or inspiring in the thought.
    This stone circle is awe inspiring in every respect.
    One teacher in particular inspired in him a love of literature.
    The confidence that Jack's statement inspired in him helped Kevin establish himself as a formidable actor.
    Lerner was deeply inspired in his youth by Abraham Heschel, one of modernity's greatest Jewish theologians.
    My children have been my life's three most precious gifts, and I have been enriched by the love they have inspired in me.
    However, penguins make this sacrifice without displaying any impatience or boredom, and fulfil the service inspired in them by Allah until they complete it.
    This one follows the template to the T and has Sunidhi Chauhan rendering for this young woman who is inspired in a big way by Bollywood, its happening and of course the celebrities.

    In 2% of cases inspire to is used
    I'd sure you are inspiring to the younger players coming up as well.
    Our Geographical location has never seemed very relevant or inspiring to us.
    And We inspired to Moses, ' Throw your staff, ' and at once it devoured what they were falsifying.
    By watching these, you may be inspired to book a flight to Korea to see these great locations by yourself and see.
    When you see an article you want to share, or you just get inspired to post something, click the sharing button to start a new post, complete with the link, photo, and video inserts.

    In 1% of cases inspire for is used
    Its truly inspiring for a fellow Zorastrian to read about Mr.
    Maradona was an artist and a warrior whose presence on the field was intimidating for the opponent and inspiring for his own team.
    It is inspiring for Young Entrepreneurs to be recognized for their passion and commitment to the Sports and Entertainment Industry.
    To own a company, lead an organization as a business woman, and be able to create music I'd proud of has been tough but inspiring for me.
    The challenge for your People Managers lies in communicating your Vision and Purpose into something meaningful and inspiring for their teams.
    In the intent of getting truly inspired for this game, I decided to take 2 days out and take on an expansive research/location road trip to visit some of the most ancient sites in Britain.

    In 1% of cases inspire with is used
    Tristan Miller inspired with his amazing story of motivation.
    His countenance seemed instinct and inspired with a divine life.
    And might be happier, and more inspired with joy and energy, and maybe even more productive of GDP.
    Feeling inspired with my skipping again;) maybe it was the new jump rope! Running going well and exercises are good.
    Rapt in themselves, courting a sway over the nobler part of man, his soul and his belief, those ancient ministers of God were inspired with the grandest thought that ever exalted mortals.

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